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Found 48 results

  1. I would like the ability to control opacity from within the pencil tool— like an rgba set up. I would also like to be able to set the tool as a multiply (or other) type to quickly layer shapes and colors. As of writing I’m not sure if this is possible without going into the layer menu to adjust opacity and layer types.
  2. I've just encountered what appears to be a pretty major compatibility bug between Affinity Photo for iPad and Affinity Photo for MacOS/Windows. I created an illustration on the iPad, and then sent the file to a collaborator on Windows. He said the file looked completely different from the comps I'd been sending, and when I loaded the file in Affinity Photo for MacOS, I saw what he was talking about: the way I had used alpha masks had completely changed. As best I can tell, the iPad version fades mask transparency against opaque, while the desktop versions fade against transparent!
  3. Hello all, I've been behavior I just can't explain. I've seen this on the iPad version and now on the desktop version. Example: I have two images I brought in as a stack, I did auto-align (tried with and without the live align).... I see the stack, I open it up and can see the individual layers, one on top of the other. The blend modes are all set to Normal. For some reason, the lower layers are bleeding through and showing through the topmost layer, even with no masking, etc.....and I'm at a loss to see why? I'm used to PS, where if you stack 2 layers, with nomal blend modes, the top one completely obscures the lower one, unless you mask it off, or have other blend modes enabled. I'm guessing something is set different in AP, I just don't know how to get the behavior I'm expecting. Right now, with both images there...I have them both turned on, again, expecting the top image to completely obscure the bottom one...but it looks strange, and if I turn off the lower layer...the top one becomes to look as it should be without the bottom one bleeding into it. The images I've tried on desktop are .tiff images....the ones on the Ipad that did the same strange thing, were from an iphone emailed to me. Can someone help me out here? I'm just wanting to stack 2 images, and not have the bottom one(s) show through unless I mask out the top later.... Thanks in advance, CC
  4. Hey everybody! When I use the frequency separation filter and deselect the High Frequency layer and only have the low frequency layer select my healing tools no longer work. I am not sure why; I am following tutorials but no matter what I do the tools will not work. They do however work if I choose to only have the high frequency layer selected. Thanks!
  5. What are the differences between the iPad and Desktop version of Affinity photo? I have the iPad one, but it was only $20 while the desktop version is $50. I feel like I could use the desktop for its more powerhouse ability for some things, but am not sure if there are any differences that make the desktop version is more worth it.
  6. Hi, I'm teaching myself how to use affinity designer and I'm still a novice. I don't do very complicated things on it. I have been trying to make a logo for a new business I'm working on and my simple graphic seems to have glitches and I'm not what's going on or what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it. It looks find with it's layers and zoomed out but when I zoom in it gets these little cut-outs. The layers are pretty much all just lines created with the pen tool. When I rasterize the image or try to export it as a png it does the same thing with the cut-outs. Also, when I zoom in more, the location of them change. This does not happen in other images that I have created. If I copy and paste it into a new document, it still has the cut-outs, as if they are part of the lines, but I don't understand why. Thank you for your help. I'm very lost and frustrated.
  7. I made a little desktop background for myself. Don't know why I chose a stoned caterpillar in a weed field , but I like him. His name is Julius
  8. I have the surface 3, but the Microsoft store won't allow me to download the affinity designer app, should I download the desktop version? On a similar note, I signed up for the free trial and tried downloading it but it is stuck in a loop. Once it downloads, it requests to be "Open" or "save". Open does nothing while save brings up the same prompts for another copy.
  9. Wouldn't it be less confusing is there was simply a new subfolder in this forum area, just for Desktop or Windows? I'm confused if I should post here or not: The instructions say go ahead by the name of the subfolder in contrary.
  10. I see content packs offered for the iPad version of AP, but are there any/many offered for the Windows version? If so, please point me to where I can find them. Thanks.
  11. Is there a trial version available for affinity designer for mac? Thanks.
  12. It would be useful to have floating panels - both in the desktop and iPad versions of AP - for some features. For example, the Scopes panels - and indeed regarding scopes would it not be helpful to also be able to see more than one scope at a time? If the panels could be individually floated, then it should be possible to do this, so that one could have, for example, an RGB parade and a Vectorscope visible or even a Curves and a Vectorscope simultaneously. The panels could be pinned to parts of the screen as the user wished. It is possible that this could become confusing however - as sometimes happens with GIMP if many tools are used. In the iPad version of AP it seems awkward to have only one tool "out" at any one time - and floating panels could overcome this.
