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Found 221 results

  1. Hi! Is there any way to do a destructive crop in AD? Like if I have a bunch of vectors under a layer mask, could i "flatten" the mask to make the mask boundaries permanent in the vectors. This would also mean that any vectors that can't be seen due to the mask would be discarded.
  2. Ive noticed recently that when cropping in Photo Persona, in order to exit the crop tool one has to choose the Apply button, otherwise the crop dosnt take place. But when editing a raw image in Develop Persona, there is no 'Apply' button and all one needs to do is to choose another tool, such as the 'Move' tool, and the crop is finalised. Is this just one of those things that weren't planned well and I just have to get used to, or is there some rational behind this?
  3. Hi, I keep seeing this feature being discussed as a missing part of Affinity Photo. It is available in the Panoramic Options, but not in the Photo Persona. This feature is a real time saver, especially if you have numerous images to edit. Cropping the unused part of an image automatically after straightening. With an option to toggle it on or off and also, very importantly, to "Keep Aspect Ratio". Having to crop an image then manually move the the two corners, or the four Corners/Sides is a totally unnecessary step that the user shouldn't have to do. Photoshop has had this option for many years. In fact there's probably not a single time I haven't cropped an image and not wanted it to automatically remove the white space. Please Developers, can you add this feature? Thanks, Jay.
  4. Is there a way to convert a vector shape which is using the cropping tool, into an actual shape with the crop applied permanently and no longer using the crop tool, and without having to rasterize it? The motivation is that currently Android does not support the crop feature for vector graphics. Therefore, I’m unable to create specific shapes using the crop tool in Affinity, which limits how I can design vector graphics. Since the Affinity exported SVG file can contain cropping attributes, the Android Studio SVG importer will not fully import such files.
  5. Hello. In Affinity Photo, when I use the crop tool, there is no way top align the crop to the edge of my document, Which makes it easy to go overboard and end up with transparent parts in the image after the crop. See attachment for example. Would be glad if there will be an option to "lock" the crop within the document (or layer) boundries. Thanks! Netanel
  6. I have create a new document in AF by loading a 71 megabyte RGB/16 tiff file. Saving this to an afphoto file created a 71,5 megabyte afphoto file. It has a single layer. Then I heavily cropped the image to a small fraction of the original size. I made sure to right-click on the pixel layer and choose Rasterize to remove any leftover pixel area from the crop. Document -> Unclip canvas does not change my image. I saved the afphoto file again. I don't have history saving enabled. My expectation is the file size going way down to below 1 MB. But it is still 71,8 MB, even bigger than what I have started with. The remaining huge file size must be a bug.
  7. Hi guys, Is there a way to crop the whole document, similar to the Crop tool from Photoshop? The layer crop tool is really cool, but that simply ads (sort of) a mask to an object, which is really neat as an option. But can regular crop be done in Affinity, for a whole document? Thank you, Chris
  8. I often want to crop to a very specific ratio and size. Ratios are no longer a problem, as it's possible to set the ratio and create a preset, but often one wants to move the selected cropping window around the image being edited to make fine adjustments. Once Apply has been selected if the crop isn't quite optimal one has to go through the whole process again. It would be desirable to have a crop tool which: 1. Allows ratios to be set (OK tick) 2. allows the crop area to be increased/decreased in size under fine control (this is a UI area - maybe it's good enough for some people as it is ... but perhaps not for everyone) 3. allows the crop area to be moved around quickly - left right, up down without resetting the crop area and finally - and perhaps this is the most important 4. If the last crop didn't work out quite well, be able to quickly get back to the last crop window and modify it slightly. The way AP currently works, it's somewhat infuriating to get things almost right, then have to go through most of the process over and over to fine tune crops, as the undo last edit option rewinds the crop settings right back. Imagine an artist using a carboard cutout to get the crop area in a scene or painting. A palette of options would make this process much simpler - and surely it's not impossible to do this.
