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Found 218 results

  1. Hey all. New to the forums, and relatively new to AF. Loving it so far, but I have a question about cropping. I found it kind of odd that there isn't a preset for a 16x9 crop. So I made my own, 1600 x 900. If I pull up that crop preset on a picture, how can I adjust the size of the crop, but still remain constrained to the 16x9 aspect ratio? In other programs, I think I remember it being fairly standard to hold down Shift or Option or Command while click/dragging one of the crop borders, but it seems in AF it is unconstrained no matter what additional buttons I press. I'm on Mac, by the way, if that matters. Thanks.
  2. When working in the Develop Persona, I would like the image of a distant bird to fill the screen. I have always used Crop in Apple Photos to accomplish this. In AP, what would be the difference between Scale or Crop to accomplish this?
  3. Would be possible to see a live histogram using the crop tool like in lightroom in Develop Persona? Example: Min 0:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tqJeAqxxcY Thanks !
  4. A simple problem: I have a photo, and I want it cropped to become Facebook's cover photo (or a featured image on my blog, I have many presets). I have the exact pixel dimensions: 820x340 and want to crop it from a bigger image. But I want to actually draw the area I want cropped and scaled. In Photoshop it works like this: you select pixel dimensions you drag a rectangle on the image, it has a fixed aspect ratio, but can be any size double clicking then crops the image and scales it to the exact pixel dimensions. I can't figure it out in Affinity Photo. I can have a preset with exact pixel dimensions, but when I scale the area, the pixel dimensions change as well. I want the program to apply the pixel dimensions after I drew the area I'm interested in. Can it be done?
  5. I've turned on snapping from the menu. When I use the crop tool, which I set to 1:1 ratio, I can see snapping working fine if I use the left/right/top/bottom drag handles. But when I use corner drag handles the snapping only works to the left or right of the image, not the top or bottom.
  6. Hello, I have a NEF raw file taken with my Nikon D7200. When I open it in Affinity Photo in the develop persona, it appears cropped: I lose quite significant portions of the edges of the image. I've haven't touched any settings by this point. Is there some default settings I'm missing? Or what's going on? Interestingly, I can open it in Affinity Designer and see the entire photo, but not in Affinity Photo. Best, Joachim
  7. New member here but I have been using the forums for information for a while, so than you to everybody who has unknowingly helped me so far! As you might have guessed though, I haven't found the answer to my latest question, which is: Is it possible to have Photo automatically crop remaining dead space to the original aspect ratio (or maybe a predefined one from your presets), or with a single click after using the straighten tool, or manual rotation? I usually take landscape, or architectural type shots so doing it manually occasionally is no problem, but I'm finding it can be a little tedious when doing batches of images that all need adjusting by a few degrees. If it isn't possible, is it something that could be implemented? I think it would be incredibly useful! I apologise if this has been asked before, i just couldn't find the answer. Thanks in advance, Carl
  8. When using Straighten in Crop, the grid appears in Portrait orientation and the top node where you can actually rotate the image is off-screen. It's unhandy and a right royal pain to have to drag the grid down every time! Why not use the Straighten tool instead? Because Rotate is faster and easier if you have a good eye for level. At least, it would be faster and easier if you didn't have to go chasing the grid every time. Could this please be fixed to fit both the size and orientation of the image like it is when simply doing a crop?
  9. PHOTO I've noticed this for a while but didn't think to post. You have an image. Make sure 'force pixel alignment is off'. Perform a crop. Then either rasterize the layer or flatten the document and many times there will be a small 1px transparent edge(s) on the image. If it is completely transparent shouldn't it be cropped away? Using 'force pixel alignment' fixes this but it seems that it is not accurate behavior with it off.
  10. Just downloaded and installed Affinity Photo Trial on a fairly new Win 10 laptop. CROP is unable to work because there is no APPLY button on the Context Menu. The Context Menu is visible, and seems to have all the appropriate buttons and switches for the Crop function as explained in the Help documentation, except there is no Apply button. Attached is an image of the context menu as I see it. I can adjust a crop area, with or without constraints, and rotate it, etc, but there is no way to finalize/accept/confirm/apply the crop. I can only cancel it or choose some other tool. Perhaps I am misunderstanding where it should be...
  11. Have a scanning process or task to edit huge files that requires lots of memory but need to load the files and edit them with just 4-8GB? That can happen and when it does, you can get so frustrated about removing dust etc on the huge files. On Unix commandline I used a ImageMagic a lot for that task to automatically process a input file and slice it to smaller ones without really loading the whole file to VRAM etc. And then use the image editor to open the separated files that were sliced pieces and after each edit to combine the files back to one big one (a la panorama stiching). It made possible to load on a computer with 512MB RAM a files size of 400-500MB and do the spot healing for dust removing, build a script for the contrast etc editing and then apply all those separately to multiple 50MB files without stressing the hardware. This would help many photographers who use film and does huge file scanning or even panoramas with high megapixel cameras (80Mpix shooting a 5-20 frames for panorama) so you could just use computers with 3-8GB RAM with others software loaded too. And then just apply same curves etc to all files in batch, run the "new panorama" and then let the computer heat up!
