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Found 221 results

  1. Hello, There's been a lengthy discussion about it already. But it's perhaps in the wrong channel? I hope it's ok that I brought it over to the Feature Request channel It would be great for productivity to have a crop to selection function. Thank you
  2. In Affinity Photo, is it possible to crop an image automatically, like GIMP's auto-crop feature? I'm editing screenshots of an application (see the attached) - I take these with OS X's screenshot feature, roughly dragging around the application window, then want to crop it to retain just the window - removing the dark grey bit in the attached example. The background's all the same colour. GIMP's auto-crop feature removes a same-colour border from an image. Does Affinity Photo having anything similar, or do I have to use the crop tool and select the application window by hand? Thanks.
  3. Just wondering if there is a tool in Affinity Photo to crop a photo to a circle shape.
  4. Hi - this may be fixed in 1.7 but in 1.6.7 there is undocumented behaviour displayed by the crop tool. Specifically, some ratios retain their proportions when resized, others don't as follows: Shipped: 1 : 1 - Y 5 : 7 - Y 8 : 10 - Y 6" x 4" - N 8.5" x 11" - N 1024px x 728px - N 16:9 - N Custom: 4 : 3 - Y 16 : 9 - N (note spacing alteration to match other menu items) 16:9 - N Frustratingly there is no way (that I can find) of constraining the 'N' items using keystroke additions. If I've missed something glaringly obvious here my apologies! Thanks - Nick
  5. Hi all. If I convert a file from RAW in Photo then use a plugin filter (NIK, Topaz etc) any crop I have added is lost. Even if I convert then crop in Photo the crop is still reset to the original proportions in the filter. See the screenshots for examples cos it's kinda hard to write about while listening to Pretty Fly (for a white guy) loud! Do others see this?
  6. Hi! Does anyone know how to create a Phi Grid (based on the Golden Ratio) overlay in Affinity Photo? (The Golden Ratio is divides the frame into sections resulting in a grid that is 1:0.618:1). I want to use that overlay for composition and cropping. I know we already have a Golden Spiral, but I like the Phi Grid for landscapes and other types of images. For more basic info on the Golden Ratio you can check this article, specifically for photography: https://www.apogeephoto.com/how-to-use-the-golden-ratio-to-improve-your-photography/ Thanks!
  7. Hi, I would love you to consider adding a Phi Grid as an additional option to the existing cropping overlays. As you probably know, it is based on the Golden Mean just like the Golden Spiral but I find it more useful than the later for landscapes and other types of images. Thanks for all the outstanding work you are doing!
  8. Each time the Crop Tool is selected, the Mode menu always opens with Unconstrained. If I am cropping a number of open photographs to, say, 6x4, I need to re-select the required ratio for each photograph. I would love to see a feature that allows the selected Crop Ratio to be remembered - each time another photograph is selected. I would also love to see the selected Crop Ratio to be remembered between each Affinity Photo session. Such a feature would significantly improve workflow when the same crop ratio is applied to a series of photographs.
  9. After using crop tool on 'main' view do cedrease width of the image 'new view' has been rotated upside down. Whed edited, new view was updated accordingly taking into accout its rotation. See animated git in attachment and saved Affinity Photo file. vnt_ico.afphoto
  10. The Place Image Tool is very handy but it lacks one essential thing: to be able to CROP the image by holding a modifier key, say ⌘-Shift I know this is possible with the Picture Image Tool but that is too much workaround
  11. I don't have time to search entire forums or the interwebs to see if someone else has ever suggested this feedback before. So I offer my apologies if my suggestions have already been covered. 1) Please can you provide a feedback function WITHIN the application it self. It's incredibly frustrating to have to use out dated methods of signing up to god-awful web-forums which just leads to nonconstructive replies of un-thought out opinions and arguments. It also allows you to correctly link feedback (and abuse) to the software license of the user and even categorise the feedback so you can easily see which areas are causing most concern to the user base. 2) Please can you fix the mouse icon when painting in masks in the develop mode. The standard OS mouse icon does not feel accurate to paint with. Also a nice to improve if possible: Painting often feels sluggish to see the red tint forming. If there is a way to make this feel more responsive without upgrading an existing 32GB RAM I7 processor machine, that would be lovely please. 3) Cropping in Develop mode is missing an "ok" or "finished" button. It's frustrating to be sitting back with my tablet, controlling everything then having reach over to the keyboard which I moved to one side, just to hit <enter>. I don't want to map the enter key to my tablet device as it's never used for anything else! if you simply put a button in the UI it will mean I can just move the mouse there and click! perhaps I've missed a trick that does what I want, but then that would mean it's not obvious and intuitive to the user. 4) Please update the flash function for uploading files on this forum. Who runs flash in 2017? Browsers auto block flash from running by default because it's nasty. 5) More of a question then a suggestion, but is there a way to rename the overlays in the Overlays tab in Develop mode? I have 3 gradient overlays, all with the same name! that's very confusing to simple minds like myself. 6) Although I generally hope you spend more time fine tuning what you have already developed, instead of just rushing out new features, it would be nice if there was an in-application function for browsing image files, with a nice big preview of the image and EXIF data, which you can then double click to open it in the develop mode. I don't think anyone wants all this "importing" and cataloguing rubbish which is very slow. But browsing files within Affinity with a UI that suits photographers that windows/macOS don't offer, would be a great win. Thanks for your time.
