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Found 57 results

  1. Free Windows Explorer codecs to enhance graphic design related file management. SVG codec / viewer for Windows Explorer. Supports 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7, 8 and 10. SVG Explorer Extension - Download SVG Viewer Extension for Windows Explorer v0.1.1 https://svgextension.codeplex.com/releases/view/118790 SVG file management enhancement. Adobe developed, ISO proposed, open source format for camera RAW file standard. DNG codec / viewer for Windows Explorer. Supports 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7, 8 and 10. Adobe DNG Codec 2.0 http://www.free-codecs.com/adobe_dng_codec_download.htm DNG camera RAW file management enhancement. I hope these facilities enhance your productivity and workflow.
  2. Hi there, Tried looking this up before. I just got myself Affinity photo from the app-store and wow it is fast. But. I mainly shoot film, so my photos are RAW DNG's coming out of VueScan. Which means they are negatives that are about to be converted. I just tried opening one of them directly in AffinPhoto, and the max resolution that shows up is showing me 250 x 250 pixels...but when I open the converted TIF file, it shows up as the real size (5000 x 3800 in this case). Am I doing something wrong, or is the programme not possible to read the RAW-scan from VueScan? C
  3. Adobe Raw Dng files come up black on IPad and crash app. bees on flower16-2.dng
  4. Hi, I am thinking of buying Affinity Photo because of:- the price, it is purchase not rent, it has excellent reviews and the online tutorials look very good and are English not American. Looking at the website I cannot see support for Lightroom's DNG file system which all my photos are in. Is this the case and if so does that mean I am going to have to convert every photo I want work on in Affinity, export it to a folder and then import it into Affinity, or am I missing something?
  5. Hello, I have very annoying issue for me to be honest it is biggest problem with affinity. When I do stack or HDR and I will export files to EXR (I use SNS-HDR for compression) Affinity always delete all metadata. Can I preserve metadata from first files? it is commonly used system in all apps that I used till today.
  6. Is it possible to open RAW files in Affinity Photo that have been developed/cropped in Lightroom with the crop/development applied so that there is no need to start again or will Affinity only open the original RAW file?
  7. My DNGs are not oriented automatically in AP. File for testing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zllxy5n4p5clw57/IMG_0900.dng?dl=0
  8. I just purchased Affinity on new high capacity iPad (long time Mac user) specifically for DNG files from a Sigma camera. These import into the Photos app off SD card fine and also import and are fully editable normally inside Lightroom, which is free but limited. i was really disappointed to step through Affinity’s import process with everything looking fine until the actual Develop stage, where all you get is a black image and histogram to match. It just doesn’t work at all. Not quite at the level of laptop replacement on iPads just yet...? I have attached screenshots of the import and Develop process along with a sample Raw file. They’re huge - some 100MB or so each. C76D1EF6-85AC-4EC1-8087-5E117A30DA7E.dng
  9. I opened a raw (dng) file taken on my Pentax k3 II about 18 months ago and when i started to work (develop) on it I noticed that Affinity photo had cropped both edges, significantly. I then tried some more recent images and they appeared to be OK. I then tried some images taken at the same time as the cropped one and cropping has also occurred. If I open the same files in Lightroom no cropping occurs. I've attached the file _ALA9287.DNG
  10. I'm trying to cobble together a workflow for shooting raw on an iPhone or iPad then editing in Affinity on an iPad. Current best bet would seem to be shoot RAW on iPhone using Lightroom Mobile, which syncs happily with the iPad but I can't yet figure out how to get dng files from Lightroom Mobile into Affinity. Anyone done this? thanks.
  11. Hi Folks, Hope I do not repeat an already existing question, but opening a .dng file from my Leica Monochrome (with AP 1.5.2 and Beta 1.6.5) results in a strange behaviour. PS, COne, Graphic Converter etc. open the file flawlessly, AP unfortunately not. In the upper part of the picture are two streched partions of the photo and the lower part remains black (see attached picture. Am I the idiot and did something wrong? Or is it a problem with AP? Kind regards, Rolf Eichenberger
  12. Hi, I have a camera that produces DNG files (Sigma SD Quattro, and DP Quattro 0 camera). These seem to load into a number of other iPad apps OK, but in Affinity although I can see the preview when I'm selecting DNG files from iCloud, when they load into Affinity Photo they are just all black. The thing about the DNG files that I think is causing issues, is they are linear DNG files - OS X does not seem to handle these form of DNS files well either, as they are also all black in the Finder preview. I was hoping you could somehow alter the code to load in these images to detect they are linear DNG files specifically and load them in differently than other kinds of DNG files. As a workaround I have been loading them into Lightroom and exporting TIFF files to bring into Affinity Photo, but I'd really like to move away from Lightroom completey and not loading in DNG files directly is a bit of a roadblock. I have three examples in the DropBox folder linked below, the DNG files along with exported JPG versions from Lightroom so you can see what they are supposed to look like (the JPG files are slightly reduced in size but I can export them full size if needed, or provide other DNG examples). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dn2t8vcyy54wike/AAARWjvRZqmUGUdocUZ2zzGIa?dl=0
  13. Wetterhoun

