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Found 192 results

  1. A new car in your garage! Pure vector work with affinity designer. http://b-bertuleit.de/fiat-500-vintage-57/
  2. Hi there I am working in Design. (Love it too and tell everyone about it) I have built an image with a 5000x5000 pixel artboard the image itself is 4400x4400 - I would like it to be downsized to 1200x1200 or close for use on a small label and a business card. When I try to resize it, under the Transform tab, or under 'command / shift' many of the inner layers of the object disappear. The 'outer glow' effect also increases in size. Distorting the original artwork considerably. If this has already been answered please redirect to the forum that covers how to fix this issue. Thanks so much for your time!
  3. manauri

    Free Vector Pages

    Affinity Forums Hello friends, greetings from Honduras, now will share a link to download vectors and more. link: http://es.all-free-download.com The site is ideal for use with Affinitty Designer. greetings To You
  4. Hey guys! New poster (and user) here! I've done some designs and have been messing around with the programs. Originally, being an amateur photographer I got Affinity Photo for editing and quickly realized the amazing uses I could do with it. I do a lot of design work for the band now, logos for tshirts and stickers, show posters... I recently downloaded the trial for Affinity Designer and man, am I ever impressed!!! I will be buying it as well. Again, I'm still pretty new at this whole world and learning every day so take it east on me! Haha.. Constructive criticism is definitely welcome! Anyways, here is my first real crack at it. I designed our entire album packaging (cover, back and insert panels. Here is a picture of the cover done with Affinity Photo.
  5. Optic Failure

    Portfolio Website

    Hello, my name is Chris (15 yrs ) I'm a web designer. I spend all of my day and most of my nights in a design tool. One day I hope I'll have the honors of being Drafted on Dribbble so I can (seriously) share my works with the design community and get better projects. The design I'll being presenting to you is my portfolio site, I originally started in Photoshop with this but I ended up deleting most of what I did because I wasn't pleased with it and I ended up redoing it in AD. If you'd like the full size version Click Here
  6. Hi, I’d like to use Affinity Designer for designing user interfaces, but, you know, it’s so tricky to design interfaces without this feature. Can someone help me? All the best, Vladislav
  7. SoCalBagpiper

    Fake MMA Promo

    I've owned both Affinity Photo and Designer for a while now, and after finally having enough of Adobe, PS, LR, AI, etc... I've decided to really work A-Photo and A-Designer, to really see if I can finally replace the "other guys" for good. So far, I've only found a few things that I can do in PS that I can't do in AP. But overall, it's just a simple matter of learning how to get around some interface differences. There are features I wish/hope to see in future releases of AP, but as of now, I'm a loyal fan, owner, and user of these great apps. Attached is a fake MMA promo I made for no other reason than to try to create something I had previously created in PS. Overall, my only hang-up was just getting to know the interface a bit better. And of course how AP handles certain operations differently than PS. I was able to work faster in AP that I have been able to in PS, which is a huge plus. AP seems faster, snappier, and more responsive. PS has become very laggy over the past year or so, and I find myself using it less and less as time goes on... well, I imagine I'll be using it almost never at this point. :) Here it is, the fake MMA Promo. Photography and graphics are all done by me, the photo was processed months ago in LR, exported out as a JPEG. Everything else is AP.
  8. I am just wondering if Development of Affinity Design is still Active or has it plateued in favour of other projects? There are a couple design houses asking me, and I am apt to say stick with Adobe because they are still in active development. Don't get me wrong, I love the potential of Affinity Design/Photo but as it stands, I could not really call it professional. There seems to be a breadth of features that are promised to come to Design/Photo, but I am just wondering if this is more of a wait 2 years and see. Cheers! Mars
  9. Hey all! I'm trying to get off of Adobe. One of the big things left that I use it for is importing videos of prototypes, putting them in phone/computer skins, and then exporting the new videos for clients/my portfolio. Can you do this in either of the Affinity products? If so, which ones? Thanks!
  10. giantlobsterprd

