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Found 221 results

  1. Hi Folks, since I'm using Affinity designer to redesign our hole App-Icon Set I'm running i one problem. the basic file of the icon set is set with 96x96 pixels. If i create a shape in it, which leaves some parts of the file completly transparent over the full width or height of the file, these parts are cropped away. For example i've attached two icons, which are created in the same AD-Project-File with 96x96 pixels. The export results are different resoluted... Attachments Can anybody help me solving these issue? Thanks, Daniel
  2. Please instruct me on how to crop a photo / illustration in Affinity Designer. I've tried everything I could and searched forums and videos for a long time. I'm sure it's something obvious that I will say, "ohhhhh...that's how." This is what I've done: With a working file (or a Jpeg that I open) I click on the rectangle tool to get the crop area I want. Then I click on crop tool and crop lines appear. What do I do next? I've read double clicking is the trick but where do I double click? On the crop tool? On the image I'm trying to crop? Crop lines disappear and I'm back to square one. I've also tried clicking only on crop tool to make crop marks appear and I get same results. I see crop lines but it doesn't crop. Single or double clicking on crop tool or image or hitting enter doesn't crop. Also, sometimes the crop lines are there and locked and I can only move the image moves around within the crop lines. But still no crop. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you :)
  3. Hello. Can I express in the region such as Photoshop 5x5 cm 300 dpi so that I could stretch the crop area while preserving crop? The affinity photo unfortunately if I ask paraetry trim and then change the clipping region parameters change trim. Thanks.
  4. Hi, i'm a professional graphic designer and Adobe dominated my workflow over 18 years. I am so upset about the Adobe subscription system that I looked for alternatives, so I came to you and bought bouth of your Apps. First impression: looks great and very fast But there are some things which I do not get along and I hope that's just because I worked so many years with the Adobe Apps. I watched all the videos on your site but couldn't find anything about these basic features: - resizing images: couldn't find a dialog to type in new image dimensions - crop tool: couldn't crop from the center of an image; cropping does not snap on the outer image borders; constrain proportion of the cropping tool is not possible, is it? - layers: couldn't find a delete hidden layers option These are just some of the things i noticed after the first 60 minutes. I'm curious to see how you develop your apps over time and i'm glad that new App-Developers like you entered the stage!
  5. hi, how can i crop a single image in a collage of multiple images? If i choose the crop tool i can only crop the hole "image" and not the chosen layer. greetings
  6. I have a two part question about cropping and image size. In Photoshop I was able to have it set so when I use the crop tool I have it set that if I'm cropping an image horizontally it will automatically set the image to 10 inches at 200dpi and the other size will adjust accordingly. Is there a way to do that here? I see that I can set a specific parameter for both sides, but I can't seem to figure out if I can have the horiztonal side set. Also is there a preset so that the image size window opens in inches not pixels? I'm just trying to keep a quick workflow and that slows it down when I have to go in each time to change that. Thank you!
  7. See how the size in pixels jumps around wildly while resizing the crop area: http://recordit.co/M6OkWc8Dpv
  8. Hey guys, congrats again for the awesome launch of Affinity Photo! I had this idea: it would be great if filters and commands (such as Straighten / Rotate while Cropping) had a checkbox enabling an "Inpainting" option to fill in the newly blank pixel areas with Affinity's awesome Inpainting algorithm. While it might not work perfectly every time, it gives a decent starting point for further cloning and clean-up without sacrificing the images original size due to cropping. Thanks for considering this, I think it would be a very handy option. Cheers!
  9. Hallo, ich habe ein YouTube Tutorial hochgeladen. Diesmal ein Quick Tipp wie man mit einer tollen Funktion schnell den Horizont begradigt. Viel Spaß Euer Jack Bauer Hello, I uploaded a YouTube Tutorial. This time a Quick Tipp how to straighten the horizon with a great feature of #AffinityPhoto. Ciao Jack Bauer https://youtu.be/dG08LtOUYoQ
  10. Dear Sirs and Madams, (sorry for my bad english) first: aphoto and adesigner are both very very cool and useful programs. :D it was a very short time to converse my habituation from indesign to adesigner. (meanwhile i rather use adesigner) your video-tutorials was very helpful but in aphoto i must learn still some things, so i am sorry when following suggestions or questions are unnecessarily: 1. shortcuts in non-english keybord-layouts thats a big problem for german users because the user operability suffers some time. especially the „[" and „]“ keys are not reachable in german keyboard layouts. is there an (usable) way or for german users without changing the whole keyboard layout? (that would be in conflicts with shortcuts in other programs) 2. if using quickmask, the brush color must be set to „white“ to remove desired areas in the red „invertmask". but if i set the brush color to „black“ his functionality is opposite - like an eraser. thats very cool - so i dont need to set the eraser size seperately - only switch from white to black. but it is a bug or a feature? (i have not seen that in the tutorials) 3. is there a shortcut in quickmask (like „alt“) to switch from „mask“ to „demask“ function? 4. there a many different brushes in aphoto but most as an „circle“. sometimes i wish there would be some brushes with „sharper“ forms to better paint ore refine masks. maybe like an „triangle“ that can be rotated and changed like desired to work better in sharp edges. 5. i wish the cropping tool would be have a "preview“ function for blend out the unselected (cropped) areas. maybe switchable in the colors black, white or (selectable) gray. so it would be better to estimate the cropping result bevor pressing the „apply“ button. (wysiwyg style) 6. a more consistently way to crop "lossless" - without loosing the cropped areas after pressing "apply". the crop tool could maybe be ask on pressing "apply" what to to: "crop finally - and loosing the cropped pixels" or "crop with mask - without losing the cropped pixels". 7. a better indication which tools will act "reversible" or in "finally". (parallel or serial processing) at the moment this distinction is "from where" the tool is selected - from the "layers" or the "filters" menu. and - to find a needed filter the user must be click around in different menus. i think ALL filter should be storaged in ONE place (one menu) with a special sign (or a submenu) if the filter is availble for act in parallel and/or serial processing. best regards, yummiweb
  11. If this hasn't already been reported (or if I'm doing it wrong..) In Affinity photo, crop seems to be global for the canvas, not per object/layer. For example, I start a new 1280x720 blank image. I use the place command to place a photo on the left I use the place command to place a photo on the right I need to crop the photo on the left, there seems to be no way to do that in affinity photo.
