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Found 192 results

  1. OutlawPete

    Poster Design

    Hello everybody, I've created this double bill poster of Laurel & Hardy. This year marks the 125 years anniversary of Stan Laurel's birthday. These two movies are coming to the big screen in England, Scotland and Ireland. Using my sketch as a guide I created this poster completely in AD. This is my first larger artwork in AD. The first release of AD was a bit too unstable to me, but much has improved since the update. So, I'm very pleased working with this piece of software. You can follow me on twitter: @artbyjuhl Best, Soren
  2. Hello all! First off...let me say that I am absolutely LOVING Affinity Designer! I'm using AD to do layouts, logos, ads and illustrations for clients and I just had some reservations about the output of files. I really have to have something that can go to the printers. Print files used to mean vector graphics, so maybe I'm old school, but I'm now realizing that a lot of the effects I do in AD end up being rastered/flattened when saving to PDF or EPS files. :( Is there a better output method that insures that what you created will be exactly what you output (besides a raster file)? I need industry standard files I can send to clients (typically PDFs). I hate to compare to Adobe, but if I made something in Illustrator, everything created as a vector image, remained a vector image and nothing changed in output to EPS or PDF. I've even had lines I created in AD with variable widths end up without the variation when I exported it (just lines of one width). I've also noticed when converting these lines to curves, they shrink in width. Any help on "best practices" on using Affinity Designer professionally, would be great! :) Love this app!
  3. paolo.limoncelli

    Logo design in AD

    My first pig farmer customer... :lol: They are breeding a new kind of pig, strolling around ours hills freely. The commission was about a logo to make a trademark. After eating this (together with some red wine) I got the right inspiration.... I started sketching an outline, and harmonized it once in AD Playing with booleans and node tool I defined main curves And finalized the desired shape This is the final logo
  4. Any idea how can I draw nice bubbles?
  5. First of all, please excuse if my question is not suitable for this forum, but it's been more than a week of thought process, experiments and still I cannot choose. The context is: I am no artist, I can't draw. I'm actually a Mathematician and a Physicist and I would like to make some educational materials for my students. I don't know code, but I'm starting to learn HTML stuff and also getting familiar with vector graphics. My workflow should be: - Design buttons and interface stuff; - Design educational illustrations (pulleys, inclines, springs - Physics related objects), not artistic, but somehow "attractive", "realistic" if you will; - Take all these and use them as resources in some HTML editor and animator (I already love Tumult's Hype 3). Now I'm stuck at choosing between AD, iDraw and Sketch 3. My impressions are: - AD is a great tool, very active development, but somehow channelled towards artists; - Sketch 3 is made for UI makers, it would be very easy to make buttons, sliders and interface stuff in it; - iDraw looks like a mixture of the both, but at a quite basic level. Best bet would probably be AD + Sketch 3, but they are quite expensive, even with the edu discount for Sketch 3. So, if it were to choose only one of the three, which one would you choose and how would your workflow look like? Do you have even other alternatives? Thank you.
  6. Is there a morph tool to edit the picture or design you make on affinity designer?
  7. I will make this quick. The default font for affinity designer doesn't look pleasing. I don't like how the panels look overall because on the top and left hand side the buttons are all rounded. This clashes with the hard corners the panels have and other buttons that are not rounded. The program is great though, I love it. Keep up the great work!
  8. giantlobsterprd

    Talk like a pirate

    Piece I had to put together quite quickly for the September page of a calendar
  9. MastroPino

    Costa Extra Tool

    Hello, as you know I am a web designer and I'm proud to share with you my first big work. My company, Offerte Tour Operator, builds iframe for booking, hosted on many client sites, but our last and bigger committer is Costa. I realize che graphic of Costa Extra (entire website), business department of Costa Crociere, and the new tool for search Cruise and Vacancy (developed by our team). Tool: Website: I Hope you like it and let me say that AffinityDesigner is superb ^_^
  10. ! Audio Police !

    504 Free Chicken

    my new artwork for my last atmospheric new disco tune
  11. Nichod

    Music Player UI

    https://dribbble.com/shots/1809240-Music-Player-UI-NCD2014 Just a project I did for NDC 2014. I don't have a lot of time to work on personal work, but I'm trying to find the time. Most of my work is internal, and private unfortunately. This was my first serious go at using Affinity Designer for a project. It was a decent experience, but I did miss a few key things.
  12. I'm delighted to have been involved in putting together this article on the popular Creative Bloq for designers using Affinity Designer... you'll know some names in the piece from this forum :) http://www.creativebloq.com/examples-affinity-designer Please share these talented folks' artworks by using the social buttons at the top of the article. You'll also recognise most if not all the designs as they have appeared in some form on Twitter, in the product in some cases, in the forum, and in some Affinity marcomms. I take my hat off to these designers in particular for what they've achieved but appreciate all of you that are producing artwork with AD, I hope we're able to give you all an opportunity to look fantastic. Designers in this spotlight piece are: Val Motsch (Lescot) Jonathan Ball (Poked Studios) Ben The Illustrator (The Huddle Formation) Neil Ladkin (Serif & Affinity Art Director) David Wildish (FLOKK Creative) Sascha Preu╬▓ (Bubblefriends) Paolo Limoncelli (UX-DesignStudio) Ignacio Valicenti (IDV) and YoAz Thanks guys, Dale.
  13. wildfox76

    My colorful artwork

    hello friends of this wonderful group I want to share with you the joy I feel in using this program. Unfortunately I can not draw well, I've never succeeded. But this software is really fantastic and so I challenged my imagination and I created some draft (I found on pinterest a few items that have inspired me) blending them with my imagination ..... I share them with you, thanks and good day to all !!!!
  14. Hi together, did you heard abot the competition >> Design a cat, win an IntuosPro. << ? here ist the video on vimeo http://vimeo.com/110556924 Use the hashtag #affinitycat All the best! Kathrin
  15. Tonight I decided to see if I could render an entire product in AD using basic illustration techniques. The following image was complete created with AD the only thing I did not create was the logo. which I could have but it was late and I ran out of steam. It is simple but elegant product. The more I tinker in AD the easier it gets. You can pretty much illustrate anything in this application you just need to focus on understanding lights, shadows and how light falls off a given material to get it right. I used a image from google as reference to create this. *tip: create palette from document is your best friend when matching colors of an existing product.
  16. ronniemcbride

    skeuomorphism UI Design

    So, I was browsing the Iphone App Store and came across this beautiful Dieter Rams inspired app called WTHR By David EIgena. I wanted see if I could recreate one of the screen entirely with Affinity Designer. Part of the reason I am doing this, is to see how I can utilize Affinity in different situations and workflows. Of course I don't have time to design an entire app for in a few hours but I can recreate the look for study purposes.Doing this sort of thing shows me where Affinity Designer is strongest. Working in different workflows also gives me a better understanding of how this application can replace other tools in my arsenal. After completing this exercise, the only thing I would wish is the ability to add multiple artboards in one file. Everything was created with Affinity with the exception of the IPhone Image which you can download here: http://www.teehanlax.com/tools/iphone/ Credit to Andrew Vega for supplying the iphone link resource in his Affinity training video
  17. stoneworks

    Speed testing tools

    So comming from an intensive photoshop and illustator background can be a handicap. Downloading affinitys shortcuts really helped. The program is more Mac like which means intutive. Here is a fun scribble where I focused on what the tools could do.