  9. Hi, When cropping a document, the pixel content removed is only hidden and not removed. One needs to click on rasterize on each pixel layer to actually remove the cropped pixels. This is already pretty painful, and not clear what to do with pixel layers with adjustment child layers when you would like to keep the child layer, but remove cropped image area. Rasterize also bakes in the adjustment. However Spare Channels do not even have the rasterize option, so if you had any Spare Channels before cropping they retain hidden but stored pixels outside of your canvas. One problem is that these continue to consume memory and file size, but I have encountered another issue as well, as described below: I had a sky with some electric wires to inpaint. I made a selection of the wires and saved to spare channel. I have cropped the image and rasterized the pixel layer. I returned to removing the wires by loading the spare channel to selection. This resulted in a selection partially outside of the canvas, which was not obvious at all, as the marching ants are only drawn inside of the canvas. When using inpaint with such a selection silly things happen, such as inpaint making the pixels transparent. I see three alternate solutions to make the working of cropping consistent: - Make crop have an option to remove the cropped content (preferred solution) - Have a separate function in menu to remove all content (pixel, masks, embedded mask and spare channel content) that was cropped earlier. - Have a context menu entry for spare channels to remove the cropped content (identical to rasterize for pixel layers)
  10. Hi, It's the first time I use Affinity Photo and I try to keep my cropping exactly inside the document borders, but despite the Snapping function activated it doesn't snap. Procedure I used: Resize a document to 1200 px width and want to crop 627 px height (Facebook post image size). The crop tool is covering the whole width of the document like supposed to and I move down with the crop, but can hardly stay in the proper position. What is the best setting for the Snapping in this case? What do I do wrong? Regards & Thanks, David
  11. I love how in AD you can crop anything you place on a layout. But in AP when you use the crop tool you only get the option to crop the whole document. Is there any way to do the AD crop in AP? thanks!
  12. Is it possible to open RAW files in Affinity Photo that have been developed/cropped in Lightroom with the crop/development applied so that there is no need to start again or will Affinity only open the original RAW file?
  13. Hello, after updating to AD 1.6 I have noticed that when I export the PDF file with crop marks, I can see in Adobe Acrobat Pro in Output preview strange "Pantone 7460 C" spot color. This color is not used anywhere in the document, it's just used in the crop marks and filename label. I would like to send the file to commercial printer, but they don't accept spot colors when printing in standard CMYK. Do you have any idea how to get rid of the spot color that is not used anywhere in the document and use standard black for crop marks? Thanks! Petr
  14. 99% of the time I use the same crop mode but each time I have to choose it from the drop down choices of pre-sets. How about it remembering last choice. Small change but will improve usability please. Many thanks for a great programme.
  15. When using "Export Selection" on an object that has been cropped, the exported image includes the cropped out space as blank space. Expected Result: The exported image should match how the selection looks in Affinity Designer and properly exclude the cropped out space. I have attached a .gif of reproduction steps and an image of the resulting export Edit: After posting I realize it is a little hard to see what is going on in CropExportText.png so to clear it up, there is the word "This" with a large amount of white space to it's right.
  16. In Develop Persona, after cropping and exiting back to 'View Tool' mode (cursor is now a hand shape), why is the 'Crop Tool' button still depressed on the left vertical tool bar?
  17. Hi, Can anybody tell me how to straighten an image (any tool similar to Lightroom) ? And how to crop an image preserving the ratio ? Thank you in advance.
