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Found 4 results

  1. I have seen an information about AFFINITY Photo an be interessed. But my first impression is the dark mode. I don't like it. All windows has a dark background. My glossy iMac looks like a mirror >:-( Is there a way to set the GUI to a "light mode", with light gray (or white) backgrounds? Greetings from germany, Stefan Mettenbrink.
  2. I did ask you before and they ignore me. Look at picture. Adobe Photoshop CC there have change color I fixed dark mode on transparent background. How about Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. I have been hurt my eyes while new document appear too bright too white.
  3. I have a very difficult time visually scanning for a group that includes a selected layer when using the dark mode UI. To my eye, there's not enough of a difference between the gray background and the dark gray-blue highlight color, and I often miss it. I think it would be an improvement even if you brightened the highlight by a marginal amount as proposed below. Ideally, it would be great to be able to select my own highlight colors, but this would at least address the problem I have. Thank you.
  4. Hi Just downloaded the beta. Don't know if these comments have already been made. I've only played with the tool that I find a bane in Illustrator - the pen tool and it looks to be an improvement on Illustrators! Well done. Nice big anchors and direction handles to pick up easily - hurrah!!! Some initial feedback: Keyboard shortcuts 1 Being able to customise the app with my own is a real boon - I don't do it a lot, but have a few which are a so useful. Keyboard shortcuts 2 I use the tool shortcuts all the time to change from general pointer to node selector and back again in Illustrator; or to the general pointer from any other tool. Dark mode I can't see which tool is selected. The dark block behind on a dark screen is too subtle. Admittedly this might be because I'm on a laptop and the tilt of the screen may be a reason. I don't work with my apps in 'dark mode' for this reason. Graphs Illustrator has a crude (I'm being unkind), but sufficient graphing tool. Much of my use of illustrator is to produce information visuals so it is a feature I could not be without. Great for translating numbers into something visual quickly - I bang in a graph, place a copy on the paste board, 'expand/ungroup' the orignal and go from there. I've only given it a few minutes, looks interesting, I'll have a play with it again. Hope this is helpful. ------------ Edit: I know I always get, to me, a strange reaction when I try to explain how important keyboard shortcuts are. The mac keyboard is designed differently to the PC. I have worked briefly for a newspaper which switched to PC's while I was there. I found myself getting into contortions when trying to use shortcuts on the PC keyboard and wondered what was the matter with me. If you study the two keyboards, lay your thumb on the cmd key (mac) and then let your hand rest on the keyboard, you'll find your fingers naturally fall on the most used shortcuts. Try this on the PC keyboard, put your thumb on the Ctrl key and your hands end up off the keyboard entirely. This is why experienced mac users have keyboard shortcuts built into and essential to their workflow. I was always stumped why PC users seemed so mouse bound until this experience. If you're used to designing software for PC's it might be a real culture change for you. Here endeth my thesis :-)
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