    Bob & the girl

    No idea who these two are. Feel free to make up your own story. Winner gets a Kinder Surprise.
  11. Hi! My name is Enrique Figueroa, I'm a professional graphic designer. I've started to use Affinity Designer recently and I love it!. I have some expertise in character design, mascot design and such... I began to write a book about cartoon character design in Adobe Illustrator a few months ago... but it happens that I don't use Illustrator that much anymore (I hate, hate the subscription thing). So I thought that it would be a good idea to re-write the whole book for Affinity Designer only. The book is oriented towards people that would like to give life to their ideas, without the pain of going all the way trough DaVinci's academy... the learning method is very simple, for beginners and advanced users alike. The goal is to help you in the making of all kind of characters within a month or two, so you can even make money out of them (T-Shirt design, vector stock selling, freelance works, etc). Its heavy focused on styling and commercial appealing. I still don't know in which formats will be released. For now I would really, really appreciate your feedback on this project. It appeals to you?, Would you buy it?, how much would you pay for it?, is this what you need?... any opinion is welcome, my mind is open. You can ask whatever you want too. I have attached a couple of my drawings just to give you an example of the simplicity and look of the characters for this first module (these ones won't be in the book, but they can give you a small idea). I love more and more AD and I think It has great potential as a learning tool. Thanks in advance, Enrique Figueroa
  12. Hello everyone! I want to start by saying that I am by no means a designer, I just started learning about vector graphics and design last week, so sorry if my question is basic. I started using iDraw then I switched to Affinity Designer. My question is: can I use more than one effect of the same type? For example, for the same shape, have two or three drop shadows? I don't see any "+" signs to add a new effect or to duplicate an existing one. Also, can I select and copy the settings for an effect to apply them to another shape? Thank you.
  13. Update Dropdown What I did was think about components and what parts belong to what. And for this model to be clear from the UI / UX perspective, it means that the other colour options should be separated into their own panels due to their unique attributes. In my experience, I would recommend removing the colour wheel--it adds no functionality that the sliders can't provide and adds a level of complexity to maintain in the long run. I can't keep working for free, so, this is it from me. ----- Previous -----
  14. Allan Thompson

    15 Free Colour Icons

    Hey all, A little freebie for all from Affinity TV . A set of 15 colourful icons for you to use in your projects and designs... Icon Design.afdesign All neatly named and organised for you. Enjoy, Allan
  15. I have been doing car designs on Affinity Designer for a while now, but have never seemed to have been able to colour them in using the fill tool. Any help?Porsche GT3 RS.afdesign
  16. predick

    Songkran Festival Banner

    A Banner for celebrating the traditional new year's day in Thailand. Which one's better? please help me.
  17. Available on the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/th/app/pastel-keyboard-themes-extension/id938571723?mt=8
  18. Fox Illustration Affinity Designer #Concept
  19. Would be really nice to be able to copy/past Apple Numbers spreadsheet tables into Affinity Designer. Right now it is pretty rubbish, and If I want to get a table pasted into Affinity Designer I need to Copy from Apple Numbers, Paste into Adobe Photoshop, export as PSD, import PSD into Affinity designer. I say Apple Numbers because the table design tools are the best there is, fast easy and very good quality. This would negate Affinity Designer having to get too involved in creating its own table designer, In Design tables are trash also, but I can copy/paste from Apple Numbers. Thanks,
  20. As many good improvements can be done to AD, I have only one really missing for my everyday work, "align to".
  21. I have been using Affinity Designer for all my design-related tasks since may 2015. So here is just a current piece i'm working on - its a newsletter for government. But i also love to use AD for illustration and digital drawing and painting. Just because it is totally cool :)
  22. Using the trial version. Definitely going to make the purchase. This is great for vectors / icons and hopefully will become an even better tool for UI / UX Design. Love where this is headed.
  23. Hey, Just wanted to share the latest tutorial with you all. This week we take look at a practical use of the new artboards feature in Affinity Designer. In this episode we create four album artwork covers for use in iTunes or Soundcloud. Click the link below, enjoy and subscribe to stay up to date. Allan How to create album artwork
  24. clem

    Clém notepad.

    Hello everybody. I share you my last project. i work in one printing house, and all of my notepads are full ! and you know, how cost one moleskine ! So I got the cheaper idea : create and print for myself at lowest prize ! I choose 10x15mm. Pantone 012, 032, 072U. For the paper i take 320 Rives textured for the cover and inside 150 Offset paper ! i also have the idea to create hole for my business cards ( i lose them every time !) on the last pages ! I use Affinity Designer to create it ! i use the last beta for the Pantone support. I wanted to have best CMYK reproduction, because my Digital press can make a conversion (better dan if AD make the conversion). Thanks for watching ! and thank for sharing your opinion ! Clém
  25. In this lesson we look at how you can use your iPhone to design vector based artwork and send it over to Affinity Designer on your Mac. Also allows you to add additional shapes within Affinity to use... https://youtu.be/B9E_uahfeLo