  18. I have a few questions regarding images placed in an Affinity Designer file and the eventual resolution/file size: Is it best for eventual PDF file size to pre-crop images before placing them in my document? ie. does the PDF file still contain image data that falls beyond the edges of pages or masks? Does the AD crop tool achieve the above the same as pre-cropping would? How do I 'uncrop' an image? There doesn't seem to be an option for removing any crop I've applied to an image (beyond stretching the handles back out and trying to line up with the original image edges). I've noticed placing an image in my document and exporting to 'PDF for Export' without any alterations to the placed image results in a large file size (the original image DPI is maintained). However applying the crop tool (even a tiny amount) suddenly results in the image taking the DPI of the document (and bringing the file size right down). Is this intentional? Shaun
  19. Affinity Photo on Windows 10 will crash when creating a document 1px wide. Steps to recreate crash (works for me every time): 1) Open Affinity Photo 2) Select File > New 3) In the New Document dialogue box, accept the defaults, but change the document dimensions to 1px wide and 1080px high. 4) Click OK and AP will crash from tyhe desktop. I also have this problem when cropping any larger photo to a narrow 1px wide 1080px high. At first, AP will not be able to display the document at 100% zoom, it will look like there is no document open. Zoom in and it will appear. Play about with the zoom a few times and AP will crash. Please I need a fix for this soon as I often need to create tiny 1px wide images for use on a webpage that simply get repeated horixontally. Thanks
  20. Hi, after choosing a cropping ratio e.g. 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 etc. and cropping the image, the image size isn't excact according to the cropping ratio (usually 1 pixel more or less). This is really annoying, especially when exporting the image and I need exact ratio e.g. 800px:400px, but getting like 800px : 399,6px therefore after changing to 800px for one side. Please take care, Thank you! Indigo
  21. One thing I have noticed is if the image has been cropped before using NIK Silver FX Pro the uncropped image appears in the plugin but when the image returns to AP it is as cropped.
  22. I have files with lots of designs in them and need to use just one. I got the crop tool and drag it over the element I want and it selects all the parts of that element. I could not figure out how to make the crop tool give me only that element. I was able to control-x and cut it out and then paste it in another. But that didn't really do what I need in this instance. This time I need to have the actual dimensions match the item so I can turn it into an icon. I am used to crop tools cropping the image not just selecting. Help. Thanks Sig
  23. I opened a raw (dng) file taken on my Pentax k3 II about 18 months ago and when i started to work (develop) on it I noticed that Affinity photo had cropped both edges, significantly. I then tried some more recent images and they appeared to be OK. I then tried some images taken at the same time as the cropped one and cropping has also occurred. If I open the same files in Lightroom no cropping occurs. I've attached the file _ALA9287.DNG
  24. Hi, I am new in Affinity Photo: still in my trial period. But I like what I see. I develop my (Olympus Pen E-P5) raw files in DxO. I like DxO's colours and noise reduction. I am just scratching AP's surface. At this moment I am cropping my photo's to 10 by 15 cm; 300 DPI. May I be so bold to ask for some improvements? Crop I crop to 15 * 10 cm; mostly landscape. So Crop settings: 'Custom Ratio' 15 x 10 'Thirds Grid'. I made a Preset of that: (Automatic) name: 15 : 10 Improvement: Have AP remember the last used Crop Preset (e.g.: 15 : 10) Improvement: Also have the arrow keys move the crop area Improvement: Automatically Rotate the crop area for portrait (e.g.: 10 x 15) File > Export AP remembers the last exported document type (e.g. JPG or PNG) Improvement: Have AP remember the last used Print Size (e.g.: 15 x 10 cm in px) Improvement: Have AP remember the source directory (of File Open) and the target directory (of Export) General Improvement: Make a shortcut for opening the next (source) photo (Tab ?) Make a shortcut for opening the previous (source) photo (Backspace ?) Improvement: After importing a number of photos: present them sorted (oldest left). Ahhh... that would have saved me a lot of time! Great programme, though! Regards, peter
  25. Hi there, I just started with Affinity Photo on PC. I wanted to make a collage; I know how to place the individual images in a new document (canvas) with specific dimensions. When I add the images to the collage (they are screenshots from the desktop), I see the borders of the program I used to open the screen content in the first place, so I recut them already in Photo. When it comes to place these images into the new document (canvas) I created, somehow the borders appear again even though I made the recut. My most important question now is: how can I crop these images inside the document (again), as an image layer or after rasterisation of these? When I use the crop tool in the tool bar left, it would just let me crop the whole canvas, even if I selected the specific layer. And I don't want to use the eraser tool, just crop my selected image after pasting it in the collage-canvas. Thanks for your help!
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