  13. Hi, Affinity photo is VERY slow on my old iMac (21.5, mid-2010, 3,6 GHz Intel Core i5, 12 Go).It takes ages to open, export, etc. I checked with activity monitor and it uses an incredible amount of memory (see attached file). I can hardly use it.
  14. I'm gonna guess this is in here somewhere... but I just got done spending 267 years of my mental life with Adobe support due to syncing issues their lovely cloud based system has brought into my already complicated life. If I have both Affinity for Desktop (windows 10 for now) and ipad pro... Will I be able to jump back and forth with my current edits. I know there is no cloud based syncing... I don't care.... But, if I'm editing on the go on my ipad, come home and want to continue where I left off on my desktop... will I be able to export from my ipad into affinity on my desktop and back again if necessary with my raw files? without creating 5 copies... or am I simply stuck with one or the other depending on where I start editing? P.S. sorry if this has been asked somewhere and answered... I just ... my eyes can't bleed anymore
  15. Excellent company and excellent programs. I needed to print a difficult PDF file and tried several programs. The one that did the best job was PagePlus. I am looking forward eagerly for Affinity Publishing. Also, I have reviewed several Website building programs but the best is still WebPlus. I do hope that soon there will be Affinity WebDesign. All of the present Affinity programs lack the Tool Bar with standard tools such as printing, saving etc. These are needed for speed, efficiency and user-friendliness.
  16. Hi guys. I'm using at the moment Photoshop 5 and testing Affinity 1.6 for Windows. Looks very good and seriously an alternative to Photoshop, because I hate the subscription model of Adobe. However, my question is more the following. Is it possible to use Affinity either on my laptop or on my desktop when I buy one licence? Meaning, can I install it on both instance and use it either/or? I’m using Windows 10 64bit with an Acer Power Desctop 16MB RAM and a Asus Power Desctop 16MB RAM. Thanks for a quick info
  17. Hello All, When opening a new file in the Draw Persona (and creating vector art) or opening an existing afdesign file, the artwork remains hidden behind a gray field. (the gray field doesn't show up as a layer.) The vector artwork, if clicked on with selection tool, can be seen with nodes but when you click outside of the art work it disappears again. I've tried adjusting parameters within the preferences and document setup but nothing changes. I also re-installed AD and the same issue happened. I've attached screen shots of the 'node view' and the 'disappearing artwork' field. Thanks for any input!
  18. hi to all, i want to buy affinity photo forr mc and ipad, is there a single purchase with a discount?
  19. Hi there, are you considering to really support a mobile professional workflow? Coming from a job (e.g. wedding), I have thousands of raw images which I have to go through and select the best ones to be edited. Back home, I would like to store them on my NAS and synchronize a specific folder with my iPad. I could then do the culling on the roads, e.g. sitting in a train (offline). Back home, the ratings should again be synchronized to my NAS so I can start editing the best ones on my iMac. Edited photos should then be synchronized via NAS to my iPad, so I can show them to customers... I definitely want to sync via NAS, because I easily end up with more than 100GB of images after a wedding. There must not be any cloud storage involved because this slows down the entire process! Additionally, for travel photography it would be great to back up to my iPad first while traveling. I could then start rating the images with star ratings and synchronize the result as soon as I am back home. This means I neither have to carry a laptop to choose the best images, nor do I have to wait with the rating and selection of my images until I am at home... For my personal images it would be great if all edited photos could be synced to my photos roll on iMac, iPhone and iPad via NAS (with the time when my images were taken, not when they were edited...) looking forward to hearing from you chris
  20. I would like to ask questions about affinity Photo and affinity DESIGNER. I see you are now in the Chinese market is discounted, the price is 258 yuan. I would like to ask, for example, I bought a mac version of the photo photo, when I was in another Windows computer is not also spent 258 yuan to buy Windows version of it? Or when I bought the affinity photo I was equivalent to get the authorization code I can in the specified number of the mac, and Windows at the same time use only charge a fee? Please reply as soon as possible
  21. Dear Manager: Hello. I would like to ask questions about affinity Photo and affinity DESIGNER. I see you are now in the Chinese market is discounted, the price is 258 yuan. I would like to ask, for example, I bought a mac version of the photo photo, when I was in another Windows computer is not also spent 258 yuan to buy Windows version of it? Or when I bought the affinity photo I was equivalent to get the authorization code I can in the specified number of the mac, and Windows at the same time use only charge a fee? Please reply as soon as possible. Yours Yao Cong
  22. Hello friends, how can I open more than one instance of AP & AD? I have two monitors and work on two different projects, am still young and multitasking capable ;) Since I can use AP / AD only as an instance, I'm forced to edit the second project parallel under Adobe CC (I find Adobe's licensing policy horrible!) and wants to get away from all Adobe products! Can you help me? ChristAlix
  23. giantlobsterprd

    Buzzy bee desktop wallpaper

    Something I knocked out while awaiting some client feedback :) Have included full rez PNG, should anyone want it

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