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Found 56 results

  1. ms.fuentecilla

    Run as administrator

    Hello, have encountered a strange problem. Due probably to the MS Win 10 security update I now need sometimes to use Run as Adminstrator for Affinity Photo (to export into some folders for which I can't change rights). I recall in the early days that when using the 'Open with' dialogue on files AP crashed. Using it under administrator rights - which I do anyway for my pc in general - it crashes just so. Opening the same files from the AP Files dialogue does not cause this problem when using 'Run as ... ' Crash reports were generated but there was an internet crash here!
  2. Tiago Barbs


    Hi there? I just downloaded AP through recommendation and am loving it so far except that everytime I try to save an image straight to my camera roll on my iPad the app crashes and does not save it. What should I do?
  3. Every time I try to open a document or photo in the latest version of Affinity Photo (1.6.5) it CRAHES. I got the app a few days ago but I can't use it. If this crash isn't fixed in the next few updates, this app definetly wasn't worth $30. The language thing doesn't work, it still crashes. IMG_1588.MOV
  4. Working on a scanned hand painted gouache picture A4 size 300 dpi. Using 6 layers. Two of them text layers. Nothing extreme. Was going to show my partner the design, zoomed in a bit, moved the design using the mouse and the space key when the crash came. Just like that! I had not saved for a couple of minutes. I had to redo the last changes. Not much work, but irritating ... Will ask my partner to step over to my desk later to have a look, hoping it does not crash again. Sometimes I miss Photoshop. I never had any crashes there. Too many crashes in Affinity Photo now, to many ... random crashes ... To many ...
  5. Hi Folks, I am new to the tech world and not that savvy, I downloaded Affinity Designer on my work computer, and after getting it all set up and restarting the computer the first time I clicked on the Launcher the Affinity Start up screen starts up for about 1.5 seconds and then immediately disappears. No error code, no explanation just there and then gone. I haven't found any good answers for this in the forms yet so I am posting this plea for help and ideas.
  6. Henry Stahle

    Affinity Photo crashes

    I use Affinity Photo (and Designer) for illustrating an app for Android and iOS. My pictures are 2730 x 1536 px at 300 dpi. Not very big. Sometimes the layers are, not many, but quite a few. I try to keep the number down by merging as soon as it is OK to do so. I always backup by having *.afdesign / *.afphoto and *.psd files of the same document. Just to be safe. Before Affinity I used Photoshop CC and never had any crash. Yesterday Affinity Photo crashed on me several times. I sent the reports to Serif explaining what I was doing. As I see it, the crashes came just randomly, not that I was doing the same thing all the times the crash happend. I am on a little old computer running Win10 home 64/bit, having Intel Core i5 3450 @ 3.10GHz, quad core, 16384 MBytes RAM and Intel HD Graphics. Never had any problems with that until now. I am suspicious about my specs on the integrated graphics card / processor. Can it be the cause of the crashes, maybe? I noticed the behaviour of Affinity Photo on the blending mode "Multiply" going dim, like semi-transparent hazy looking instead the normal behaviour. That is maybe a signal of something going wrong in the graphics thing inside my machine. I restarted it twice. All problems were gone after the restart, until next crash... How demanding and relying on the graphics processor is Affinity Photo? Is it possible that my soon 6 years old computer lacks what it takes to run properly?
  7. I have have recently updated to 1.6.6 version. I often import 10+ photo, raw format from Sony A7. Affinity is super slow while doing this. It's too slow to even switch between photos, let alone post-process them. My laptop is Core i7, SSD, 16GB of RAM. I would figure that it should be enough memory to handle 10 files. Please advice!
  8. Hello friends: Running Affinity Designer with a file (attached) that includes a half tone psd file with transparent areas. When exporting to a print pdf, Designer (and Photo) crashes immediately with the notification: "An Unhandeled Exception has occurred.... Crash reporter will be displayed. Code: DxC0000005. Following that, another note displays saying: "Cannot start the Crash Reporter." When the grayscale photoshop image is removed, the problem ceases. My work around was to export as an EPS which is just fine for my purposes. disc2-25frutoEsp.afdesign
  9. I know you guys are working hard to get the bugs ironed out for the 1.6, but is there any chance of releasing smaller updates?? I love the software, but its starting to be a hinderance at work...i mean it crashes 70% of the time when moving artboards around(mostly i've noticed when moving them far apart or very fast to be precise). It's these smaller silly little things which i think many users are having an issue with. Sketch for example does a great job of releasing updates n fixes often.
  10. Yesterday I noticed that when battery is charging, Affinity Photo works very very bad, I have crashes very often, very long waiting time for save a file, including crashing while it was saving, I had a corrupted file once (I noticed that was corrupted because I didn't can open it and instead open the project the software turned to a black screen and close) and even once I had to do a forced reboot of iOS. For work better I had to cut the images for working them by parts and export very often for opened them again with a clean History. And even in this way, it crashed very very often. I know that when iPad is charging it doesn't work very well, but that low performance is exaggerated in Affinity Photo. I was working in a 2015 iPad Pro 12.9", with an image of 6000x4000, but even with 3000x2000 I had some problems too. Now that I'm not charging the iPad, the software works relatively well, just crashed twice when I was using the inpainting brush, but no more, no big problems and corrupted files. Regards! Sergi
  11. I've been using Affinity Photo for two weeks on a 2017 12.9 iPad pro with Pencil running iOS 10.3.2. I have drawn a CMYK image with three layers and all was going swimmingly until yesterday, when with the majority of the image drawn, Affinity began to suddenly close without saving any recent changes. I updated to the latest version of Affinity Photo last night but the issue still persists. In an attempt to pre-empt the crashes I tried saving regularly by going back to the gallery. After several attempts, with Affinity closing as soon as I pressed the home button, it became clear that it was the act of saving that was causing the crash and closure. The crashing is immediate and no changes are saved. Please offer some suggestions because I've been enjoying using Affinity, but this is driving me crazy.
  12. Neshiah474

