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Found 96 results

  1. MrDoodlezz

    Break a curve with rounded corners

    Hey there fellows, I ran into this display bug today while cutting a path wich contains quite a few rounded corners. It seems to be a temporary visual bug that disappears if one works just along. The magenta marks occurred the first time while I recorded the clip, not sure if they are related to the disappearing corners. As almost always I recorded a short clip for demonstration. ;) https://youtu.be/dp8TcFfvUOU Cheers Dennis
  2. Hi fellow illustrators, artists and designers, I made a short and "classic" trace tutorial for Affinity Designer. I do a quick break-down of steps taken from sketch to "final". For me it is a also a short test for moving from Illustrator :) I take around a minute for each step. Original artwork is from micropython.org, so consider this trace as fanart for the above :) I will add my own sketches in the future when I get the time and hopefully also more complete in concptual illustration terms. For the moment, it is more of an exercise. Hopefully the tutorial will bring some value. Do comment on my process or ask questions and I will answer when I have some time. I have been using AD on late nights only and have been reading around the forum for some time now, but thought I would give back something to this awesome community. To Affinity, thank you so much for such a wonderful tool and all the hard work you put in, it truly is moving towards a vector tool replacement for many users now and is innovating from this base also. Trace tutorial
  3. I want to stroke the bottom part of a curve. Not the entire curve. Is it possible to pick nodes and stroke between them? I would use this for eye lids and lips on adjustable parts for a cartoon figure. Other things too as they come up. Thanks.
  4. just as we have text following a curve functionality, what if we had object follow a curve functionality also? heres a simple graphic i made to demonstrate what i mean, i hope i conveyed the information thoroughly.
  5. Is it possible to support an exported file from Inkscape that miss these...? - Corner Radius (Can be solved by turning curve to outline object) - Masking is lost **About masking; the SVG file which export from Illustrator, masking is lost too, but .ai .eps still work.
  6. Hi folks, I have created a path from six cloned paths to form something like six-sided puzzle-piece (see attachment) Now I want to fill this puzzle-piece but it only fills out the 'tounges' of the piece and not everything that is surrounded by the path. I am sure this behaviour has something to do with the way I created the puzzle-piece - in combining multiple simple not-closed paths into a single closed path. But how do I get my path to be handled as a closed path and be filled like the way I want it to be filled? Thanx in advance Rasmus Streckenteile_cut.svg
  7. I was playing around with the pressure curve - awesome feature - and got close to a result I liked. Since there doesn't seem to be a warp option to bend my design on a curved baseline instead of a straight; I thought to expand it and take it to illustrator. When expanding, all pressure info was lost. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Attached image: above the actual strokes, below the same strokes expanded... Thanks in advance
  8. I really enjoy tweaking a stroke's pressure gradient after drawing it, but the Pressure sub-palette is quite limited in size and accuracy. How about avoiding the interface clutter altogether, and simply have a Show Pressure Overlay command in the View menu, which basically maps the gradient onto the currently selected path, something like this:
  9. Hi guys, I have a 1 thing that is really bothering me since beta. In affinity I still cant make 1px stroke icons because of the "always center" curve align that cant be changed. Its ok with shapes, but because of the strange logic it cant be done with unclosed curves like in illustrator. Here is the example: Left I made a small rectangle with 1 px stroke. Pixel align is on and it have inside aligned stroke. Right I have converted it to curves and broke one corner point. Voila, and there is nothing to do with that, except turning of pixel align and trying to place it manually (!) in sub pixel space and repeat it 10 times because after export you will still get blurred edges. Thanks
  10. Saw this on Twitter, a great little online game for budding designers.... http://bezier.method.ac/ Dale.
  11. Rocketdrive

    Viewport: masked curve not smoothed

    Hi guys, this is really a minor bug, and appears only in the viewport – not in the exported image. But since AD is fun working with and I like practising, I'm sharing these graphics to illustrate the following bug: - make a curve with variable pressure - copy - convert the original to outlines - paste into the copy - change color of the pasted curve - offset - aliasing artefacts appear.
  12. How to create a curve or arc, for a selected object or "grouped" object? thx
  13. Ouchies, no 3-point curve tool? CorelDraw has this. Manga Studio has this. MS Paint has had this since the stone age of the internet. If Affinity implements this, Illustrator can basically choke on a urinal cake, because the simple 3-point curve tool has served to shave so much time off my productivity that it makes Illustrator users red in the face to time-trial a project against me, to this day. If this could be implemented, I'd definitely buy the software. If a macro could be made (or already exists), I would be SO beyond grateful for a link in the right direction! It would give this program a great edge against Illustrator's chuggy, time-consuming, inefficient and headache-inspiring methods.
  14. First of all: Affinity Designer is one of the best mac apps! I love it and I can't wait for Affinity Photo. Finally I can ditch bug-ridden Pixelmator. You might have already seen my review in the app store in which I listed a bunch of things that I think could be improved or added, but here I want to focus on just one. When you use a brush with size variance enabled you can control the width of the stroke while painting, but it seems like you cannot currently make changes "after the fact". What I hope to see is the ability to edit the stroke width at each node or point along the path, perhaps similar to the bezier handles. Side note: I think there should be a "Velocity (Inverse)" setting in the "Controller" drop-down menu for the vector brush tool options but it's missing. Thanks for stopping by!
  15. I Are you planning to have a follow to curve tool elements? I would be very effectible to have a follow to curve tool for text forms and make some paths ​I mean something like this image that I attach
  16. Hello, Apologies if this question has already been answered somewhere, I've really been struggling to find the right wording to do a search! I'm really liking Designer right now, the only thing I'm really missing is the feature from Adobe Illustrator where you can use the pen tool to draw a curve between two nodes, then you can click on the most recent node, which will release the curve but allow you to still draw from that node, as a straight line or non-symmetrical curve. Is this at all possible in Affinty Designer please? Many thanks for your time and help!! Lizzie
  17. I would like to have the ability to type on a curved path and be able to make text designs like the one in the image I attached.
  18. Will be great if Affinity could be able to simplify curve after freehand drawing. So number of nodes can be reduced without losing significant fidelity.
  19. When I change text into curves (or use another action which needs to transform text into curves) and I want to go back curved text becomes not anymore editable text. It always stays a curve. As I got notice of this, I always copy the text before I make such changes on text. So I have not to write the text each time the changes are not what I expected. Thanks
  20. I have tried to let a text flow around an image. I have used a workaround, used an rectangle convert this into a curve, add some points to the curve around my image and than convert this curve into a text frame. Now the document could not be saved any more.
  21. Can I copy an object ( 1 closed path curve ) and paste it as a path / custom shape on photoshop ? right now it's pasted as a bitmap only Thanks DJ