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Found 13 results

  1. I just found out that it is possible to Drag and Drop Pictures directly from the Browser to an Affinity Designer's Document, which I find perfect for quick working and brainstorming. My question is - since the picutres are not linked - are they then embedded in the doc and the docs size will increase the more pictures I drop there? Since pictures from the net are relatively small (in Data-Size) it shouldn't be a big thing to have - lets say 100 oder 200 pictures dropped in? The document also does not become buggy from it, right? Does anybody have insight on that? Would be helpful. Thanks in Advance! Roya
  2. If the command "Change document size" is recorded in a macro and the lock for keep aspect ratio is activated and only one value is entered for one side, the following error occurs after the macro has been executed. The aspect ratio of the document is not preserved, the document is distorted. The error is that the dimensions of both sides are recorded and when applying the Macro only the two dimensions are used and "Maintain side ratio" is ignored. When recording the macros, only the user inputs may be saved and no calculated values. The calculation of the second Side length must be done when applying the Marco. Affinty Photo V., Windows
  3. Hi, I am an architecture student and new to affinity. I use it to give my plans a nice finish. Due to Covid we are supposed to submit our projects as PDF files. Unfortunately the uploads are limited to 50MBs. So when we exported out last project in lower quality to meet the document size parts of our construction details (imported as PDFs) were not visible at all. Because it was a group project I was working on another elevation and sent it to my team mate after exporting it from affinity photo. That particular elevation was very clear on our final print and one was able to see all the details even though it was a bigger file and smaller scale than the construction details. Is there something I can do the get as great results for all parts of the dokument without making the file larger?
  4. Ok, this one is probably just a newbie question but I just don't get it yet. How can I see the real document size (in pixels)? I tested with all the zoom percentages and size options but I still can't see the real document size in affinity. I want to create a document that match my screen size, which is 2880x1800px and 220ppi (macbook pro retina display). - New document is created with 2880x1800px and 72dpi. - Go to view and select 100%. This will show the document way bigger than the screen size. - Go to view and select Actual Size. This will show the document smaller than the screen size. - Change the dpi to 300dpi. This change the actual size, now the document looks smaller on 100% zoom. - Now I change it to 220dpi just on test if the dpi has something to do with the ppi of the screen but it doesn't. Conclusion: - I had no idea what is coming on here but it seems imposible to precisely match my screen pixel size. - Why the dpi value affects the actual size? since Im working with pixels, dpi should not have any effect on the document size. Did I missed a setting? I also tried by selecting the Pixel (Retina) mode and Pixel Size mode, but neither resolve the problem. My logic says that if you set a 100% zoom it should display all the pixels of your document, and if your document has the same pixel size of your screen, it should match perfectly with it. This is the way in which Photoshop, Pixelmator and many other works. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi - new user here! I'm doing an ad for a local paper. I have set my document for the correct dimensions required by the paper's spec - 133x90mm - but when I export as a tiff I get a file that is way larger than what they want - it comes out as a tiff 1571 x 1063 pixels. Which I reckon is the correct proportions but they say is way too big - and it ceryainly is when I look at it Actuakl Size on my screen. I'm working at 300 dpi - might that be the problem? Any clues much appreciated. Cheers.
  6. Hi anyone who's interested, I have added a feature request for a "Fit To Canvas" or fit to document feature for both AD and AP ages ago like Fireworks has, but thought I'd add this quick tip that works pretty well. Once you've got your graphic how you want it or before. I group it if I can(but not necessary and sometimes affects the layers) then copy it(ctrl or cmd C) then go to file at top of page and choose "New From Clipboard" your new doc will be trimmed to size with your graphic in it, then choose "Save As" then click the original document if you have saved already, else give it a name, Save, and your done. It even works to enlarge the document/canvas. I draw a line to get the about size I will want, then do the same by copying the graphic with the new line, then go to "New From Clipboard" again then "Save As" and save it. It's a bit little slower and cumbersome than the Fit To Canvas in Fireworks but it's pretty quick(quick enough for me and I use it all the time) and does the required job. I wish Serif would put this in as a button/tool the code is already done with the "New From Clipboard". Hope this helps someone.
  7. Hi I am Affinity Photo user v and I have noticed that when importing a Fujifilm raw file (RAF), the original image size (document size) is altered when importing such file in Affinity. For example: an original fujifilm RAF file of 4896x3264px is automatically imported as 4934x3296px file size document. I still have to manually type the correct pixel size of the document when exporting the edited image. Though, no issues when importing fujifilm jpg file format. Please find attached screenshot. Thank you.
  8. Good afternoon! I'm new here. I recently bought AP after working with Photoshop for many years. My wife and I take a lot of pictures. That's how I photographed more than 100 days this year. We use different cameras and recently also occasionally a smartphone. Unfortunately, this means that the original image formats are different. For example: 3648 x 2736 px 72 DPI 4000 x 3000 px 180 DPI 4864 x 3648 px 180 DPI 3968 x 2976 px 72 DPI So that I come in the post-processing of the images to approximately the same results, I have set up in PS the exemption tool (= cutting in AP) so that I use it in the course of editing all images in the format 13.33 x 10 cm = 1574 x 1181 px with 300 DPI. So far I have not found this option in AP. How can I achieve this? It is very tedious if I have to cut each individual shot while editing. Especially after vacation or travel I have to process 50-70 or more pictures every day. If my English is not correct, I apologize. Best Regards Guzzi
  9. In Affinity Photo, i want to increase document size, without new calculation. I want the pixels to grow. IMG_20171230_175249_Freigestellt_2pixel2_hell_resize_usm.afphoto
  10. Make it a minimal number of clicks to resize the document ("Project > Trim Canvas" in the screenshot below) to accommodate an imported or copied-in object/graphic. Very, very useful when an illustration is well underway and you have to push a caption off the edge or import a key graphic that's larger than the work-in-progress document height or width (and you don't want to reduce its size). In the graphic below, "Trim Canvas + Padding" allows you to push the document beyond the margins of the new, larger graphic... a pop-up allows you to add however many pixels/inches/cm/mm you want to add Trim Canvas works if you've reduced the size of the elements you want, as well. That is, the project's document becomes smaller.
  11. OS-X desktop version Suggestion for improvement: When using the "Document/Resize Document" menu-item, if 'Resample' checkbox is not selected, the only resizing allowed is by dpi. (and it's limited to 400dpi using the slider). It would be much more useful, when not resampling, to be able to specify the size desired while having the dpi calculated automatically. Also, changing the size to input into the size box is cumbersome: Unable to select the digits with the mouse, the cursor must be positioned just right, then must delete the digits with the keyboard, before typing in the new size.
  12. Hi! I usually use AI and in there, I can choose "match artboard to art dimensions" and it will change the size of the board I am working on to exactly what I've created. This is helpful in letting me see all of what I have created (I often copy paste/reflect objects to make patterns) on white or on a specific color. So, I have two questions: 1. how to i get things that are off the current document size to be visible, even if they are off document and 2. how do i match the document size to the selected art? Thanks for your help! Colette
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