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Found 72 results

  1. LadyBillieBoo

    Exporting DPI Issue AP

    Hi There, Just logging a possible bug...not a huge concern for me but I have noticed that when I change the DPI to 300 before exporting to a jpeg, export to jpeg, the jpg says the DPI is 350. I have double and triple checked but this happens each time? Weird one, doubt it will make a huge difference but thought I should let you know in case it is a bigger issue for others or elsewhere. Billie
  2. I have a few questions regarding images placed in an Affinity Designer file and the eventual resolution/file size: Is it best for eventual PDF file size to pre-crop images before placing them in my document? ie. does the PDF file still contain image data that falls beyond the edges of pages or masks? Does the AD crop tool achieve the above the same as pre-cropping would? How do I 'uncrop' an image? There doesn't seem to be an option for removing any crop I've applied to an image (beyond stretching the handles back out and trying to line up with the original image edges). I've noticed placing an image in my document and exporting to 'PDF for Export' without any alterations to the placed image results in a large file size (the original image DPI is maintained). However applying the crop tool (even a tiny amount) suddenly results in the image taking the DPI of the document (and bringing the file size right down). Is this intentional? Shaun
  3. The inches don't seem to convert correctly. When I set up a document to be 21" x 18" and click pixels, it goes to 6300px x 5400px It should be 3150px x 2700px I tried another way where I set up a document as 21x18", make my design, and export. It exports much larger than 3150x2700px*. It only correctly saves at the correct pixels if I type in the specific pixels, as opposed to the equivalent inches. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? *PS: I thought it might have something to do with the DPI, but when switching from 300dpi to 150dpi** (which is what I need for Spoonflower fabric printing) and toggle back and forth between pixel and inches.... it still shows as 6300x5400px Yes, I know I could just type in the pixels but I was wondering why this was happening. And being able to accurately type in inches would be super easy (not having to figure out the correct conversion) **I think the 6300x5400px is CORRECT at 300dpi... but not at 150dpi. Why does the pixel not change is essentially what I'm asking? Also, 150dpi was not one of the presets on the dropdown menu, I had to type it out. Maybe that's the problem? Does it really matter?
  4. Hi I've tried to search for this on the forum and internet, also in the help files in affinity photo, so if this has been asked before, I'm sorry. and please send me a link to the answer. I tried to ask via twitter but they havent answered me. I need to know if and how I can scan/open a new file, with more then 400 dpi. I need to send something in to a publisher and they require the pictures to be scanned in at least 1200 dpi. I've looked but I can't figure it out. if anyone can help me I'd be very grateful, even if the answer is that it's not possible. Thank you
  5. OS-X desktop version Suggestion for improvement: When using the "Document/Resize Document" menu-item, if 'Resample' checkbox is not selected, the only resizing allowed is by dpi. (and it's limited to 400dpi using the slider). It would be much more useful, when not resampling, to be able to specify the size desired while having the dpi calculated automatically. Also, changing the size to input into the size box is cumbersome: Unable to select the digits with the mouse, the cursor must be positioned just right, then must delete the digits with the keyboard, before typing in the new size.
  6. If the project document dpi is set to 300 then a tiff is exported using File > Export > Tiff the exported document has a dpi of 72. This is totally wrong. The exported document should absolutely inherit the main project dpi. I am amazed that Affinity Photo, an otherwise very smart program, does this wrong. The workarounds are clumsy and dumb. Please fix this most irksome design flaw immediately.
  7. I just found out that a full UI project I delivered was done using the wrong dpi. Thus the text objects on the exported SVGs have fractions of points (10.49999142pt instead of 14pt). There are some important topics here. 1) Changing DPI settings make little sense for Web and other UI projects since these are screen based. The obvious choice would be to use the current screen dpi; 2) The default value for all Windows machines is 96 dpi. 72 dpi is just for Macs; 3) I believe there is no simple way of changing the default values for new documents, so it's something to remember every time a new project is started. I suggest verifying the screen DPI and use it for web projects, or at least show us how to change the default values if possible.