  12. First of all, you guys are amazing. Your programmers and designers have done an incredible job on building Affinity. Look like after 15 years of retouching in Photoshop I am finally going to switch because you have the tools I wanted Photoshop to have but never had, more humane and thoughtful approach to the overall design and much better performance. Now onto important requests. All these are not just vanity features but those that I came across using very often during my retouching works. - add an aspect ratio shortcut Alt or Ctrl to image cropping. I know you have a dropdown, but it doesn't help much. Choosing the right crop and composition is often a multistep process, adjusting it with an aspect ration, then correction a bit without it the on/off etc. It has to be easy to use shortcut to make it flexible. - Path blur. A complex feature, I know. something that blurs along a curve or several parallel or converging curves with adjustable speed setting on ends and along the curve. Very important for automotive photography retouching. - Same but an elliptic curve with multiple adjustable ellipses. - please add blending to dust and scratches. Right now the results are pretty rough just like in photoshop. Could be something similar to the healing algorithm, where the texture is taken from the surrounding areas, or at least some simple pixel blend to remove the rough edges and artifacts around the remove dust/scratches. - Basic metadata edit. Title, description, keywords, copyright. It's important to have it within the same software. I tried to use separate software for that but that makes it a two step process. Photoshop's metadata editor is fine but is missing spellchecking. Opening the GPS location with google maps in a browser would be handy too. Easy to implement I think. Please consider. - an option to have the layer on/off checkbox on left Thanks a lot. Keep up the great work. Will recommend you to all my colleagues. Alex
  13. Have been a loyal Photoshop fan since version 1, but now that I'm retired but active, the price is out of reach. In searching for alternative tools, found Affinity Photo and I love many aspects of it. HOWEVER, I've run into a couple of peculiarities that I cannot seem to work around. What I'm trying to do is create .png elements that I can combine as web elements to build up a composite image for customers to create their own version of my product. (Think, changing colors on a car image - sort of like that.) Problem is some of these elements are ovals of differing sizes that must come together concentrically on the website. So, I am attempting to use the crop tool to create transparent background .PNG files and it ain't working as (I think) it should. Here goes: 1. Cropping leaves a ghost line around the cropped area unless I find a way to make that area transparent first. 2. Using the crop preset - I create a crop area and save that as a preset. The area is in the center of the drawing. When I recall the preset, it is justified to the upper left corner. Getting it back to dead center is nearly impossible and my images never align. 3. Aside for the misalignment issue from #2, if I use the preset on two different .bmp images, then export them as .png, they do not retain the relative size - one is larger than it should be. Here are 3 bitmap images produced by my CAD. They are exactly the same size, 1387x983 px. The first one is an oval board with blue place holders for two overlay tracks, the 2nd and 3rd files. BTW, on the toolbar it says that all 3 are represented at 84 - shown here. So, I remove all but the tracks on the 2nd and 3rd files to create the overlays as .png files, attached. Then, when I "place" these two back onto the board graphic, it seems to work. Here's the problem. When I crop these 3, I must recenter the crop tool each time and cannot make it exact with my eye. The result is that the .png files I create for each is slightly on a different center and the overlays don't line up properly, as shown in Sample Board - Cherry with 2 tracks Thoughts? Sample Board - cherry.bmp Sample Inner Track.bmp Sample Outer Track Maple.bmp
  14. Newbie here. I notice that when I use the crop tool to straighten an image or remove parts of an image, it lists in the history the various steps that I have taken. For example, I perform the following using the crop tool, and the corresponding data is shown in the history. Change mode of crop (to 16:9) Constrain Crop Pan around Pan Crop Resize Resize Crop Rotate Rotate Crop etc. Then, when I click apply, all of that history is erased and replaced by "Raster Crop." It appears that only one action has been take on the image. Is it possible to undo each of the steps that make up that change. If I click Undo (or go back a step), I have to start from scratch. I would rather be able to back up a step or two, like to after I did the Pan Crop (in the above example), and then do the Resize and Rotate again. Thanks for your help.
