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Found 8 results

  1. I followed https://affinity.help/publisher/de.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Text/autoCorrect.html?title=Autokorrektur und Rechtschreibprüfung bei der Eingabe and https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/98911-how-do-i-add-additional-dictionaries-to-affinity-publisher/ but my additional de-CH dictionary won't work. Roughly translates to: Not supported language. The document contains languages (de-CH), that don't have corresponding dictionaries. Btw, paths and download links are outdated and need an update.
  2. In the newly installed version 2 of Affinity Publisher, the words learned in the User Dictionary of version 1 are not imported. After the installation of version 2 I have also copied the User Dictionary file ( dictionary.propcol) of version 1 into the installation of version 2 (...<User>\.affinity\Common\2.0\user\dictionary.propcol). Unfortunately the ready "learned" words are not recognized in the preflight and displayed as incorrect. How can I transfer the laboriously learned words into the dictionary of version 2? Thank you
  3. Hello. Does anyone know how to install custom dictionaries for Publisher 2 on a macbook running Ventura 13.3.x? I found these instructions, but the OS seems to have changed now: there is no longer a Library/Spelling folder, and the Keyboard system settings do not have the options described here. I created ~/users/username/Library/Spelling, and pasted the dictionaries, in en_GB and then in the root, but I cannot find out how to make the option appear to use them. I am trying to add additional dictionaries rather than replacement ones (they have scientific names of plants and animals, not all English words).
  4. Hi everyone, I'm an Affinity 2.0 user working with Windows and I'm german - hopefully I'm gonna find the right words I'm writing a technical book with many pictures and many words unknown to standard spellcheck... Until now I wrote in MS-Word and already added the words to the Office custom.dic spellbook. I work on a desktop and on a powerful laptop computer. MS Office syncs the spellbooks, so everything is ok on both devices. Now I'd rather work on the book in publisher and - of course - all the "added" words (in MS-Word) are unknown to Publisher. As there is the possibiliy to put .dic files in an additional folder (...Data/Affinity/Common/2.0/Dictionaries) I copied the Office spellbook to there - with no effect. After tryting for half an hour or so, I decided to just add all the missing words manually. That took more than an hour until now - and I don't have the half of it done... 😞 Besides the work I already did, I would have to do it all over again on the laptop??? Definitively NOT! There has to be a way to add the words or the custom.dic spellbook?! The additional Dictionary-Folder has to be there for a reason? Thanks a lot for help 🙂 Ralf
  5. Hello! I find my situation ironic, as I dealt with all my US English text being underlined because it wasn't UK English for the longest time, and now that I need UK English checks, it simply won't come up in AP. I am attaching multiple screenshots here, as I'm at my wit's end as to why I cannot get UK English to show up as a spell check option. First, I checked my system languages, realized English (UK) wasn't listed there under 'Preferred languages', added it, and restarted my computer. However, it doesn't matter if I go into the Text Style panel, the AP preferences itself, or the character panel, no where does English (UK) show up as a language option. But it does show up under the Hyphenation panel. My mind is blown. I don't see how it would affect anything, but I added the British keyboard layout to my system preferences, and restarted my computer once again. I'm getting the same results. English (UK) doesn't show up as an option for spelling. There is, however, a en-GB folder in the AP Resources folder. What do I do to get English (UK) to show up as a spellcheck/language option? Do I dare copy the en-GB data file elsewhere, delete it from the AP folder, then drag and drop in an attempt to 'reinstall'? Will this break anything? I cannot think of anything else to do. Help! I am on Mac OS 10.15.5 / AP 1.8.4
  6. I understand from others on the forum that ones personal dictionary is not in the document, nor can it be saved in a form that can be sent to a colleague to use in collaborative work. Since the maps on which we are work have hundreds of ancient names (in Latin scrip), it would be extremely helpful to have this feature, i.e., a personal dictionary specifically named and exchangeable between different users. Thanks for your consideration.
  7. Where do I find the proper dictionaries to be use with A.D. for spellchecking? So far I know the dictionaries are to be added to [on WIN] "ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries What I don't know nor can't seem to find is where the Affinity spellchecking dictionary are located at. !? Could one just use dictionaries from the Mozilla's Firefox or LibreOffice repositories without issues? Thanks
  8. I made a Swedish hyphenation dictionary from the Open source files at Libre Office, but it's getting tedious to install them in the actual application package every time the beta expires and there's a new version available. Couldn't the language dictionaries be stored somewhere outside the app package? For instance in a /Documents/Affinity/Dictionaries/ folder. I attach the Swedish hyphenation dictionary folder for anyone who wants to use it when trying out Publisher. sv-SE.zip
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