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  1. I am trying to warp or manually curve a type design. I am baffled that a vector design program doesn't have this feature...it's a critical tool for any vector design. Type on path is NOT what I want because that tool does not address the bending perspective that warp creates. (see homemade type solution) any suggestions or advice?
  2. Hello, Last year, I've changed my camera and bought a Fuji X-T20. During this time, I spent a lot of time trying to remove a magenta color cast in the blue of my skies. I thought it was me or the way I used the camera. But using others raw converters (On1 Photo RAW, Luminar, Capture One Express Fuji) , I found that it comes from Affinity. Finally, it can easily be corrected when turning off the tone curve in the develop Wizard, and shiffting a bit the red curve in the develop personna. Do you know if we can define a specific tone curve that can be set as default in the develop the wizard ? Also, do you know if Serif planned to improve their Fuji X-Trans conversion algorithm ? Best Regards
  3. what i'm thinking is another slider on the stroke modal window that controls how much the stroke is offset. on closed curves it would read outwards on one side and inwards on the other, or something like that, and i'm not sure for open curves, but it would be leftwards along the normal vector when moved to the left and rightwards when moved to the right.
  4. Hi, I find myself wanting to connect two different open curves to merge them, but so far can't find a way to do this. Basically what I'm looking for is some tool like the binary add-operator for closed path, but then for combining all anchor points of curve A to the anchor points of curve B. Or something like 'close curve' but then with two different curves. Does anybody here perhaps know if there is a way to do this in Affinity Designer?
  5. Is there a way to put the text on a curve on the inside of the arc? I made a circle then converted to curves, then broke apart at both sides. I now have two arcs one on top and one on the bottom. I want the text to be on top of the top arc which is how it does it and all is fine. But on the bottom I want the text to be on the inside of the line. I can't seem to find a way to do that. I tried playing with the start triangle but ended up with the text backwards. Can someone explain how to do this please? Thanks Sig
  6. I can convert shapes to curve but I'd like to know if I can convert text to curve as I don't see an option for that in the context menu when I have a text selected. What I'm really trying to do is break up a text so I could put one part of its layer above an object and the other behind the object like the object is going through it. It's actually just the letter S.
  7. Hey everyone! I am working a lot on patterns (literally hundreds) that I want to repeat on both x and y later on. For doing so, it would be very useful to be able to offset and repeat (wrap) curves and groups using Affine and being able to access Affine in Designer. Right now, it only seems accessible in Photo and trying to Affine curves or groups will rasterize them. Best wishes, Shu
  8. Dear all, I have a curve / line, created using the pen tool, representing a church tower. I now need to add two nodes, to make the tower look slightly different. Unfortunately i do not know how to add nodes to the existing "curve". Any hint would be highly appreciated. Thank you! :-)
  9. I hope in next update will be snap to grid for node handlers while handler is draged. I mean handlers for make straight line in to curve. Another option is make symetry options for handler. That means, opposite handler will have same lenght as edited. If you don't understand what I want say, I can provide pictures or video.
  10. I love Photo for Windows but could you tell me if this is a glitch or am I missing something. I know Designer would probably do the job first time but I only need to put a precise shape around part of a photo using a brush. I have started by using the pen tool to create the curve in a new layer. With this highlighted I have clicked on the box between the stroke colour and point width to access the Stroke style. Clicking on the Nul, Solid line or Dash all do what they should but the Brush button just leaves things as a solid line. I already have the brushes open and brush selected in the right hand tool bar. Within the stroke style box the pressure drop down works to vary the width but when the properties box is clicked the Brush pop out box is empty and all sliders grayed out though I can click between General, Dynamics and Texture. I can use the Brush with the Paint Brush tool but this does not give me the adjustable curve I require. The problem is still present in the beta and also if I try to alter the stroke of any shape. So where have I screwed up. Thanks for any help you can offer, Graham Curve Stroke Problem.afphoto
  11. Does anyone know what this person did at around the 31 second mark. I saw that he converted it to curves, but I don't know what else he did.If anyone knows, please tell me.
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  13. Hello guys! I want to align an object or objects (be shapes, symbols, etc) along a path. Something like dragging my object over a curve and have it snap on it on the object's active anchor point, or the closest point in the bounding box. But I can't figure it out. Is this even possible? I tried with "snap to object geometry" but it doesn't do what I want to achieve, or I can't find a way to make it happen. Any suggestions? Many thanks!
  14. Can u produce a pattern along a curve like it works with text objects? Would be great if I get an answer.
  15. Hey, I would love to see a feature, which lets me continue or rebrush curves with the pencil tool by going over the selected path a second time. B
  16. I have seen some posts about this from a couple of years ago, but cannot find an answer yet. Is it possible to duplicate just one segment of a curve for use on another layer? Sorry if this has been answered before and I have missed it. Pauline
  17. When I do a curve, it appears on a layer. When we make a selection from this curve, the layer disappears. How could I save my curves for future utilization in a palette? Thank you, Jac Mat.