  12. I really need to know how to trace and crop or cut out a logo or image from a photo to use in another banner or photo. Could anyone please explain how to do this?
  13. I made a 32 pages (artboards) 260x200mm size. I need some bleed because of full page pict. I cropped the pict in 265x205mm rectangle. When I checked the printed result it appears to lack 1mm per side: the crop marks are 259x199mm and the cropped picture 264x204 Has anyone experienced such weird stuff? It's really annoying. Thanks for your feedback
  14. 'morning guys/gals, 2 quick questions please (and thanks): 1) in the image below (thumbnail and file attached) you will see a logo image that was originally on a black rectangular background. I cropped the L and R sides to get rid of portions of the background so as to create an even-ish border. How can I get rid of the still-remaining blue lines outlining the original boundaries of said black rectangle background? ...and, 2) in order to distort/stretch this image (logo portion), don't I simply 'convert to curves' the grouped layers then click/drag whichever node I'd like to 'pull' on? My goal is to be able to manipulate the image by independently move nodes to create perspective changes in some cases, or make the image look curved in other cases (as if on a cylindrical surface such as a telephone pole, etc). Does the image/layers need to first be flattened. Big thanks from a newbie! -Christo CVlogoBlueCropLines.afdesign
  15. Quick and simple question guys... What is the best/most efficient way to reduce the outer dimensions of this document, while MAINTAINING the size of the logo image within it?...masking?...cropping? Not sure what direction to go. I attached a copy of the file for your viewing. My desired end result is a thin border around the outer edge of the white curved corner portion of the logo. Thanks! -Christo (sorry for all the newbie questions) @christovw66ComebackROUNDEDprimary2.afdesign
  16. I would like to be able to use the Compositional Overlays when designing as well as when cropping. Additionally, is there a way to flip the Golden Spiral both horizontally and vertically?
  17. Affinity Photo is just incredible. Been a month since i use it and i'm very happy with it, getting more and more productive. That said, here's a little question : is there any option that i've missed, like a checkbox where you can force Photo to remove the blank part of the image when you rotate it or adjust the perspective. I've done that a several times, and it would be very useful and time saving.
  18. I've exported an A4 sized PDF from Design and I noticed that the trim dimensions are not exactly correct. They show as 296.93 mm x 209.97 mm in stead of 297 mm x 210 mm. Is this going to be a problem when giving the files to the print shop for print?
  19. The crop tool is not working properly when set to "unconstrained". I cannot drag the handles, or, two of the eight might work. On the rare occasion when it does work, I lose control of the handle movement when I get close to the edge of the image. Does anyone know why, or what I may be doing incorrectly? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  20. When opening an original photo with a ratio of 2:3 and I select the crop tool. Having forgotten about this unlucky standard setting of unproportional rezising I change the ratio to something unwanted other than 2:3. Switching the crop mode now to "original ratio" does not switch back to the original picture dimension of 2:3 ratio but just keeps this mistakenly edited crop dimension from the step before and fixes it. Is this a bug or a feature? This way one has to rollback protocol until point of mistakenly changed crop or one need to know the exact doc ratio of the original file to enter ratio manually (great!). Next issue: custom presets do not work! They can be edited but except the first new entry they can not be selected. If selected the dimensions are not executed. The whole individual preset stuff seems to be screwed. I entered a couple of standard new ratios to the panel. Watch the video and see how the mode setting does whatever it likes to afterwards: https://youtu.be/w2CSFy1hTkE Cheers, Timo
  21. Which tool would you recommend for drawing crop marks in Affinity Photo? Thank you.
  22. As AP is not capable of adapting some effects e.g. gaussian blur to a resized document I'm forced to rasterize complex structure with elements that won't adapt. In this case I imported my watermark to a picture. I made it available in high res to be able to adapt it to any docsize that might come up. Before resizing the watermark to desired output dimensions II have to reasterize it for before mentioned reasons. The boundaries of the watermark exceed the document boundaries After rasterizing this object consisting of text and pixel layers the boundaries of the watermark getting cropped at the document edges: leaving the resulting layer in a completely unusable/wrecked state: Assuming that we are facing a bug here (and not a "feature") I'd think it would be good to take a closer look that this behaviour ... Cheers, Timo
  23. I am wondering if any further improvements are planned for the crop tool? One trick I enjoyed from PS is proportionally cropping by holding the "alt" key, I noticed that as of betas 1.5.x that this is still not possible. Hopefully the gif demonstrates what I am referring to. Thanks
  24. Some changes and new features will help 1. It would be useful to drag rectangles from scratch somewhere in the picture with the crop tool 2. If I make a selection with the selection tool, it would ne nice to find a point in the menu like "crop to active selection" 3. I cannot use the arrow keys to change the position of the current crop before cropping 4. If i rotate the crop and get some transparent/ empty pixels in the corners, it would be nice when AP will have an option to automatically crop to a smaller crop ratio 5. If I hit ESCAPE key it should left the crop tool like I hit "cancel" with the mouse
  25. If you select an raster element and then the crop tool and attempt to drag say the top center handle down BELOW the bottom one, the corner handles FLIP. Not sure what that is indicative of... but if it doesn't have any meaning, then it should always be a regular Crop bounding box.
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