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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, in this Affinity Photo tutorial, I show a problem of a shot at dusk after the sunset. There is a low light situation, you have to shot with a high ISO and so ... you will get noise! I show, how to denoise the photo and how to sharpen it. I wish you fun! Ciao Jack P.S.: You can activate english subtiles with the gear icon in the YouTube window
  2. Hi, I use Affinity Photo (beta) I'm quite satisfied. But I found a little bug with denoise. When I import a *.NEF or *.NRW I need to use the denoise inside the Develop Persona. Because if I use the denoise in Photo Persona and I do the same modification example Luminance at 75% nothing happens. Please fix this little issue I think you just forgot to code Luminance ? See file attached to test my bug. Louis-Philippe Hebert Thank You! DSCN0197.NRW
  3. Hallo, On batch processing that includes denoise Affinity Photo crashes fro me. Mac OS X. Batch processing works, but when I include denoise it consistently crashes. I tried with and without Metal. I tried different input and output formats. I tried with and without parallel processing. I tried single and multiple files. Keeps crashing on denoise...
  4. Hi. Trying out the two methods of denoise filter with the same settings, I get a very different look from each method - much smoother using the destructive filter. Is this supposed to happen this way? Same result on and beta 1.404. Thanks, Nigel.
  5. Hello! I'm an interior designer and I make renders using V-Ray Next. My problem is that my renders look kind of "glossy" and "wet" compared to renders made by 3D artists which look "dry" and clean. Is it something that can be achieved in post production only? Where should I look for the solution? Denoise? Sharpening? Any advice is greatly appreciated! /1st image is my render, the 2nd one is the look what I would like to achieve./
  6. I am running Affinity Photo on Win 7 Pro 64 bit. A photo scan with prominent paper texture stipples - circular bumps - throughout in regular arrays, failed to generate an FFT spectrum after running FFT Denoise. Procedure: I tried full photo, then later a smaller all white area. I selected FFT Denoise > Spectrum panel > Apply > FFT Denoise appeared to run > result: nothing, all black, no FFT spectrum generated. What am I doing wrong?
  7. my exported photo looks very different from the picture I seen in Affinity Photo. I have photo of heavy snowing, and I want to emphise large snow flakes, with denoise. The photo looks fine on Affinity screen but when I export it to jpeg (fiff, png) denoise filter has disappeared completely. How to make exported jpeg look like the original on Affinity screen?
  8. Hello I attach a screenshot showing interference patterning when using denoise. This happens whatever denoise method I use, channels or develop. This can also occur with gradient overlays. It isn't on the original frames. Is anyone else experiencing this result?
  9. Here's an example of something I just did to balance that tricky situation of a noisy picture where you want to remove noise but preserve detail. Here's the original image: ...and here's what happens when you try to denoise it (up to 450% extreme) .. note the loss of detail. So... 1. Start with Filter/Frequency separation. Allow a fair amount of noise into HF side. (Note this is the only destructive action, so be prepared to return to re-do this as needed). 2. Turn off HF layer so you can see the LF layer alone. This still has noise. 3. Add Gaussian Blur to LF layer to further reduce noise. I used 2px. 4. Show HF layer, turning off LF 5. Add Denoise to HF layer. Click 'Extreme' and increase luminance denoise until noise is much reduced. I used 109%. 6. Add High Pass filter to HF layer. I used 100px and Blend Mode of Linear Light. 7. Re-enable LF layer to see final effect. There may be even better ways to do this. Any suggestions?
  10. I need some help as a beginner here. The denoise feature was working on my macbook pro, and then all of a sudden it wasn't. Not matter if I unlock all layers or merge, ZERO denoise is shown no matter which 'view' or degree of denoise I choose. Why was it working before, and now it isn't?! Please help!
  11. Hi Everytime I try to use the denoise function on Affinity photo on my Mac pro it crashes, Is this a known problem and how to I stop it happening please. B
  12. Hi, I'm trying the new beta ( in windows 10.The Denoise Live Filter doesn't seem to work at all, I put a video on line where I show what's not working and hope it makes it more clear what I mean. https://youtu.be/u8ofDztWR-k
  13. Hello! I'm using the affinity 10 day trial and it was going great until now. I first tried using the luminance in the RAW editor of my NEF file to get rid of the noise and it looked great, but after I clicked "develop" it went back to being really noisey and even worse than when I started. I then tried just using the Denoise filter. It looked awesome as I was choosing the denoise setting, but when I clicked apply, again, it went back to being very noisey. I'm not sure what the problem is.
  14. Hi guys, since I got Photo I wonder how to use the FFT Denoise filter the way it’s supposed to be used. I never heard of it before and I can’t find a explanation for dummies or a tutorial for it. Someone – please enlighten me! :D Have a nice weekend Dennis
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