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  1. Well not sure if this is Feature Request or Feedback but i'll put it here. I went a head and bought Affinity Photo and this is a list of things that annoys me after a couple of days usage, on windows btw. Curves: - Can not undo curve edits, except when in picker mode then you undo way to much with a single ctrl-z ..please find a middle ground for both, this is just silly. - Slightest miss click creates a new curve point, needs to be more forgiving (same thing goees for when in "picker" mode, it's impossible to work with). - Only the center grid is overlayed on top of the histogram, makes it hard to do precis edits - No numbers for added "keys" so I can not make exact edits specially important in LAB mode - No shortcuts to switch between L/A/B in LAB mode, having to use the drop down slows down workflow - 1 more subdivision of grid drawing - Please don't be like photoshop with a fixed size of the Curve interface, I relay want to scale it up. - When using the "Picker" option you can not just click on the image to set out "safe" areas, you have to click and drag to change the value, which breaks LAB color workflow rather hard. - When using "Picker" mode there is no preview in the curve editor where my point new points might be added. Blend Options: - Histogram display would be nice - Preview of mask generated by curve would be nice - Would be nice to have a "picker mode" like thing for this, not sure how it would work but feels like it could be awesome Gradient Tool: - Probably user error but why does it always started in white to %50 gray, I want it to be white to black always. Presets: - Adding presets is easy and nice, but I can not access them from my tool, like my curve presets..I have to have the "adjustment" window up for this...please give me direct access to preset within the current tool.
  2. Ok this is starting to drive me nuts. I've been using Affinity Designer for at least 6 months for various small non-professional projects and it's been fantastic. I'm trying to create a drawing of the side panel of a bar-top arcade game I'm building which I'll print out and use as a cutting template. I've drawn two shapes and want to join/ add them. The two shapes have given every indication of having snapped together, but every time I select them using the move tool and hitting the add button it groups the two shapes/ curves rather than adding them and losing the line between them leaving just the outline. I've used add to create the top shape, but these two won't add together. Ultimately I could live with this, but I really want to put a radius corner on the bottom right corner of the top shape where it connects to the bottom. Can anyone explain where I might be going wrong? I'm using v 1.5.2 on a Mac (10.12.3) in the draw persona.
  3. One very powerfull set of features would be curves that are not merely lightness based like the Hue VS Saturation VS Lightness Curves in Davinci Resolve. The ability to change saturation based on lightness or hue is a killer feature.
  4. After I draw a curve using the pen tool. Is these anyway I can write my text along that curve (like you can do in CS Photoshop)? Thank you.
  5. First, I'm used to Photoshop & am pretty new to Affinity. I've had it for just a few days now. I'm trying to get text to curve and I'm really having trouble. It seems each tutorial I've watched says to create a shape then click the Text tool & simply hover by the outside of the shape for the squiggly line to show up long side the "A" where the curser is. The problem is that I cannot get that to happen. Just normal, straight text. I cannot get the text on a path. Somebody please help me before I lose my mind.
  6. I've noticed that pen tool is so laggy and slow. Also there're some lags and distortions when I try to move/drag any object. Are there any ways to solve this issue? Here you can check the gifs I made: http://imgur.com/a/7hpyt Windows10 8GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M
  7. I would like to curve my font around clip art or pictures when making certain designs for logos and T-shirts, but I can't find where or how to do this. Please tell me it is possible and tell me what I am missing and how to do it. I am looking to curve up, curve down, bridge up and bridge down and circular Thank you, Scott
  8. Hi everyone! If there is a technique to convert single curve into an object which I could cut (mask) afterward? Simply I need to make stroke of text transparent and also I need if the stroke cuts objects behind (my object is just a line made by pen). The image is going to be a transparent sticker and I would like separate a text from a roll( my lines) by empty spaces. I have no idea how to do it in Affinity Designer :unsure: I attached example. Thanks a lot
  9. Hi all, I'm creating an illustration of a scooter as a project. I'm wondering how I might get better curves around the wheels and hubs (pic attached). I remember, there's a 'smoothing' tool in a version of AI I had once. If not, what is a good workaround? Thanks in advance, Kevin
  10. Hey! I have question can i convert strokes to curves ? :)
  11. Adjusting a curve with 4 points caused the crash with message: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Photo.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 58355ba5 Fault Module Name: dbghelp.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17514 Fault Module Timestamp: 4ce7c5ac Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00000000000320dd OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 3b78 Additional Information 2: 3b785dc2d643da21bc1dc06afc734a87 Additional Information 3: 6858 Additional Information 4: 6858e45cf756ad36b08347cc3f24b0c3 I may have taken the point to the edge (or outside?) the curve box when this happened.
