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  1. When using the croptool, which I really like btw, there's only one small handle on each side. At the moment I'm using this crop tool a lot at work to crop rastergraphics of screenshots. For that I start zoomed out and work my way to higher detail by zooming in. During this proces I find myself looking for the crop handles a lot because often they are not on screen when zoomed in, so I need to grab-move the 'canvas' to search for the crop-handle. This handle is very small and in fact just a line, so it's easy to miss during this drag-move. Also while dragging, the edge and the handle aren'
  2. Please could you add golden ratio grid overlay into crop tool? I think it's much more useful than snail and thirds are... just thirds (somewhere on the photography blog was kind of discussion if artists really use that.)) Thanks a lot! Seems I have to switch into other software just to crop my pic (if i don't miss something).
  3. I like to change the measurements to inches when cropping in order to be able to size to a particular paper dimensions. This is not possible in the as the dimensions are limited to pixel (greyed out) However when I am in the Hand tool, changing the dimension type is easy. Any help with this issue would be great. I am running the new update Affinity Photo v 1.4
  4. When I use the crop tool in photo 1.8.4, and only cropping one side, it adds the amount I am cropping to the opposite side. I have done this repeatedly on separate files. I have even rasterized and trimmed the photo and it still happens. I am on macOS Catalina 10.15.5.
  5. I just uploaded all three products for windows 10. Never had an issue with Affinity until today. When I try to resample an image with the crop tool and I change the units from pixels to millimeters the values remains the same of pixels and do not update to the new unit. Thank You
  6. Hi, I've had a good search but haven't found an answer to a problem I am having. Hopefully someone can shed a bit of light on it. If you rotate an image using the 'Crop tool' when you then use the 'Mesh Warp Tool' or 'Perspective Tool' the warp grid and mesh have also been rotated by the same amount. Is there a way of rotating the warp mesh/grid separately to the image? Attached image shows an example. Thanks in advance
  7. 1. Is there a way to crop the document/canvas/artboard to the exact rectangular area of the selected objects? In photoshop, you could cmd+click on the layer's thumbnail to select the entire object in the layer, then press C to switch to crop tool, and it automatically fits the crop area to the selection, so you get the minimum canvas size that fits the object. How do you achieve this in AD? While it's able to cmd+click on a layer to select the objects, I can't figure out a way to do the cropping for the canvas other than adjusting the document size with numbers. 2. when exporting,
  8. Is it possible to set the cropping area on an image by dragging the cursor across rather than being limited to grabbing the nodes on the crop box?
  9. Hello again! Unless I'm missing this somewhere, but giving us the ability to crop the entire document and not just layers. Thanks!
  10. Custom defined & imported categories are grayed out and cannot be deleted !!
  11. Hi Would it be possible for the crop tool to remember the last used crop ratio. I always use 'original ratio' and I have to keep reselecting that on every new photo. I see that you now have 'darken border' pre-selected and that is good. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
  12. I've noticed an annoying bug in Affinity Designer when using the 'Replace Image' button. To replicate the issue, simply select the image in the bottom right of the attached document and choose 'Replace Image' from the top tool bar (beside the image size information). You can replace it with any image you like, it doesn't matter. Then click undo (CTRL + Z) and you'll see that the original crop on the image has changed, with no way to get it back! Surely the undo command should revert the document back in its entirety, but this crop change seems un-undoable (new word for it!). Image
  13. Hello Peoples ! Just want to know if it is possible to do a content aware crop or/and content aware fill with Affinity. if No ! did someone achieve something similar using one of the available tools ? Please share if you succeeded with this so can learn and apply. in case of 100% then it would be a great functionality to add. Blessings !
  14. It seems I am unable to delete crop presets in Affinity Photo 1.6.7. Clicking on 'Delete Preset' simply doesn't do anything... Is this something that other users have experienced and is there a known way around this bug?
  15. Could we please have the ability to nudge the crop tool with the arrow keys? 1) Open image in APhoto 2) Select Crop tool 3) Create custom ratio eg. 16 x 9 4) try to nudge the selection up or down using the keyboard Nothing happens What I would like to see: The crop selection will nudge the crop selection by 1 pixel increments and when the shift key is held down it nudges by 10 pixel increments BTW the move crop still doesn't become active unless the crop selection is dragged out, using the context toolbar stops the crop from being movable unless the image off from the crop
  16. Hi, Try to horizontal align a PNG transparent image with the crop tool, but as soon as I click save the image flips back in the previous position. How do I achieve this in AP? Regards & Thanks, David
  17. Hi. Crop Tool Presets still don't work in v. 188.
  18. Affinity Photo Crop Tool Question: I watched a tutorial on how to use the crop tool and then followed the steps, but my results are different. I've attached a screen capture that shows a file that I just cropped. I clicked on the cropped image so that you could see the blue border and handles. They show the size of the original image, rather than the size of the cropped image as it is now. The borders and handles SHOULD be around the cropped image with no extra space at the top. I've searched for an answer and come up empty handed. Can anyone tell me how to do this right? I'm new to Affinity
  19. Hello there, I've just started up AP with HS and the side bar left is not at all the same -- did a reset -- and things like the crop tool don't have the straighten option available... are there any default settings to get this all back? Thank you very much, Andrée
  20. Hi, since the most recent update a couple of months ago, I found that the crop tool can be selected, but I cannot actually crop or straighten (the corner points cannot be moved). Also if I choose a brush tool it will only work one brush width at a time. so I can click to get one circle the size of the brush to work but I cannot drag to cover a larger area. I have tried several of the brushes with the same outcome. Thank you for any advice
  21. Hi, There doesn't appear to be a way to constrain the axis of the Crop tool to move it horizontally or vertically. This is very important if you wish the Crop Tool to align to the edges of the image, it is not possible to line it up by eye, especially a large image. Can we have SHIFT or the CTRL key to snap the crop too to an axis as we move, or perhaps an auto-snap to edges toggle please? Thanks, Jay.
  22. I recently purchased Affinity Designer (1.6.0) and am on a Macbook Pro (10.11.6) and find the context menu for the Crop Tool is completely missing. I've searched this forum and tried several suggestions (re-set the defaults; used Ctrl key on start-up; opened the photo/file prior to Affinity launch), but no fix. If there is a fix I haven't found, can someone please point me to it? I'd very much appreciate assistance as I'm in dire need of using the crop function!
  23. Hi when I select an area with the crop tool and then move that selection around, it will not stop at the borders of an image, which leads to white areas at the image side after croping. Is there a way to stop the moving at the image borders, like e.g. in Lightroom?
  24. Hello. In Affinity Photo, when I use the crop tool, there is no way top align the crop to the edge of my document, Which makes it easy to go overboard and end up with transparent parts in the image after the crop. See attachment for example. Would be glad if there will be an option to "lock" the crop within the document (or layer) boundries. Thanks! Netanel
  25. OK, I've searched the forums, google sends me to tutorial videos, watched the crop tutorials (all) maybe half dozen times and still confused. I cannot make the crop tool work. After clicking on crop tool then selecting straighten, I wind up with a crop box. No idea how??? Then I can't get rid of the box. Urgh. After I set a crop box, I can never get the box to change size and constrain proportions. Of all the tools in this application the crop tool is the only one that causes me grief. To correct my problems I have to close out of the image, re-open it and start all over again. I'm fast approa
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