  12. Why is it not possible to crop in Affinity without ultimately deleting the pixels? Would be great if this option is available soon. I'm missing it.
  13. There is a perspective check box in Photoshop that I use all the time at work. At home, I would like to use Affinity Photo. How do you achieve the same control in Photo? I've managed something similar with the mesh tool, choosing the source mode. Is there a better way?
  14. (this should be added to https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/8799-crop-tool-inconsistency-landscape-vs-portrait): after it's fixed, also update the tutorial https://vimeo.com/130976135, starting at 1'01'' (crop should happen _inside_ the pic, not around it)
  15. Context: I make assets for the web and mobile apps. I do not make my assets on a giant artboard. When you have a ton of images performance suffers, layers get janky, and all your eggs are in the one file. Slicing is time consuming. I want a single file that I can just export and be done. My A.D. usage = 60% of my work; PS + FW + AI = 40% - I'd love to be 100% A.D. because they've done a great job with it and I love it. Need: I want to be able set the canvas size with ease. To do this the A.D. needs the following... Request Visual crop tool - There is currently no way to crop that I could find other than to adjust the numbers... this is too hard. Trim Command - I could not find this one either. Auto-canvas size based on clipboard - Canvas size should look at clipboard and default to that size (cmd+n ... return ... cmd+v ... and I'm editing in PhotoShop) If you agree that this should be on the roadmap, like the post.. if not what am I missing? Thanks and keep up the great work!!!
  16. I absolutely love Affinity but right now there are still some tools that forbid me to completely leave Adobe. They are: - Crop Canvas (or Crop Document) - Trim Canvas - Resize Canvas - New document based on clipboard object (match size with the object on clipboard) Something to think about: - Responsive design / document states - I think there are no tools on the market that allow us to properly address this. It would be great to create different states for a document, this would allow us to reuse page elements and arrange them in different document sizes. This could then export to an html page that would allow us to show our clients how a responsive page would perform in different sizes. This export would have media queries and would change images for different window sizes. - Sprite sheets - Properly address the creation of sprite sheets, generate css, define hover, active states for sprites, etc. This would be really killer! Make this tools and you'll have all the new generation of designers going to Affinity (The old designers will stick with Photoshop till its death :) ). Thanks.
  17. It would be very helpful to get customizable crop tool presets (like in photoshop). We need to produce images at specific sizes for web and print purposes e.g. 490 pixels x 220 pixels or 30cm x 10 cm @ 304 dpi and it would be nice to be able to customize (an unlimited amount of) presets.
  18. Seems to me that if you added the ability to control a mask's transforms without impacting it's content's transform, you'd have the same functionality as the Crop Tool is to the Draw Persona, with one huge advantage: There'd no longer be the conflicting conventions of Masking being represented as happening above a Layer (and the layer coming through the mask) vs Cropping (as it is now) being presented as something happening "beneath" the layer, when it's actually operating much like a mask in that it's sitting above and preventing content outside of itself from being seen. So how to do this with Masking? It looks like the [alt/option] key is going unused when editing the transforms of a Mask (Size, Scale, Rotation) ... except for position, in which case it is being used, for duplicate functionality. Almost a perfect solution, but not quite. Perhaps... I have the solution! Right now, [command + drag] is also doing duplication of an object. Leave that, and give up the [alt + drag] to mask editing independent of content and the problem is 100% solved.
  19. I can't seem to get cropping to the edges of a cropped object to work. Perhaps I'm missing how to do this. It's not apparent how it works, if it is there.
  20. When I resize a, say, rectangle, I can look at the Transform-palette and see the values change as I move my mouse. It would be nice if I could have the same with the crop tool. Currently, when I crop an image, the values in the Transform palette are updated, but I have to let go of the mouse button first. They don't change as I move the boundaries of the cropped area.
  21. I'm excited to hear about potential feature set for Affinity Publisher as a long time Adobe Indesign and Acrobat user (still using CS6 and refuse to jump on the CC bandwagon). First, I wondered if there were plans to have Affinity Publisher act also as a complete or partial Acrobat replacement. For example, often I will need to rotate scanned pages from a photocopier, extract or delete pages, crop, make annotations (grading academic work, for example), creation of fillable forms and drawing markups etc. all in the native PDF format. Being able to open a full (or partial) multi-page PDF using the document's existing page size would be excellent for quick editing. Second, an annoyance and possible solution to a over-complicated workflow in Indesign. I often create artwork for music CDs and use pre-existing templates from replication factories. They tend to use one layer to show guidelines for text safety regions etc. Once the artwork builds up and I'm trying place various graphics and text within the guides, it would be great to be able to quickly make all layers more transparent with one key toggle so that I can easily see the underlying guides and line things up. Right now, I have to click on objects, click on transparency then use the slider to make more transparent. Then the same again to return to print look. Make sense? It's frustrating right now...maybe I'm just missing a key Indesign feature. Finally, I assume Publisher will include Pantone, spot colors and varied PDF output options including booklet creation? Would be great to have advanced imposition options including number of sheets per signature etc. to cater for simple small booklets (a la OS X create booklet service) to big thick manuals requiring 1 sheet per signature ( a la Cheap Imposter). Thanks!
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