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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Affinity Community. I am currently working on a portfolio that includes profiles of different people (Names, Stats, Etc). I have been using the data merge feature in Affinity Publisher to populate data in my profile template. The problem I have been having is that some names are too large for my text frame and are hidden. Is there a way to have text from a data merge automatically resize itself to fit a text frame?
  2. I am creating a Publisher document using Data Merge (with an Excel source file). Some of the elements are created in Designer. I am using v.1.9.2.of all three programs, yet when linking the field to the picture frame, Publisher give the error: "The file includes features from a later version of Affinity". Attached is an screenshot from the error. The error occurs with three different Designer elements. The error also happens when I manually "replace" the image in the picture frame.
  3. Hello, I am trying to design a photo book using Affinity Publisher. I have a csv with the path to the photos, captions, titles, city, date, etc. I used the Data merge layout tool to place a single picture frame and two text frames. The layout accommodated landscape pictures well, but not portrait pictures. After merging the data, I made a master page that works better with the portrait pictures. I made sure that the layer names match, and figured that I could utilized the smart master pages to apply the new layout to the pages containing the portrait pictures. Well, when I drag
  4. Maybe I'm not the first but I like to share this, I was working on a document doing my regular data merge thing, when it occurred to me that it will be great to use the tool to create patterns fast and without too much manual labor, here is the file as well as some screenshots as how is done. hope you like it and please leave a feedback on what other uses did you find for a tool that wasn't meant to do the art you doing it with. patterns.afpub
  5. Hi, I'm testing a data merge but when I click on generate the app crash. I have seen the video tutorial and I want to ask you: do you know the other documentation about this? Thanks Registrazione schermo 2021-02-10 alle 13.01.07.mov Registrazione schermo 2021-02-10 alle 13.01.07.mp4
  6. I have the last windows version of publisher and I even downloaded the beta version to see if the latest version was updated with this problem but not luck. I have tried several .csv files formats even ones that I have used with adobe InDesign in the past and all the text works perfectly but not luck with the images. 2021-03-01_21-56-43_1.mp4 info.csv
  7. I think I may be missing something really simple. I have a document where the same text is repeated on many pages. (it's a manual so the name of the client will appear 100 times, for example). I want to use the data merge so that the <company name> text throughout the document is populated with the data from the spreadsheet column/row without having to double click in the fields data merge for every instance. Is this possible? In otherwords, every time <company name> appears in the document the data in column 4 row 4 replaces it. Thanks.
  8. I have just finished converting my pageplus files with mail merge, into publisher files with data merge. I have to say I am very impressed with this feature. It outperforms the old version in so many ways. In both cases I used an excel spreadsheet as the data source. But with the latest version, you can change the source on the fly and it appears in the data merge. Serif, I have always been a fan of your old plus series, but you can add multiple feathers in your cap for the latest set of programs.
  9. I want to use affinity publiser to generate marketing shipments, I add a pdf and combine data, 1 it seems that the sources of the pdf are changed by some, it is possible to treat the background pdf as an image so that it does not convert anything, and 2 as they are very large shipments of 50,000 records is there any trick to combine when printing or something similar to accelerate that generation in pdf.
  10. Data merge: Remove Blank Lines for Empty Fields in a data merge. InDesign has this in their Content Placement Options Dialog box
  11. The data merge works great, except I failed to import .pdf files instead of images Is this normal?
  12. Hi, I'm trying to use the DataMerge functionallity with an embedded document. The main limitation I found is that the datamerge tool can't access the layer information of the embedded document, so the fields are not being populated. Is it posible to display the layers of an embedded document in order for the DataMerge tool to populate the fields? (the layers might be read only so the embedded functionallity is effective). See below a simple screenshot of what I'm trying to achieve. I want to use the DataMerge tool to layout the cards in a specific way while I have a single card desig
  13. As said in the title, Publisher only imports the first two letters of each column from a CSV-File. Tried with , and ; as separator, made no difference. I can send the CSV-File by PM or an link to it, I can't upload it as it contains some sensitive data not meant for public. Greetings, Mattias
  14. Hi guys, I noticed a minor bug in the data merge functionality: I used an Excel dataset with n rows. When the first column in row n (the last row) is empty, APub shows No. of rows = n-1 and the last row replaces row n-1 in all columns except the empty one (the value of which is taken from row n-1). Unfortunately, I did not have the time to do a more thorough testing, I can only assume the bug is not related to last rows and/or first columns only. An easy workaround is to put a space in the first column of the last row (i.e. " " instead of ""), but this is not always desired. A
  15. Sorry, I'm not sure if this has ever worked like I think it should – obviously some people have already managed to successfully do a data merge, so... I have a .csv file with headers called <name> <phone> ... a document with prepared text "<name>, <phone>" opened the data merge manager opened the fields panel set up all so that the datasets are correctly displayed in the fields panel If I press "generate" I get a new document with as many pages as my datasets but the text is still <name> <phone> I "accidentally" re
  16. I would like to use data merge but can't find how to insert data into Publisher document I can't find the field panel In the Data Merge Manager dialog box I don't see the various records of my csv file. I did not find anything in the program guide and video tutorials Can the data present in the csv file be inserted only inside a table or also in different places of the Publisher document as single text boxes? data merge.afpub data merge.csv
  17. I think it would be helpful to post a roadmap of anticipated changes to Publisher. Many of us who are waiting for data merge in Publisher would like to know where it fits into the scheme of things. You seem to have gotten so much right it's a shame you are missing a feature like this; forcing some of us to continue using InDesign for generation of variable text. How about a clue or two?
  18. Hi folks, I suggest implementation with variable data from an excel or any office datasheet. I usually do event folders that need scheduling with constant editions in cases of changing time, day, speaker, title or photos. It´s extremely necessary that changing my datasheet automatically adjust my layout using variables by tag or other similar way. It´s relevant that interface doesn´t ask for manual insertion fields and the dialog box offer tags to drag and drop like into document, permitting applying styles into them with personalized adjusts. It´s just a suggestion that I´d love if happen!
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