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Found 70 results

  1. I would like to suggest putting a download button next to each video in the "In-house Affinity Photo Video Tutorials" list, for downloading the same image that James uses in his excellent how-to videos. I understand that these pictures are probably copyrighted but pressing an "I agree" button in a panel spelling out legal consequences if misused , plus a watermark on the image, would, I hope, avoid problems in that direction.
  2. Affinity launches Affinity Photo Windows Version with a special offer till 22.Dec.2017. There should be a lot of Macros too. Does anybody know where to find them.
  3. Which Affinity do I download? I am a photographer and I assume that I should download photo but being a retired sailor assuming was never my strong suit.
  4. i'm trying to get the free months trial, I've registered and the download email is not coming through, checked email this is correct. I've tried another pc with a different email address this is not coming through either? they are not in junk folder.
  5. It's been maybe a week-and-a-half/two weeks since I filled out the online request to be informed about the Grade UI kit. I thought maybe it wasn't available yet, but I've read some posts here that mention users have received links within 10 minutes or so of completing the web form. As my Mac mail isn't tremendously skilled at figuring out what I want it to label as junk, I always have to go through the junk folder to mark things as junk or not junk, so I'm fairly confident I would have noticed an affinity address in there. I did check to see if I'd typed my email into the form correctly be reentering my name/address, and the system told me that my email was already registered, so I must've typed in in correctly. Should I try to use a different email address or something?
  6. My computer crashed. How do I re-download Affinity Photo and where do I find the license? Gene
  7. Hi All: I'm completely new to Affinity, don't know a thing about using it, and just bought it today. Before I begin to try to learn to use it, can anyone tell me how I can download a copy of the software for backup purposes? I purchased the program through the App Store, but would also like to have a backup copy in case I need it. Is that possible? Thanks! -- Ray
  8. I've downloaded Affinity Photo onto my MacBook Pro. I'm wanting to download it to my iMac. What do I need to do that? I'm assuming my purchase includes downloading onto both.
  9. Hi, I bought some hours ago Affinity Designer but download process in AppStore remain in wait...... My internet connection work. I restarted Mac two times. Logout and login to AppStore two times. Please help me! Thanks, Daniele
  10. Please help! I bought Affinity Designer from the Apple App Store, and the download hasn't been successful over the last 12 hours. They directed me to you. How should I address this problem?
  11. Hi folks. Is there anyway I can download the current install dmg for Affinity Photo? I'm paranoid and want to keep a backup copy of the install program. Thanks!
  12. I've just installed Affinity Photo 1.3.5 (from the App Store) and have a problem downloading the samples. The only ones that seems to work are The Visit & the Elephant King. The others acquire a small red X when I click on them. I'm running OS 10.9.5. It's not a huge problem per se but I would like to be reassured that I haven't downloaded a faulty version... I also note that the full screen toggle keyboard command is not Cmd Shift F as stated in the dropdown window. It is, in fact, Ctrl Cmd F. It remains to be seen if there are more malfunctions/inconsistencies. A cursory preliminary opening and working on local files seems to be OK. Any ideas & suggestions welcome.
  13. Hi Affinity-Team, yesterday I bought in the Apple App Store the Affinity Designer. The payment worked, but the download is permanently on hold. So I don't get the product I paid for. Please see the billing details: [EDIT] Private info removed.
  14. Hi I purchased Affinity and downloaded onto my Laptop and everything is good... I then bought replacement Imac and wanted to download Affinity on that also... the download started and ran through the whole procedure by then I got an error message to say the download had failed... please can you help and advise what I might need to do to get this working on my Imac. I am not using Yosemite on either computer and both are running on Mavericks. The Imac is also authorised as one of my computers. Many thanks Penny
  15. Hi - I've been saving up funds to purchase Affinity for Mac and planned on purchasing it through the app store on July 23, 2015 (the last day the $39.99 price was active). When I attempted to purchase the app, the price was $49.99 even though it was 8:30pm July 23, 2015... I reached out to Serif customer support and they instructed me to bring up the issue here. Why wasn't the $39.99 price honored as advertised? Warm regards, jrr52
  16. Why I cannot to download the examples at the first see on aff. photo ?
  17. Please, direct me to a place where I can find documentation of Affinity Photo. I mean, direct me to a detailed documentation, that gives from baby steps to light speed travel everything to the user. Be the user experienced or a new one. Tutorials may serve a very good purpose, but they are mosaic-like for me. If there is an instruction set built in, please, guide me to the beginning of it. Thank you. Merci bien, Köszönöm, Danke schön.
  18. I've recently been contacted by a member of the Affinity team, I'm now on board with you guys and have been sent a code to use for Affinity Designer, however if I wanted to download it have to pay upfront. Is there any way to download it without paying so I can then put the code in?
  19. I downloaded the last Beta AD 1.0.20213. When I go to Mac App Store AD shows as installed but there is a newer version. I can't downloaded it. What to do please?
  20. I switched my machine, forgot to backup AD and can't get it to download again. If I try, I get the message: You have already registered this email address. And it ends there :( Would be nice to find the latest builds as a link in the forum.
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