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  1. Hi All, Well, it’s been a pretty crazy week since the launch of V2! This has been a real labour of love for us over the last year or so, and I can’t even begin to describe how hard the development team have worked on it. Not only getting the V2 apps launched, but also of course finally bringing Publisher to iPad. With this being our first paid-for upgrade there has understandably been a lot of feedback / questions around future updates and our pricing policies. I thought it was worth addressing / clarifying our position on some of these personally... Updates to V2 moving forward Buying V2 not only gets you all the new features you have seen, but we have various updates planned – including many more new features and improvements – which you will get for free. This will continue until such a time that V3 is released. We’re not sure exactly when V3 will be, but I can confirm we are not going to move to anything as regular as an annual upgrade cycle as has been speculated. It’s worth saying too that V2 does include many under-the-hood changes to our underlying technology, and we have also been investing in several new areas of research recently. Some of these haven’t manifested themselves into new features yet, but overall V2 does give us a better platform to develop on moving forward and I’m sure you will be pleased with the updates V2 will receive. Updates to V1 moving forward While we did say on the FAQ that V1 would no longer receive any updates, I want to clarify that was about new feature updates. We will be updating V1 to fix any critical problems caused by operating system updates in the future. So if the next version of macOS breaks V1 we will endeavour to fix it. There will be a point in time when continuing to maintain V1 in this way will not be tenable, but certainly for the foreseeable future we will continue to patch. In fact, we have an update to V1 queued up for release very shortly with some fixes for Ventura and issues caused by a recent Windows security / quality update. We will update our FAQ shortly to make that clearer for everyone. Offer period In case you didn’t see, I’m pleased to confirm we have decided to run this initial launch offer until 14th December to give everyone the best chance possible to get it if they wish / have a decent amount of time to trial it. Upgrade pricing It’s been really hard to see some of the comments about us not looking after our existing customers – we’re pretty devasted that anyone feels like that to be honest. But the fact is we felt our hands were tied somewhat with being able to offer upgrade pricing in a fair way. The main reason for this was App Store customers (which make up around 35% of our userbase). The problems with that are two-fold: firstly, we didn’t have a way from within V1 to validate an App Store purchase receipt to reliably ensure customers who were entitled to an upgrade could get one; and secondly, we could not find a good way for people to get that discount via the App Store. Us pushing upgrade customers to go exclusively via our own site (including customers who were previously acquired via the app stores) may also have put us in violation of App Store Ts & Cs which we were obviously concerned about. I’m not saying that these issues were completely insurmountable, but any solutions we came up with would be messy, and most importantly could have resulted in some bona fide V1 customers struggling to get validated and claim their discount. We certainly don’t have the support resource here if we ended up needing to manually validate tens of thousands of receipts for example. The only option we felt was safe to move forward with was a general launch offer, which would guarantee that every V1 customer could get the discount, whether they purchased directly through us or the App Stores. We knew a side effect of that would mean some new customers would end up receiving that same discount – but we felt that was a better option than V1 customers missing out. It’s also worth saying that while there has been some good press about V2, all our main marketing has been via email and through social media to our followers. In other words, we felt ok about it because we knew the vast majority of people who would find out about it or take advantage of the offer would be existing customers. I would be surprised if over the offer period customers upgrading from V1 didn’t make up more than 90% of our sales. Overall I do believe us giving a 40% discount, along with the addition of the new Universal Licence of course, is offering fantastic value for money for those who want to upgrade. However, taking on board some of the feedback there is something extra we can do – we will offer a new free bundle of content exclusively for V1 customers upgrading to V2 as an extra thank you for your support. I’ve seen this suggested by a number of customers and it’s a great idea as it does remove the App Store conflict entirely. We’ll need a little time to put something together, but all customers who previously registered or purchased V1 and have since upgraded to V2 will receive a voucher code for this via email as soon as we can. A comment on no subscription I do want to say that some of the points above are exactly the reason why software companies move to subscription. Whatever you do with upgrade pricing, you still have the issue of customers who bought the previous version 3 months ago vs. those who have had it 2+ years. Offering perpetual licences also gives the additional overhead of needing to maintain the previous version longer than you would if everyone was on subscription / generally always on the latest version. We are a small team so some of these complications are not ideal — all we really want to do is focus on developing our latest codebase, push out regular updates and continue with our mission to make great creative software accessible to everyone. But it does need to be funded somehow. We know you love our no-subscription model, but there also needs to be a level of appreciation that the alternative is having paid-for upgrades from time to time. That unfortunately comes with its own problems. All of that said, I have to say we have been blown away with the response to V2 - around 3 times as many people have upgraded in the last week than we expected - and we really can't thank you enough for the support you have shown. More than anything the success of this upgrade puts us in a great place to continue investing heavily in development which is ultimately what it's all about, and we’re super excited to crack on with some great updates coming next year! All the best, Ash This is a duplicate post of a thread that is now locked and moved to the questions forum
