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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I have the following problem with Affinity Publisher 1.10. The app is not opening old Publisher files from 2019 on my Windows PC. I think they are 1.8 files. There are no problems with more recent files from 2020. New documents that have been created can also be opened. The programme crashes without an error message. Does anyone have similar problems? Can anyone help me? Greetings from Saxony. Mario Oberländer. Hier noch einmal in deutsch: Hallo. Ich habe mit dem Affinity Publisher 1.10 folgendes Problem. Die App öffnet auf meinen Windows-PC alte Publisher-Dateien aus dem Jahr 2019 nicht mehr. Ich glaube, es handelt sich um 1.8-Dateien. Bei jüngeren Dateien aus dem Jahr 2020 gibt es keine Probleme. Neu angelegte Dokumente lassen sich ebenfalls öffnen. Das Programm stürzt ohne Fehlermeldung ab. Hat jemand ähnliche Probleme? Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen? Grüße aus Sachsen. Mario Oberländer.
  2. Hi ! Designer and Publisher Crashs when trying to convert a Table to curves. The table in question (a nutrimental table for a product) was made on Publisher and pasted on Designer, I tried to convert in curves cause a client want all the archive like that and that's when I saw the issue. Affinity Publisher 1.10.0 Affinity Designer 1.10.0 on a M1 Mac
  3. I just upgrade the Designer to 1.0.9 on mi IPad IOS 14.4 Yesterday the app wasn’t able to open some .eps files and crushed some times trying to do it. Today I tried to open the document from yesterday and said "Loading Failed" after trying everything I gave up and started all over again. The app crashed again and then failed to open the new document. I read I must save everything, but I can’t do it every 5 minutes. thanks for the help
  4. I have a deadline tonight but Publisher keeps crashing. Always when I try to save but also occasionally (on auto save?) not sure. file previously worked and saving / modifying worked fine
  5. I am a new user of Affinity products (photo, designer, publisher) running on latest version of windows 10 pro. My system has 32GB of memory and running intel i7-5930K. My windows program SSD disk has 346GB of free space and my photo image data disk has 1.13TB of free space. I can start the Affinity Photo program with no problem but when i load 3 photos to stitch together as a new panorama the program loads the photos and shows the resulting pano thumbnail - but when i click the "OK" button the Affinity program just disappears; apparently a total crash! I can start the Affinity program again and it seems to run fine but when i retrace my previous actions to make a pano...load the three photos and then press OK - crash - again. Following the Affinity Photo crash I can then load Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop - complete any type or group of commands and no issues...they run flawlessly but Affinity Photo - nearly any action - sometimes just asking Affinity to load an existing photo crashes the program - no warning - no error messages - the program just disappears. I need some help to resolve this issue. Affinity seams to be a good program but hard to tell at this point...can't do anything.
  6. Hi affinity photo often crashes on iPad with random tasks, one that ha-pens every time is when I choose multiple raw images from iPhoto’s and try to focus stack them. How it goes is 1. Open affinity photo 2. Click new document with focus stack 3. Select raw images to stack from photos 4. Apply.......shows processing .....then.....crash... no matter how many times u try and no matter how many files u choose even if it’s just 3 files it won’t work. it’s really sad that this happens... also u need to make some way for being able to manually adjust focus stack after its done. In the past once u focus stack the images it shows as just one image in affinity photo. It’ll be great if it comes as layers and then we can manually make adjustments if required..the AI in affinity is not the smartest...😊 FullSizeRender.mov
  7. Hi there, PDF export (default) crashes again and again. I don't have the time to change any option, it crashes immediately. Even after a reboot. Export on JPG or PSD are ok. A3 page created with 1.7.0 (afdesign file is 55,3Mo). I've tried with a smaller file created with the previous 1.6.4 and the PDF export went ok (all options by default). I went back to the "A3 file" and it crashes during the export, when I confirmed the destination... Thanks!
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