  8. Affinity photo on Windows I have 600 DPI images that is very big. Its width and height is about more than 10000 pixels. Open an image in Affinity photo CTRL+ALT+I to resize. set DPI to 100 set width or height to 2000 pixels maximum size (depend on it is portrait or landscape image) and click resize. CTRL+ALT+I again to check the size and it seems to be correctly but it is not. CTRL+S to save. Open file property of that image, its size is correctly changed but DPI is NOT! Let's try again CTRL+ALT+I to resize. DPI 100 width or height to 2000 pixels maximum size. Now I use CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S to export image and save. Open file property to check again but it is the same result, size is correctly changed but DPI is still 600. I have to change the DPI in paint.net while this program I paid for can't do this.
  9. Hi! Please Add Decimal Places for Rotation, Shear and dpi resolution (number shown in top-left when Move tool is selected) It can be useful and in many cases and make program more precise;)
  10. I'm having trouble figuring out how to export a JPEG for print. The document is set to print and is 300 dpi, however, when I save, the image is 72 dpi. I don't see an option in the save settings (attached).
  11. When I open a photo for which I'd like to resize the dpi in Affinity Photo, I go to Resize Document and I see the default dpi is 72. When I change the dpi to 150, the pixels adjust accordingly. However, when I export that photo, reimport to Affinity Photo, and go back to Resize Document, it shows dpi as 72 again. Why does it not show 150? Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I want to ensure these are best quality for printing. Thanks!
  12. Version: 1.5.1 Windows 10 Monitor: 150dpi (Hi DPI) Scaling: 150% 1. Create new Document A5 (see Skalierung_Neues Dokument.jpg) 2. Set Zoom to 100%. => 5cm on ruler are 10cm in real (see Skalierung_100%.jpg) 3. Set Zoom to "Tatsächliche Größe" Shortcut Strg+8. => 9cm on ruler are 10cm in real (Skalierung_Tatsächliche Größe Strg+8.jpg) My suggestion ist that one of the Zoom configurations lead to a view with original size (1:1) on the monitor.
  13. I've tried to make a batch conversion to change the resolution to 72 dpi. After progress, the picture resolution is still the same. If I initial the macro manual the resolution will change as expected. What is going wrong. Please help.
  14. Version: 1.5.1 (test) I want to change the DPI configuration of my picture from 72 DPI to 300 DPI: 1. Strg+Alt+I 2. Only change DPI from 72 to 300 DPI, "Einheiten" stays on Pixel 3. Picture size is changed vom 800x600 px to 3333,3x2500px (see DPI_change_after.jpg + DPI_change_Befor.jpg) 4. Changing the DPI with "Einheiten" to for example Centimeter don't changes picture size. If "Einheiten" is "Pixel" the picture is enlarged, which leads to bigger file size. On other settings it is not enlarged. My suggestion is, that changing DPI has only influence on viewing. It is part of meta data.
  15. Hi When Creating a new Document (File -> New) and setting a custom DPI (for ex. 100), this DPI gets ignored, when the "Document Units" gets changed. Steps to reproduce: 1. File -> New 2. Set Document Units to "Meter" 3. Set Width/Height to 1 4. Set DPI to 100 5. Set Document Units to "Pixel" 1 Meter is approx. 39.3 Inch, multiply with 100 (DPI) gets to 3930 Pixel, but the Height/Width gets changed to 2834 Pixel (Photo) -> this would be correct with 72 DPI (which is the default value) In Designer we get 11811 Pixel (300 DPI?) Thanks Bruce
  16. If I create or open a JPG of 72 DPI, and Choose Document>Resize Document.... and then change DPI to 300, with resample turned off and save. When I reopen the document, and choose resize document it is reporting it as 72 DPI still. Changing it in pixelmator or Photoshop is working.
  17. Is there any way to choose the DPI used for rasterization in AD? I am working on a large, multi-artboard document and want to rasterize some vector art to reduce the file size of the PDF I'll eventually export. But I still want the document's viewers to be able to zoom in and inspect the art at a reasonably crisp resolution. Changing the DPI of the document doesn't seem to work, as it doesn't rescale my artboards. How can I fix this? Thanks!
  18. Starcruiser