  2. Hi all, Yesterday marked the end of our ‘40% off V2’ launch offer. With that offer ending I wanted to let you know about a couple of things: Ongoing upgrade price for the Universal Licence As I mentioned in my previous announcement (here), offering a specific upgrade price for V1 customers had many complications and is why we decided to run a launch offer in the way we did. However, we listened to the feedback we had around that, and have used this time to implement a method to offer an upgrade price long-term — allowing customers who have not upgraded yet an opportunity to still do so at a better price than a new customer. All the issues I previously referenced around App Store conflict still exist, so the upgrade offer: Is only available for purchases of the Universal Licence (offering upgrade pricing on individual apps just is not possible without conflicting with App Store guidelines as each individual app has their own App Store listing) Is only available for purchases made directly from our website (we cannot offer this upgrade discount for people purchasing via an App Store) The ongoing upgrade offer is 25% off the Universal Licence, and also includes a free content bundle (the Creative Collection) worth over £200. To claim this discount, we will validate you own V1 based on whether you previously purchased V1 from us directly, or have registered a V1 App Store purchase to your account. This offer is available from our new upgrade page. Creative Collection content bundle now available to anyone who has already upgraded from V1 to V2 during the launch offer period If you already upgraded to V2 during the launch offer period, we also wanted to make sure you could retrospectively claim this new free content bundle. We have worked hard to make this a valuable gift, and have tried to cover various different use cases of our apps. The bundle includes some high-quality fonts, brushes, LUTs, icon assets and resources and, as mentioned above, is worth over £200. So, if you have already purchased V2 and you previously owned V1, you can claim this content for free as a special thank you for your support (in addition to the 40% discount you would have already received on your V2 purchase during the launch offer). To claim the Creative Collection, please visit our upgrade page and scroll down towards the bottom where there is a ‘CLAIM NOW’ link under ‘Already upgraded from V1 to V2? You can get the Creative Collection for free below’. After following the link, you’ll be taken through the validation step of checking your account as being someone who owned V1 and has purchased V2. The way we confirm this is by seeing a V1 purchase tied to your account, whether you purchased it directly from us or you registered an App Store purchase to your Affinity account. Claim your free content now We understand there will be some of you who did purchase V1 from an App Store but may not have ever registered it to your account (and as you probably don’t have V1 installed anymore, no longer have the ability to register it). In that case we will need to try to validate that manually with you. So, please first try getting the Creative Collection using the link above and if that fails, drop us an email with your Affinity ID to affinity@serif.com (subject: “Free Content”) and we will do our best to help. If it’s possible for you to dig out your original App Store receipt for your V1 purchase, it will speed up the process if you include that in your email to us. Other than that, thanks again for all your continued support. We hope you enjoy your gift! Thanks, Ash
  3. Hi, After a few days of free trial, I purchased Designer from your Affinity Store. Paid, created my account on your website and installed the application on my HP Envy laptop. Unfortunately, my repeated efforts to register the product remained unsuccessful. I have tried everything, even uninstalled the software, restarted my laptop, then installed it again, restarted, etc. Still the same. Please, see screenshots enclosed. I have tried to call the Nottingham number. I tried in the evening and kept trying this morning. Please, help me to complete the registration as I will need to use the programme I paid for. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you, Andrea
  4. Why is my order failing to process? Payment failures/declines can be a result of many factors. Some failures are due to the customer’s bank declining the payment. This may happen for various reasons including insufficient funds, or concerns of suspicious activity. Failures of this kind are best discussed with your bank. They will be able to provide you with more information than we can. Other failures are gateway rejections. These rejections are when our payment processor has decided to reject the payment to protect Affinity from potential fraudulent transactions. When a customer places an order via the Affinity Store, the transaction is handled by the third party payment processor Digital River. Only a small amount of information is requested from our customers; this is intentional for GDPR and General Data Protection purposes. We process payments and orders based on this information, and Digital River either authorises or rejects the payment using this information, along with other additional factors. We have no