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Found 18 results

  1. I'm from Brazil and I tried to install the custom language from this instruction but I don't have success. I also tried rename at differents forms but still not working. Anyone can help me? I found a similar topic and this, but in my case not work too. I'm using the Affinity Publish 2.1.1 and more details check the attached imagens.
  2. In the newly installed version 2 of Affinity Publisher, the words learned in the User Dictionary of version 1 are not imported. After the installation of version 2 I have also copied the User Dictionary file ( dictionary.propcol) of version 1 into the installation of version 2 (...<User>\.affinity\Common\2.0\user\dictionary.propcol). Unfortunately the ready "learned" words are not recognized in the preflight and displayed as incorrect. How can I transfer the laboriously learned words into the dictionary of version 2? Thank you
  3. I followed https://affinity.help/publisher/de.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Text/autoCorrect.html?title=Autokorrektur und Rechtschreibprüfung bei der Eingabe and https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/98911-how-do-i-add-additional-dictionaries-to-affinity-publisher/ but my additional de-CH dictionary won't work. Roughly translates to: Not supported language. The document contains languages (de-CH), that don't have corresponding dictionaries. Btw, paths and download links are outdated and need an update.
  4. I have installed Polish Hunspell Spelling and Hyphenation dictionaries in Affinity Publisher 2.1 (those from LibreOffice). They work, no problem. But now I have some words that I "taught" the spelling dictionary, by choosing "Learn". Now, how to export this custom dictionary with "learnt" words? So that when I some day re-install Affinity I can install this custom "taught" Polish dictionary and restore all my "learnt" words.
  5. I have a customized Mac with an English MacOS version and a Norwegian keyboard, since I am Norwegian. However, much of the DTP work I do on Affinity Publisher is in English. A big project I'm working on at the moment is entirely written in English. However, when I run the Preflight check I get a mile long list stating: I have followed the instructions here but the problem is that I cannot find any dictionary named (en-NO). And I have switched on every Norwegian and English dictionary in System Preferences in my MacOS and restarted Affinity Publisher, but the error messages persist. Now I just want to exclude that type of error message, because in the first edition of the document I was working on, some important error messages had snuck in between the enormous amounts of "Missing dictionary for language (en-NO)" which I didn't notice. I enclose two screenshots, and as you can see, it is extremely difficult to spot the real important messages in the sea of nonsensical "missing dictionary" messages that reports on every page over and over. Since the missing dictionary message isn't important, and the spell checking of the English text in the document works just fine, I would very much just get rid of the dictionary error messages so they don't inadvertently hide actual important error messages. How do I do that? Is it even possible, or is there a workaround?
  6. Greetings, I did a search and found some other issues with the spell checker, but I couldn't find this exact issue. If this is a duplicate, I apologize. I am using all 3 programs Publisher, Photo, and Designer, on a Windows 11 PC/Laptop. After I click to Add or "Learn" a word to my dictionary, it will stay until I close and then reopen the program. Then I almost immediately start seeing the red squiggle line under that word again. Two of the biggest added words that I noticed are "LLC" and "BOOFOLA" (a company's name). I do not know if Photo is doing this or not yet. I very seldom do text in my Photo program. Thank you and I hope to see this fixed in future updates.
  7. The German word "Glückseligkeit" gets hyphenated incorrectly - see screenshots. Nothing more to add. Different settings didn't accomplish anything. Happy fixing. 🙂 Helmar PS: for those versed in German, the content of the paragraph is of paramount importance. English natives may refer to chapter 15, point 5 of the Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel.