    Random bug in resize

    When changing dpi from 72 > 300, it seems to work in Affinity Photo, sometimes not. To be certain, I've had to do this resize 72-300 dpi in Pixelmator as a jpg, then import to Affinity Photo as a 300 dpi for export again as a tiff.
  19. There is a discussion on PPI vs DPI in the Questions and Feedback section. After discussion and consideration, I'd like to make an official feature request. In the User Interface section of the Preferences in both Designer and Photo, I request that you include a checkbox to change the default DPI setting of documents to PPI. I understand a portion of your staff believe DPI is an appropriate choice, so it could be set to DPI by default, and every one who feels strongly that it should read PPI could have a customization option to change their user experience within the software. I feel that's a good compromise, considering everyone who understands what the field is for would understand that it would typically make no difference to anyone's workflow, and it would appease each party that has a preference to one acronym or the other. Thank you for your consideration, I appreciate your time.
  20. I'm making my letter on Twitter and Facebook "open" because I'd really like to see this addressed. I believe the issue at hand is also more relevant to a "bug", since the correct term is PPI and not DPI. You've responded to this issue in the forums, but I'm considering this topic an error that I feel many users would like corrected. Please consider making this change. Thank you. "Respectfully, I believe ignoring the significant difference between PPI and DPI is a huge mistake, and an irresponsible choice for a company that does what yours does. I understand you feel this is addressed. However, if the vibe I'm getting is correct, then you feel that so many people misuse the term DPI, it's not worth the effort to address questions and concerns if you change it. I think that's lazy. It seems like a couple lines in an FAQ that you could link to would take care of it. As far as professional work and the factor these properties have on the final outcome of your project, I think these differences are way too significant to ignore. If I create a document at 300 PPI, and then print it at 300 DPI and 1200 DPI, the difference is immediately obvious. With the exact same pixel data, the document printed at 1200 DPI is significantly higher quality. If I create a document at 1200 PPI, with 4 times the pixel data, the quality difference between a 300 DPI and 1200 DPI print is also immediately apparent. Again, the 1200 DPI print is far higher in quality, contrast, clarity of detail, color accuracy, and intensity. However, if I look at two images printed at 1200 DPI, one from a 300 PPI file and one from a 1200 PPI file, then the difference is almost completely indiscernible. This is also true printed at 300 DPI. In spite of having 4 times the pixel data in the same amount of space, the difference between the two printed images is almost impossible to discern. However, two images printed at a different DPI from the exact same digital file are *easily* distinguishable from each other. I'm an artist and designer, and I don't personally deal with printing images very often. That said, after 8 years doing this stuff, the difference between DPI and PPI has always been simple and clear, and I don't think there's a legitimate reason to use them interchangeably. Especially given the impact they have on the final outcome is weighted so differently. I've waited a long time for you guys to come to Windows so I could be done with Adobe, and seeing DPI every day instead of PPI won't change that. I just think the responsible thing to do is set an example, use the correct term, and help clarify that there is a difference between the terms. From what I've seen in the forums, a lot of your users also understand the difference, and it also frustrates them. It's a small change, but it could have a big, positive impact. The users frustrated by it no longer have to be frustrated, and all the people that don't understand the difference can start to. Please consider this. Thank you for your time."
  21. Why in the Document resize window is the resolution referred to as DPI, when it should be PPI DPI is Dots per inch, which is a measurement of PRINT resolution. PPI is Pixels per inch is image resolution and what it should be. This is a fundamental error. For credibility reasons this needs to be changed.
  22. Hi, I noticed that Affinity Photo always thinks my RAW images are 96 DPI. The only way I know that I change that is to resize it AFTER I'm done with developing the raw image. Is there any way to set a default for all my raw images to be 300 dpi while I'm importing the RAW file or do I have to always "resize" it (without resampling)?
  23. My photo has 96 dpi (see screen shot), but when I try to resize it in Affinity, the DPI is set to 1, making it turn out 5.25x7 pixels instead of 5.25x7 inches, unless I type in the DPI by hand. DPI should be read from the file metadata.
  24. Hi people, I want to know if we can change image color mode and resolution inside the document. Image below could explain better perhaps. I am not talking about while exporting all images will convert in CMYK if documents color mode is CMYK. It's not good to see at export if your image looks different in CMYK than RGB which occurs most of the time. Also wondering if we can change resolution of an image into 300dpi in document again not export? Sometimes we should use 150 dpi photo for example in a design but it will look pixelated on printed sample. And changing dpi makes it slightly blur but not pixelated anymore so it could be more acceptable than pixelated one.
  25. Hi Everyone, Just wondered if anyone has been having problems with printing out their images using affinity photo? Since finding out that affinity photo opens up RAW files at 96dpi by default (seems strange to me) I have tried the advice of others by un-ticking the resample box in document size and resizing to 300dpi. However my images come out blurry and stretched?! Anyone else having this problem? I really can't understand why a photo editing application opens images at a smaller size by default, surly we all know that changing its size can cause harm to the image which I seem to be finding? Interested to see if anyone else has my problem. Billie