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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. I just purchased Affinity for both my Mac and iPad. While trying to learn the program on my Mac, I encountered two problems... 1) I cannot undo certain things. Example: if I click on a Style to see how it looks, there's no way to undo the effect. It's baked into that layer permanently. I encountered this issue during a free trial of Affinity and it was my #1 reason for not buying it originally. Surely I'm overlooking something?? 2) I applied one of the default Styles (Rainbow)...and while trying to figure out how to undo it, I accidentally deleted the Style altogether. How can I get it back? Thank you for your help! -E.T. Craven
  2. My computer froze while I was minimizing my screen on Affinity and the bottom right navigation panel that shows zoom in and previous editing breakdown box was removed from the Affinity screen put onto desktop. I deleted it from desktop only to find that that also deleted the panel in Affinity even after restarting the program. How do I get it back?
  3. Dear All, Any idea how to restore all deleted brush? HELP :( Regards, Thank you.
  4. I have deleted art boards on a given document. Is there a way to automatically/manually renumber them to reflect the changes? For instance. If I have Art Board 1, Art Board 2, Art Board 3, and Art Board 4...if I delete Art Boards 1 and 4...is it possible to renumber Art Board 2 as Art Board 1...and Art Board 3 as Art Board 2?
  5. Hi, I am (was) just still interested in Affinity. (f. Windows). And I herbely regret to claim in my first post, that I had find out today that information threads are hidden for non-mods/admins from on day to another (43hrs ago) .... but why? I found a thread about affinity just on Tuesday, 07-26-2016 by google, because I wanted to know more about the product. I already own Pageplus X6, Draw X5 and webplus4. And I am missing is this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/22334-affinity-designer-is-not-serif-drawplus/ perhaps someone "deleted" even more threads ...??? Within just last 2 days (nearby 43hrs) !!! WHY? I remember that someone like a moderator (maybe Andy Somerfield?? ) posted it, but I wasn't able to save/print this article/thread. So... this information is lost ... for me. .. for others. But why? Isnt' it useful to know what kind of program it is and ... is not? ... how it differs to other (serif) programs? What a customer can expect and what he would miss/ is false adressed to? I can't understand this ... I my mind its wasn't a kind of discussion, but more a useful informative thread. Can one retrieve/ discover this thread again, please? Many thanks!
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