  8. Hello, There is a Welsh Hunspell dictionary created by the Welsh Government (http://techiaith.cymru/data/lexicons/hunspell-cymraeg/?lang=en). Is there anyway to add this so it can be used in Affinity Publisher V2. I use OSX Ventura on an iMac. I've searched this forum and most of the questions and replies seem to refer to Windows OS. I suspect it won't be straight forward on a mac. thanks Ade
  9. Hi I am making an eBook in Affinity Publisher. Each time I do the Preflight I get Contents page errors - specifically spelling errors related to an incorrect language preference (which I can't seem to change, and which is not the same as the rest of the book). I've tried selecting all and then choosing the language again, choosing no language and then changing it back again, nothing seems to work. Can I change this somehow? If not what is the solution - to delete the Contents pages and rebuild them? Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. I have an ongoing issue with hyphenation in justified text. The spaces between the words are just too big. I have tried around with the settings and as you can see below, I have (for my knowledge) already set it to the maximum of hyphenation possible. All the playing around with the numbers changed nothing (made it worse occasionally). Is there a setting for like the "maximum space between words"? Finally I figured the problem may be with the Hypenation Dictionary. Maybe the program just hast too few options to hyphenate? But the affinity help page only directs me to the hyphenation dictionary which is already installed. Are there any other you know of? As you can see in the example text below, there are two paragraphs. In the upper paragraph there are some, very few words hyphenated, although I would wish the text to be way more compact, even with more separations. In the lower paragraph, there is none, although there are many suitable words. Like those, who consist of two different words itself: "Kultur-behörde, Kunst-vereinen, Kunst-halle", even seperable into Kul-tur-be-hör-de or something like that. Also city names like "Ham-burg" or "Düssel-dorf". I find the look of these texts very unprofessional, but find no way (can not even think of a ciscumstantial way) to solve that. Can You? Thank you! Kind regards :)
  11. I simply cannot get a danish dictionary to work in Affinity Publisher on OSX 11.4 Big Sur. I have tried the following steps but continously get the error message: "Unsupported Languages: Document contains languages (en-DK) for which no dictionary is installed" Downloaded hunspell OXT da-DK from Github. renamed to .zip, and unzipped the files. copied da_DK.aff, da_DK.dic and hyph_da-DK to users/me/library/spelling/ restarted computer and Affinity Publisher - same error changed underscores to scores in the filenames - restarted AFP same error created a folder called da-DK in Spelling and copied the files to that - restarted AFP same error changed scores back to underscores in filenames in the folder - restarted AFP same error Does anybody have suggestions? in hope Morten
  12. Hi! I thing I'm missing something. I have a document in English. I reinstalled Publisher just in case (1.8.6). In the preflight panel I get 400+ spelling errors stating there is no dictionary en-PL. My spelling language is set to english (btw. it's the only one available), the sentence chosen randomly seems normal and yet I get "Missing dictionary for language (en-PL)" errors. Appreciate the help solving this. My setup: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,3 Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2,3 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 6 MB Hyper-Threading Technology: Enabled Memory: 16 GB Requested Linguistic Assets: en, en_PL, pl, pl_PL, en_GB, en_US Spell Checker Automatic Languages: 1 Siri Language: en-US Siri Voice Language: en-US Calendar: Gregorian Country Code: PL Current Input Source: com.apple.keylayout.PolishPro Language Code: en Locale: en_PL Preferred Interface Languages: en-PL, pl-PL, en Temperature Unit: Celsius Uses Metric System: Yes
  13. I have my Affinity Designer language set for en-UK however, when I perform preflight I get "Missing dictionary for language (en-ZA). I have changed my PC settings from English South Africa (en-ZA) to English UK but this has no effect Anyone have a solution?
  14. Hello, I have tried to follow some of the earlier posts but they just don't seem to make sense to me. I wish to add an Australian dictionary to my Affinity Publisher. Can this be done? How? Many thanks Garry
  15. Hi, I have a problem with the dictionary in Affinity Publisher. I really need Dutch in Publisher. Yes, I read the FAC 'How do I add additional Dictionaries to Affinity Publisher?' The Dutch (Nederlands) language is on my Mac, is selected in system preferences ànd I downloaded and added the Hunspell files to ~/Library/Spelling as proposed in the FAC below, but still it doesn't appear in Publisher. I add some screenshots. I use Mac os 10.14. What could have gone wrong???
  16. Hi Would be really helpful to change the language per document, directly on each text frame or for a marked text. The language setting in the text style is difficult to handle when it is required to work in multiple languages. br
  17. I have a request for a Polish version of Affinity Publisher. In publications such as flyers, brochures, and catalog, hyphenation and spelling in the language of the publication is a key part of the work. Hence my suggestion to translate Affinity programs to polish in particular Affinity Publisher. I'm a graphics app trainer. During the affinity training, participants' proposals for translating the program appeared. This would make it easier for many people to work. In addition, in schools (we have a graphic education program) it would be easier to suggest using Affinity applications (currently schools use Adobe CC). From my point of view (I am an Adobe certified trainer) your applications are easier to use but the language barrier blocks their popularity on the Polish market.
  18. There are endless comments on the AffPub forum about using various language dictionaries, but I cannot find the answer to my question as follows and thus have created this new topic. As a Mac user using latest Affinity programs, and since my English dictionary has already "learned" hundreds of unusual historical names (in Latin script). I am faced with the problem of how to save the dictionary in this document and call it up in another map document. Is this now possible in AffPub?
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