    Black screen DNG

    I get a black photo when opening a DNG file of a RAW photo, shot with my Canon 80D and the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 lens, in Affinity Photo for iPad. See enclosure. Is DNG not supported?
  14. Hi there! I'm new to this forum, but I'm using Affinity Photo and Designer (Mac and now iPad) for some time. Finally we got the great iPad version of Affinity Photo. – I love it, thank you for this great product! :-) One of the most important Affinity Photo use cases on the iPad for me is, to import DNG files with lightning SD card reader on the go. This works well, but there's a limitation currently with merging HDR. Creating a new HDR merge does show the JPG but not the DNG files. Opening (DNG) files from 'Photos' does open the DNG file, but not if using the HDR merge function. Is this a know issue or how can I create HDR merges based on DNG files on the go? Sincerely creator
  15. It became too unaffordable to maintain my Adobe CC subscription, but before I buy any product to replace it, I need to know if my old files will work with it. Chiefly I wanted to know if I can use Affinity Photo to read and at least convert if not edit the DNG file format that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom uses? Thanks, Richard
  16. Affinity Photo doesn't read DxO DNG's correctly. I can provide a sample file if necessary (300MB). Thank you.
  17. I am having an issue with the new GoPro Hero 5 and its RAW photo capabilities, here is my workflow and what happens - 1) copy .GPR (GoPro's raw file format) to my mac 2) use Adobe DNG Converter to convert .GPR file to .DNG (.GPR is a supported file type) 3) open converted DNG in Affinity Photo Here is where things get wonky.... All previews of the JPEG (outputted from GoPro) and DNG (after conversion) look perfectly normal (when opened in preview, or when viewing the thumbnail) HOWEVER in Affinity Photo, the raw DNG file is flipped horizontally - as if it is being viewed in a mirror. Not only is it flipped visually, but the overlay brush is flipped - i.e. clicking the brush 1/4 from the left of the image results in a brush stroke 1/4 from the RIGHT of the image!!!! the only way i've gotten around it is to do all developing of the raw image while it is reversed (which renders the brush overlay completely useless), develop, then flip the image horizontally before export. This is a MASSIVE inconvenience as it renders a feature of Affinity Photo completely useless. I have not tried the gradient overlay in a vertical form yet, but I imagine it would behave the same way (gradient would go right to left if placed left to right)
  18. Hello Affinity Team, Kudos on a great product. I work in an Android device manufacturing company and our devices have RAW shooting capabilities. However, some of our users have reported some compatibility issues between our devices and your software. I would love to work with you guys to ensure maximum compatibility between our two platforms. I haven't found a direct technical support e-mail where I can contact you guys. Sorry for using the forum. If you could send me a private message I would really appreciate it so that I can give you more information. Thanks again for your time and best regards!
  19. I've read that AP's raw converter supports reading from some uncompressed DNG files produced by some Leica cameras. But does it support Adobe's DNG beyond that subset? Or are there unimplemented features?
  20. To open a Pentax K-1 DNG file takes 28 seconds, sorry too long. Will this problem be addressed soon so I can be more productive or am I doing something wrong ?
  21. I see that dng files are listed in the "supported files" but when I try to open one I get a series of colored lines. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
  22. Hello, Using AP on Mac OS 10.12.1 Sierra. AP version 1.5.1 (Beta 1). Attempting to open a RAW DNG that crashes the App Store version and latest beta. Single file upload limit is 20mb, my file zipped is 41.4mb, how can I attach the file for your review? Thank you.
  23. Hi, I get these weird results when stacking a bunch of raw DNG files. It seem like files lose all the detail and get pixelated. Here's an example with only one image in stack selected - it still looks corupted. If I convert files to tiff manually (e.g. open raw>click develop>export to tiff) and then stack tiff files everything works as expected: So is there a problem while handling DNG files or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  24. New to Affinity Photo, and so far, what I've seen looks good, then it all comes to an abrupt halt. Trying to do my forum avatar pic, I decide to use my new Serif software to resize my picture. All going good, until I come to "Save As", so that I can save my image as a JPEG. Even this forum doesn't recognise AFphoto files! :huh: Serif - the product is good, but why do I not have the option to save my processed file to what I want? For this example, JPEG would be enough. In the future however, it would nice to be able to convert my images to other file formats - such as DNG etc. How after processing my images - or friends images, as I do sometimes - how do I send them back their image - so that they can open it on their systems? :(
  25. gventuro

    DNG Files corrupted

    I have a DNG File so that I am able to see a preview in Finder. When I open the DNG files in Affinity 1.4 no image is displayed only a black window. . any suggestions would be welcome

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