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Found 13 results

  1. In PagePlus X9, cutting out an object in a photo was so simple. You went to the "cutout studio" and it happened. Is there a fast and simple way to cut out an object using Affinity Photo? My goal is to be able to wrap text around the object. Thanks.
  2. To celebrate the end of 2019 and the start of a new decade, I decided to create a pre-2020 gift for all of you! I've just launched my first ever FREE mini course on how to select anything in Affinity Photo (for your compositions). Since it's my first ever course I'm not sure if everything works like it should. If you find any flaw or if you have any question, don't hesitate contact me! Now enjoy the FREE course ! -> Make sure to read the video description.
  3. I’m having trouble understanding how to cut out images in affinity photo on here and place them with other images. Please explain?
  4. Hi all, thought I would share a quick tutorial I have done - showing how to cut out a image selection using the brush tool in Affinity Photo. Apologies if this post is in the wrong area. Regards, Grant
  5. Hi, I watched the Cutting Out tutorial video and was able to cut out the individual that I want, but even after applying the "Refine" to my selection, a residual background that looks like hair remains. What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?
  6. Hi, Could you please help me with my task? I would like to cut out the object from the background. Let's say I have a vector icon of flower and I want to cut it out of the background. So the result I want is a cut out space in the shape of a flower in the background. I hope I wrote it understandable. I expect that it will be very simple but I really can't figure out how to do it :huh:
  7. I have been trying to cut the center line of the letter 'A' out for weeks now. Any idea on how to simply remove it so it is no longer there? Otherwise Im just going type V on another layer and then flip it.....
  8. Dear Affinity Developers, I was wondering... Could isolating and extracting subjects / objects become easier if there was an option to go directly to the Black & White Alpha Channel, select all the black areas, delete it, thus leaving the white to create the perfect cut out no matter how complex? It was just a thought... Best wishes & good intentions :)
  9. Please could I ask a question I am using the picture attached to cut out one of the people in this image I have used the selection Brush tool but as you can see I have refined the image and you can see part of the fence where the brush went away from the person I can't seem to move it back so the fence is not shown just the person to be removed looking forward to any help with this many Thanks I have attached original image and the one I screen copied to show how far I managed to get David
  10. I've been a Serif Photoplus user for 15 years, almost every version, but I'm struggling with Serif Affinity Photo and the help menu with the program doesn't seem to yield the results I'm after. How on earth do you cut out an image, please? I want to cut out one of my products (usually a complex shape) from an image to leave it on a transparent background which will then save as a png (in order to preserve the transparency). In online retail, this is known as a cutout shot. In Photoplus it's simply a case of opening an image, using Cutout Studio, and then using export function to save the image as the required png. But in Affinity there seems to be no cutout menu at all. And when I search the help menu it returns options, none of which say it's cutout. Or Cutting out. In fact everything in Affinity seems far less intuitive and so much more complicated. I've accepted the loss of Photofix (although I hope the programmers might consider adding it to Affinity - along with Cutout Studio -at some point at it's great for the amateur user who will probably find Affinity Photo way beyond their understanding) and have had limited success replicating the use of curves and HSL in Affinity to achieve what is very simply done in Photoplus, but Cutout seems just not to exist. As an aside, I find the instructions for use of any of the functions very 'jargonesque', almost as if you need some sort of qualification in photo editing and/or programming language to even begin to use it so I'm sorry if I'm asking for something that IS already explained. It's just that the "laymen's" terms don't seem to exist in the Affinity help section! (I'm only half an hour down the road from you Serif guys in Nottingham so it's not as if we're in different universes!) Any help on whether Cutout is available in the Photo Beta - and how I find it - would be greatly appreciated. It's an integral part of my weekly work in my business. Thank you in advance. Helen
  11. Hi, How is it possible to cut a square selection of an image and move it inside the image? I would like to cut a chunck of an image and translate it in another position, within the same image I tried in many ways but without success. That operation is so easy in other apps but in affinity seems impossible. For example If I use the square selection and cut it, all the image is cut out. I cannot understand. Thank you in advance! Pietropaolo
  12. I'm new to Affinity and I'm hoping y'all can help me with this. I've traced a sketch in AD which includes a lot of lettering. I'm running into a problem with letters that have empty spaces inside them (like R, A, O, etc. - letters that have an empty space entirely surrounded by the letter form). I've created these letters with the pen tool by drawing the outside of the letter, then drawing the outline of the inner empty space, but this seems to create one shape on top of another, so that when I go to fill in the letter shape, I can't get the space in the middle to be completely empty, revealing the background behind the letter. I can only "empty out" one layer, as it were - I can make that inner space empty to reveal the fill color of the letter itself, which obviously isn't what I want. I guess what I'm looking for is a way to draw a shape and fill it in with a color, and then cut out part of that shape to reveal the background color behind it. Seems like there has to be an obvious way to do this that I'm missing, but I've been stuck on this for almost a day now. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I know you're trying to keep this limited to Affinity Photo but it's the one feature AD is lacking for me. I work designing websites for e-commerce and I often need to cut out product images from white backgrounds. The work isn't complicated enough to require a dedicated piece of photo software like AP so I'm not going to spend an additional 40 quid for it. I'd like to see it added to AD. This feature is literally the last thing that's keeping me from removing Photoshop completely from my mac. Thanks
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