  12. Please could we have a simple Merge Node command. It is fundamental to building various shapes by hand and its absence in Affinity Designer makes little sense. I would like to be able to take two open nodes (typically from two separate curves joined with add), overlap them, select them both and merge them. The result should be a single node which inherits the respective bézier properties of each side. Creating objects with the pen and pencil tool then joining them with other creations is a complete and total pain right now. I covered a related problem in some detail here http://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26930-joining-nodes-without-losing-bézier, however the problem of joining separate curves in Affinity Designer remains frustratingly counter intuitive and often produces unexpected or unintended results.
  13. Is there a possibility to delete points on adjustment curve? I can't do that or simply don't know how.
  14. I'm trying out some basic shape stuff in Designer for Windows and I'm unable to Add a straight Pen line and a rectangle together (I'm trying to create a drip effect). However whenever I select both the rectangle and the line and try to Add them together the line disappears. Same thing happens when I attempt to combine them as well. I've tried shifting the layer order around and still nothing. I've attached an image to show where I am at the moment and what I'm trying to achieve. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  15. (On Windows Beta) Hi, Is it possible to scale a curve without the containing image? For example: I've a rectangle with an image as sub-layer. So I use the rectangle as cropping. (Because I needed to rotate the image). If I scale the rectangle, the image is scaled with it. Is there a way to prevent this (like cropping does)? Thanks, Andreas Furster
  16. Hello Affinity, Would be great, snap raster brush to any curve line while drawing... sorry for my english, is little bit limited ;)
  17. Affinity Designer - Add points at intersection of the curves - this method will help in many situations Affinity Designer for Windows - Add duplicated methods: Alt + Rotation Handle ( rotate and duplicate in the same time ) Alt + Scale Handle (Scale and duplicate in the same time ) This method will help to duplicate and mirror in the same time
  18. Hello, everyone!!! I has encountered with small problem while working with curves. I need to convert a knot of curve partly with 'sharp' and 'smart'. I meant from one side of the knot I could create round shape and from another side it should be sharp. Photoshop has this option. I would be happy if somebody can explain can I do it or not. If yes, then how to do it? Thank you very much in advance :) PS: Affinity is very cool app. Wish big luck for the Affinity-team to make this tool as one the best :)
  19. Hi Enjoying Affinity Designer, taking a while to get used to a slightly different interface. I was worling on a vector trace of a Land Rover using a png image on layer 1 as a background image and using Layer 2 to trace the image with the PenTool. Had completed about half of the trace when I was editing the amount of curve at a node and Affinity Designer suddenly dropped out. No error messages. Fortunate I save my creations regularly so the work was not lost. Was able to reload the file without difficulty. Thought this feedback may be of use to you. Brian Clements affinity defender.afdesign
  20. When joining vector curves it seems that one curve's pressure profile is applied to the whole of the new curve. Is it possible to maintain / combine both pressure profiles so that the each curve looks exactly the same as before, just joined together?
  21. Trying to figure out how to select the area inside a curve (I can fill the curve if need be), then add that selection to a layer mask or an existing selection. Looks like in past versions this was done with a "Selection" button in the pen tool context toolbar, but I don't see that in my version. Thanks
  22. I have a regular requirement to create DVD and BD disk labels. The industry standard is for copyright info to run around the edge of the disk. This was easy to create in Photoshop. When I opened an existing PSD file in Affinity Photo it converted all the edge text to three horizontal lines at the top of the area. Can Affinity cope with text on a curve? How can I create new text on a curve? How can I open a PSD with text on a curve without changes?
  23. Hi fellow illustrators, artists and designers, I made a short and "classic" trace tutorial for Affinity Designer. I do a quick break-down of steps taken from sketch to "final". For me it is a also a short test for moving from Illustrator :) I take around a minute for each step. Original artwork is from micropython.org, so consider this trace as fanart for the above :) I will add my own sketches in the future when I get the time and hopefully also more complete in concptual illustration terms. For the moment, it is more of an exercise. Hopefully the tutorial will bring some value. Do comment on my process or ask questions and I will answer when I have some time. I have been using AD on late nights only and have been reading around the forum for some time now, but thought I would give back something to this awesome community. To Affinity, thank you so much for such a wonderful tool and all the hard work you put in, it truly is moving towards a vector tool replacement for many users now and is innovating from this base also. Trace tutorial
  24. I want to stroke the bottom part of a curve. Not the entire curve. Is it possible to pick nodes and stroke between them? I would use this for eye lids and lips on adjustable parts for a cartoon figure. Other things too as they come up. Thanks.
  25. just as we have text following a curve functionality, what if we had object follow a curve functionality also? heres a simple graphic i made to demonstrate what i mean, i hope i conveyed the information thoroughly.
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