control over this. In any case please accept our apologies for the trouble you are experiencing; this is certainly something we are trying to constantly improve. What can I do to fix this? If this happens to you, if you haven’t already, please update your web browser to the latest version. You could also try using a different web browser or another computer, if you have access. Please make sure that you have enabled essential cookies for our website. There are restrictions on the number of orders that can be placed within any 24 hour period; If you happen to have placed two orders on the website within 24 hours, and wish to place another within that time, you may receive an error as a result of this. The Affinity Store will allow you to add several items to your basket for one payment/transaction, and we'd always recommend this for future orders. As well as credit/debit card we offer a range of other payment methods. These will vary from country to country, but widely available options include PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay (when ordering from an Apple device). If your credit/debit card is being declined you could try one of these options instead. A number of our customers have mentioned that their use of popular browser plugins may affect their ability to place an order on the Affinity website, and that temporarily disabling them fixed the issue. You can also obtain the Affinity apps from either the Microsoft Store or the Mac App Store, depending on your OS. What will happen to the money that has left my account? Don't worry about the funds that have seemingly left your bank account/credit card; these funds have only been reserved for payment by your bank and have not been collected by Affinity. Depending on your bank/credit card company, the funds will drop from their reserved state within a maximum of 28 days (usually much sooner). If you have any queries relating to this, please contact your financial institution; they should be able to give you more specific information. If you still have questions or concerns, please send an email to affinity@serif.com
  5. good afternoon affinity team I'm trying to buy affinity photo, affinity publisher, and affinity designer for five hours with my bank card that I usually use for buying online now I get the same error ( Server Internal Error To reconnect click the Reload button on the browser or click the button below ) I did use 3 different browsers, contacted my bank they say everything is working but they didn't receive any payment request from your side, so can you please help me with this issue
  6. See attachment - In Affinity Publisher Print/Presets page. . . why are all examples in millimeters? How do I get all the examples to be in inches? Totally unusable page when everything is in millimeters and sizes are simply all off. And too much trouble to look up and change millimeters to inches in document page on left. Help. millimeters to inches? I can change millimeters to inches in 'document
  7. Hi everyone, I would like to thank all the staff at the helpdesk for their incredible work they do on the forums. I know I'm probably not the easiest person to deal with, but seeing how much work those guys, namely @Patrick Connor, @Callum, @Chris B, @Sean P, @Adam, @MEB, @Lee D, @DWright, @Gabe and @Leigh, put in servicing customer request is stunning. So thank you all, and thank all those I haven't mentioned above (sorry, guys). Please, keep your good work up.
  8. Okay, here goes. I purchased a copy of Affinity Photo as an online download. When I got the email for the download and started to down load the software, a popup voucher appeared. In order to continue with my download, I had enter a voucher number. You guessed it, there was no voucher number and no email with a voucher number. Without that number, I was unable to download the program. No one seems to be at home at Affinity to answer a rather straight forward question: where do I get that voucher number? Until I get that voucher number, I cannot download Affinity Photo; it is a useless purchase.
  9. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I'm working on a picture/drawing in Affinity Photo - size of file 1.37GB and Image is 600dpi on MacBook pro OS Mojave (wacom messed up too much with catalina so I reverted back and am too scared to upgrade again). I've scanned my images (sketches) and have layered each element and I'm having several functional issues. I'm finding that suddenly some layers are flickering, or disappearing - I can make it appear by copying and pasting the layer but then sometimes those then disappear. Some layers inexplicably cannot be edited such as using the erase tool. I can move its position but not erase pencil lines not draw onto it. When I'm using the pen to erase some sections, big pixel chunks start flickering - particularly if I'm working zoomed in. I have added new layers that do not function - eg, I tried to have a filled layer but nothing happened (no colour fill). I copied this layer, opened it in a new file and still, nothing there. Though in the new file, I can create a new layer and fill perfectly fine and then copy that over back to my original piece. TIA
  10. Hello all, Something I have noticed throughout all three applications... When I use Indesign, I replace a word in a sentence and it replaces that word with the same font style etc in the box. If I do it in publisher, I loose the text formatting for the word in the box. I then have to replace the new word font with the current font in the sentence. if I do it in photo and designer the same thing happens. If I lay out an entire magazine, and have to change a single word in a paragraph, it should automatically replace the work when I paste it in, with the same font and formatting style that was in place. It should not replace the word in the text box with a random font.. Am I the only on that seems to find this strange.... Or have I missed a setting or a check box that stops this from happening in all three applications...