  18. Hello, I'm currently preparing hand drawn icons for the web (svg) export. I want to make a single element out of multiple layers to save some kbs, but after choosing "Add" option some of the parts are substracted. Problem happens when I try to close / simplify a single curve (one object in the layer menu), that has some overlapped space. I tried expanding the curve, then tried every single action in the Action centre based under Node Tool and still can't figure it out. I'm used to just selecting "Add" (Illustrators path finder) to make it a single shape without overlapping paths, but in Designer there is only "Divide" that can be chosen. Any tips and ideas will be appreciated
  19. Hello Affinity team! I've had some problems with merging curves layers and in the result I asked this wonderful community for help. At first I thought I must be missing some tools and someone here will guide me to the light, but seems like it's the software that misses pretty important tool. Please, get familiar with the thread I started: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/46069-designer-simplifying-closing-single-curve/& Issues: - dividing curves when hitting "Add" - no easy solution to merging curve that overlaps itself 2 ideas emerged: - breaking curves in innocuous places and then hitting add, - creating rectangles in divided areas and then removing some of the nodes. It's something and working for now, but it's pretty time consuming, and for someone facing deadlines on the daily basis can be a deal breaker. Suggestion: - getting "Add" tool to merge singe curve that overlaps itself, - or creating another tool that will do so.
  20. Hi, this might be an easy question. how is it possible to devide a curve into equal sections. I need a spline or curve with 4 equal length nodes. Or is this even possible? thank you
  21. Hi all, I'm working in Infinity Photo iOS on my iPad Pro and need to make a selection using the Pen tool. I can't figure out how to make a sharp anchor point to join two curved paths (please see attached). Normally in Photoshop, I'd hold down the alt/option key and click on the anchor to activate the "V" corner feature so I can adjust the two tangent handles independently, but I don't have this ability on the iPad. I tried the "Sharp" and "Smooth" bottoms in the Node mode, but they just toggle between straight-lined joints and curved lives without a corner. The path handling tool doesn't seem to be too intuitive, and I need to use the Pen tool to make precise selections. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there a feature like Photoshop's "Exclude Overlapping Shapes" or "Intersect Shape Areas"? I find that when I create a smaller shape within a large shape, the large shape disappears.
  22. Hi all, I would really like to be able to apply a corner style to curves, similar to the way I can already apply it for a rectangle. In fact, it would be great if I could apply it to any shape! ^_^
  23. Hi guys It seems that I am not able to join nodes from different curves with the pen tool, like I am used to in for example Adobe Illustrator. I think it would speed up my work enormously if I were to be able to join different curves’ nodes with the pen tool instead of drawing extra nodes, selecting these and applying the action Join Curves every time. I hope you will consider this. Thank you!
  24. Hi guys and wonderful Moderators, I know it's been probably said in a few posts but I'd like to list some of what I think are a few of the most needed features in AP. 1. refine masks uusing levels and curves, this is the most important thing, I'm not talking about refine edges or similar, I'm saying that once you created a mask to have the possibility to open a curve or levels adjustement for that mask to refine its range, as things are now we are pretty much stuck with the mask as it is at the moment of creating it, I just refuse to believe such thing is not available in AP, it's a foundamental feature, I mean AP has equations, EQUATIONS!!! and we can't put in this feature? 2. Some sort of luminosity masks panel, YES I'll ask for it for as much as it takes, even if it means having you put one in out of desperation for not having to read my every post about it. And I mean a full fledged LM panel, not the select midtones/shadow/highligh thingy, I mean a zones system/varying degrees of shadow/midtones/highlight selection though masks maybe. Seriously the channel way of doing it manually as it is now is cumbersome and uneffective, resterize layer to mask? really guys? nice feature but let's just step it up. 3. color picker when using the HSL tool 4. More color selection well...selections, blue, red and green are not enough really, maybve axpand to yellow, cyan, magenta. 5. slice tool to percentage or exact slices, as of right now I find the slice tool really...casual and amateur, would be nice to tell AP to: 'slice the image in 3 part vertically', insted of the free hand tool, which is pretty much useless imo. 6. suggestion for 3 filters, one is the tonal contrast equivalent, would be nice and save a lot of time having some sort of tonal contrast in the live filters, baybe a dynamic brightness too. your glow filter, nice idea, but poorly implemented all it does is blow out the highlight, maybe making it s that it protect saturation and luminance in some way, that's be nice. 7. create a panorama out of the opened files, same goes for hdr, it's really bothersome having to export all images before having AP create a new pano. 7 1/2, come on guys, let's just have an 'align layers' option, I don't know if i'm doing somehing wrong but stack create stack in the arrange panel doe snot align anything if you're not opening a brand new set of images, we need to align layers in an opened file. Thank you guys for this platform in which you allow us to give suggestion, I know i may sounfd just like the usual run of the mill whyny customer, but I do complain because I believe in this software and its possibility. Seriously though, take into consideration these suggestion, let's not just trail behind Photoshop, let's make a clear jump foreward.
  25. 'morning guys/gals, 2 quick questions please (and thanks): 1) in the image below (thumbnail and file attached) you will see a logo image that was originally on a black rectangular background. I cropped the L and R sides to get rid of portions of the background so as to create an even-ish border. How can I get rid of the still-remaining blue lines outlining the original boundaries of said black rectangle background? ...and, 2) in order to distort/stretch this image (logo portion), don't I simply 'convert to curves' the grouped layers then click/drag whichever node I'd like to 'pull' on? My goal is to be able to manipulate the image by independently move nodes to create perspective changes in some cases, or make the image look curved in other cases (as if on a cylindrical surface such as a telephone pole, etc). Does the image/layers need to first be flattened. Big thanks from a newbie! -Christo CVlogoBlueCropLines.afdesign
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