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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to photo editing and to using affinity photo Yesterday I started editing photos using the develope persona and I ran into a couple of issues I have a batch of photos in the same scene with the same lighting conditions So I thought of editing one photo and then applying all the edits to the rest of the photos - but that option of batch processing doesn't exist for the develope persona. So I tried a suggestion from the forums - to use presets Now it took me some time to understand how to use presets - it's not self explanatory. You have to make your changes completely and then create a new preset for each category - he basic, lens correction, tone curves, detail categories Two issues I found were: 1. White balance settings don't get saved to the preset - thus I have to change white balance again for each photo 2. When I open a new RAW file, the previous preset (for example "outside preset") is selected but is not applied. I have to switch back to default preset and then select "outside" preset for it to effct the changes Any ideas? I'm pretty sure I have the latest affinity photo version for windows
  2. What are everyone's thoughts on how Affinity processes RAW files (v 1.6.6). Are you happy with the output? I continue to be challenged with the perfect software for my needs so I thought I would start with highlight recovery and create a comparison file using the same photo in a number of different applications. Note that this is far from a scientific study. What are you all thoughts on which is best? Again, this is only the highlight recovery and I know there are other factors involded in development. RawDevelopmentComparison_highlightRecovery.pdf
  3. I took a lot of photos over the weekend in an indoor setting I didn't have speedlights or good internal lighting so a lot of the photos have light coming in from the windows as well as from the tungsten lights overhead I've tried playing around with the exposure, blackpoint, brightness, shadows and highlights settings in the develop persona but I am unable to balance out the exposure of the whole photo so that I can preserve the detail of thw windows as well as the interior How can I achieve this? I can't share the actual photos since it was a private function I'm working with RAW files
  4. Hi again, I'm finding the developing process to be really time consuming and I have a deadline to meet for some photos I took Here's how I've been doing things: Open RAW file (6000 by 4000 pixels, 20MB average) - takes 25-30 seconds Apply presets for each category - basic, details and tone curve if needed) - total of 10-20 seconds Make any further changes that the preset didn't cover - like white balance - 1 minute Develope - this takes 3-4 minutes After develop it's in photo persona - go to export - takes 10-20 seconds depending on whether I want to crop anything or not So on average I'm taking 5-7 minutes to finish off a RAW file and move to the next one I have 500 photos to work through - so that can be 2500-3500 minutes - that's like working 6-8 hours per day for week or more How can I make the workflow go faster? To say less than 2 minutes?
  5. while I'm editing photos using develop persona, I sometimes don't know if the edit change I've done has been applied fully or is still being applied For example, I change the noise reduction slider while I've zoomed into the picture, I wait and see no change so I try again and then the change becomes more than it should be since both changes have now been applied If there was a progress bar or something to indicate that the chaange has been effected fully, then a least I can move on to the next edit knowing that up to that point it is satisfactory We also could use a progress bar when the photo is being developed - sometimes I'm just waiting for minutes for the develope photo dialog box to disappear so that I can continue with exporting the image Can these be included in the next update?
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