  11. Photo crashes when I hide an adjustment layer and afterwards show it again. I can reproduce the issue by performing the following steps: Navigate to the curves adjustment layer in the group Double click onto the layer and reset the curves Close the dialog Hide the curves adjustement layer in the layers dock Tick the visibility checkbox in the layers dock again in order to show the adjustment layer [crash] DSC07775-Bearbeitet.afphoto
  12. I purchased Affinity on my Macbook Pro Order ID: ML04LBL11Y Doc #: 144288799945. Afterwards my mac had liquid damage and I replaced everything except for the hard drive and and display. When I attempted to boot from the hard drive it wasn't possible until I erased the entire drive. I did this without uninstalling Affinity or any of the programs. How would I get it back without paying for the program all over again?
  13. I recently restored my PC. Updated it to Windows 1909 and installed the Publisher App from the Windows Store. Now, whenever I try to start the App, my PC shuts down unexpectedly and has to start a repair. It doesn’t help to reinstall the App. It happens again and again. How can I use the App again? Please help me with the Problem. I also have Affinity Photo which I purchased from your site and that program works perfectly fine. 20191127_080523952_iOS.heic
  14. Hello everybody (excuse my poor english), I'm Steve. I have bought Affinity Designer. (very nice software, congratulations to the Affinity team) for my professional projects and i have installed it on the laptop of the organization i work for because my personal computer currently work only on Linux. My working contract will arrive at the end in a few weeks and i will install Microsoft with a virtual machine on my personal computer to work in the same time with Linux and Microsoft. So, i would like to transferring Affinity Designer on my computer. I think it's possible to uninstall it from the laptop of my organization and directly install it on my personal computer but i'm not sure. So, it's possible or not ? Thank you so much for your responds.
  15. I bought both Designer and Photo via the App Store but seems like there's no info related to my account as an existing customer. I want to Claim and download some free templates available for existing customers but seems like Im not a customer or something like that since there is no email with that info. How can I solve this? Is there a solution? XO!
  16. Affinity software purchased from the Mac App Store or iPad Store or Microsoft Store cannot be exchanged under any circumstances, sorry. You may be able to get a refund using the appropriate store processes. For Affinity software purchased from the Affinity Store It is not normally possible, except if requested during a money back guarantee period. In order to change your Affinity Store License from macOS to Windows, or vice-versa, you will need to contact the Affinity Orders department within your 14-day Money Back Guarantee and request this to be changed providing your Affinity Order Number. Depending on the circumstances and whether or not you are eligible, we will look into amending the license(s) for you. Please contact affinityorders@serif.com for help regarding this issue.
  17. If you have purchased Affinity Software but you're unable to login to your Affinity Store Account; first, make sure you purchased this software directly from the Affinity Store, and not from the Microsoft Store or Apple Mac App Store. If you're sure you purchased your software directly from the Affinity Store you may have provided the wrong email address (containing a spelling mistake). or provided a different email address to the one you are currently attempting to sign in with. In this case, check to make sure you're entering the correct email address, and try logging in again. If you still experience issues, please contact the Affinity Customer Services team on affinity@serif.com explaining what you have already tried, and from there they should be able to troubleshoot further for you.
  18. There's no way to switch your Affinity software license from the Microsoft Store to your Affinity Store account, and vice-versa. Sales through the Microsoft Store belong to Microsoft Inc. and Serif have no control of the process.
  19. There's no way to switch your Affinity software license from the Mac App Store to your Affinity Store account, and vice-versa. Sales through the Mac App Store belong to Apple Inc. and Serif have no control of the process.
  20. You're currently in the best place to get support with your Affinity apps. You'll get help from other knowledgable Affinity users and staff Unfortunately, we don't offer phone support but we do offer support via email at affinitysupport@serif.com We're a small office located in Nottingham, UK and our offices are open between 8am - 6pm GMT with limited support over weekends and holidays.
  21. Our workbooks are not currently available as a PDF or eBook - they're only available as a physical hardback book. The beautifully presented workbooks can be purchased directly from the Affinity Store: https://affinity.serif.com/store/
  22. The best place for asking software questions, reporting bugs and requesting features is right here on our forum – this is where we all hang out. If you haven't already done so make an account to post on these forums (this forum uses an independent login and not the same as an Affinity Store Account). Customer Service Our customer service team will be happy to help with any questions or problems relating to orders, payments or your account. To contact our Customer Service Team online, Affinity customers can email affinity@serif.com. We aim to respond within 24 hours, although these times can be extended during busy periods. Technical Support If you have a technical question or problem in using our software, or indeed if you just want some advice, our support is provided online. For all Affinity apps, please post your question right here on the Affinity Forums. Members of our own team are actively involved within the forum and you will often receive a pretty quick response. For critical issue support you may be asked to email support staff directly at affinitysupport@serif.com, but please start on the appropriate forums, as the regulars here often answer quickly and correctly.
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