  15. When I have rotated a shape - or whatever - I sometimes want to crop it in relation to the page but can't find a way of doing it. (Think of the scalpel blade going down or across the page rather than at the same angle as the object.) I can reset the selection box so I can manipulate the shape that way but it would be nice if I could reset the crop box in the same way. Consider the attached image: A. Draw a rectangle. B. Rotate it - the selection handles "follow" the shape. C. Press "Reset Selection Box" and the selection handles move to a box that surrounds the rectangle in the same orientation as the page rather than the rectangle. D. Use the Crop tool but I can't find a similar way to reset the crop tool - to the dotted red line - so I could, for instance, cut off a corner of the rectangle. Is there a function I don't know about or, if it's not currently possible, a way to reset the rotation of an object without actually rotating it back? I know I can put the rotated object inside an 'invisible' shape but then I can't easily move the 'crop'. I found a way of doing what I want by adding a small non-rotated object to the rotated object but this seems like a bit of a hack. These posts are similar to my situation but not quite the same: * https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/64166-feature-request-crop-by-bounding-box * https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/61346-crop-tool-problem This thread mentions up-coming improvements to the "vector crop tool" in the first post but doesn't give any details: * https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/52300-sneak-peeks-for-17
  16. I have a photo that I'm cropping to a 6:2 ratio which is fine. However when I move the crop tool vertically I can't figure out how to constrain it so it only moves vertically and not horizontally. I would expect holding shift while dragging would restrict movement to one direction only. What happens is that I move it vertically to where I want but inevitably I have shifted 1-2 pixels to the side and now have an white bar on the side after cropping. How can I do what I want?
  17. Hello, after converting from Illustrator to Designer, I am taking the next step now: Photoshop >> Photo! I found already most of the feature equivalents, but as I edit a lot of screen shots, I need an easy way to crop images based on a selection. In Adobe Photoshop I would select the part I need to crop with the selection Rectangular Marquee Tool and the I select Image: Crop. Searched the help system, I searched the forum, but did not find anything. And no, the crop tool does not help. Looking forward to getting help.
  18. The problem that occurs is the white balance box selection tool does not line up with the cursor - but is offset some distance away. The workflow that creates this issue is as follows: 1) open raw file 2) crop image 3) attempt to box select white balance tool. If I do not crop the image first, white balance selection tool works as expected.
  19. Hello Affinity. In the Panorama Persona we are given two extremely useful tools. Crop to Opaque and Inpaint Missing Areas. Please consider porting these options to all Crop/straighten tools. Thank you for a wonderful program!!! ps, if you visit this thread and agree with me, please give it a +1.
  20. I’m making a webtoon on an iPad and put texts on Affinity Photo. However, the length of my Webtoon is very long and I want to be able to cut the photo in to 3 so that it can fit the size requirements for Webtoon. I was doing this in Photoshop using the slice tool, but it would be REALLY cool if Affinity photo can do this as well! I know that it might be a very minor tool for most other users, but it would make Affinity Photo feel even more professional too! Thank for reading
  21. Dear team, sorry - I'm never really satisfied with crop tool (some apps worse, some better). 1. would be great if it snaps - I like to crop images from center not to destroy perspective that probably no one cares, sometime me neither, but when i wish center in center i like to do it perceise 2. same hotkey modifier to keep constrains like when you scale any object. Its pain to set it on top menu. 1&2 how to explain - i just see some rectangle (as crop tool) which would be nice to handle like rectangle object - scale from center, not from one side, keep proportion without resetting ratio and size, etc. 3. way to avoid empty canvas when rotated or moved - as an option. Like in apple's photos you can't do photo with empty corner.) 4. sorry for complaining I love this software so much!
  22. Question is in topic title. After image straightening there is transparent space near the borders. I tried clip canvas but it doesn't work. Is is possible to automatically trim the transparent pixels after straighten?
  23. Hi, Am new to AP and using the trial. My first stumbling block is cropping. I have pasted in an image to a layer but it has a border I want to remove. How can I do this using the cropping tool on just that layer? When I select the layer and the cropping tool I am seeing a grid but when I apply the crop it crops to the entire document not the layer. Many thanks TT
  24. This should be an easy one to fix :-) To reproduce: 1. stitch a panorama 2. before clicking "Apply", use the crop tool so that there are no missing areas 3. make sure the "Inpatient Missing Areas" button is selected 4. click "Apply" You will end up with a completely empty image! I tend to select the "Inpatient Missing Areas" button out of habit, even if I don't need it. Sadly, this has bitten me a couple times after 2-hour-long stitches (for super massive image generation). Once you know to look out for it, it's manageable, but it would probably be a SUPER easy check before inpainting.
  25. just a little useful request from my side would be for Photo: for the Crop-Tool to add a Mode -> Crop to selection if you have an active selection it would crop the image to the size of it. THX for reading and considering this for future updates!
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