    App Crashes

    I have been trying to paint in AP IOS and experience the app crashing every five minutes or so which results in the loss of all progress. Procreate have a feature which saves whenever the app crashes so that one doesn't lose progress.
  13. Hi, I am having an issue with Macros. I record a Macro, then when I go to add to Library, AP crashes. Would it be possible to shed some light on this for me? Many Thanks
  14. Hi All - Working in Affinity Designer and have been having many problems with moving objects around. This has never happened before and it is driving me crazy and slowing me up. Once I draw something and then select it to move it or scale it or copy it, I keep getting the spinning beach ball wheel. Once it finally stops, nothing has happened - no move, no scale, not copy. Sometimes I am able to get the object to move - but it moves to a place I was not aiming for. If I use arrow keys to move an object, it does work just fine, but.... I am working on macOS Sierra version: 10.12.4 processor: 2.3 GHz IntelCore i7 memory: 16 GB graphic: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB Affinity Designer 1.5.5 I will attach my file. Let me know if I am missing something - like a setting adjustment. I'm only asking because this has not happened before and I have never had this problem while I am working with Adobe Illustrator. Many Thanks! Mario - 176 Heydar Aliya Center.afdesign
  15. Hi All, I am currently experiencing a crashing problem with Affinity Designer. The program unexpectedly freezes and crashes when the CMD + V (Paste) is used. This problem occurs when you go to copy something using CMD + C (Copy) then followed by CMD + V (Paste). This still occurs no matter how much you are trying to copy and paste and its keeps happening continuely regardless if the program or computer restarts. This happens 90% of the time. Having this annoying bug fixed would be great
  16. With certain files, Affinity Photo can crash when stitching Panorama's. To reproduce, use the following steps: 1) Go to Google Maps and take two screenshots (Windows Key + PrtScn), in order to create a wider map 2) In Affinity Photo, go to File > New Panorama 3) Add the two PNG screenshots and then click 'Stitch Panorama' 4) Affinity Photo crashes and an error message is displayed (An Unhandled Exception has occurred, Code: 0x80004003) If between Step 1 and Step 2 you add the following steps, no crash occurs: 1.1) Open the two screenshots 1.2) Let Affinity photo assign an sRGB colour profile 1.3) Crop them so that just the map imagery is showing (although I don't think this bit is the cause) 1.4) Save the images Source Images: Windows 10 - 14393.693 Affinity Photo -
  17. Hi All, I am currently experiencing a crashing problem with Affinity Designer. The program unexpectedly freezes and crashes when the CMD + V (Paste) is used. This problem occurs when you go to copy something using CMD + C (Copy) then followed by CMD + V (Paste). This still occurs no matter how much you are trying to copy and paste and its keeps happening continuely regardless if the program or computer restarts. This happens 90% of the time. Having this annoying bug fixed would be great
  18. Curious as to whether anyone can help with this problem. I have just downloaded the 10 day free trial for Mac, installed and then opened the program. I then attempt to open a RAW file from my FujiFilm X-Pro 2, and the program instantly crashes or goes to a non-responding state, then I have to force quit. I'm running OS X El Capitan on an iMac Retina 5K. Many thanks, James
  19. Well, I have used Serif products for many years and, until now, been very satisfied. But Affinity Photo is giving me problems and I'm thinking of reverting to PhotoPlus. I have a decently specified laptop running Windows 10 64 bit. My complaints are first that it is very slow to boot up, second and most important, it is unstable and all too often I'm working on a picture and suddenly get the "not responding" message. I have noticed that one of the first indications that the program has stuck is that the crop icon is "faded out". Another thing which may just be a coincidence is that landscape photos seem to be more likely to freeze than, for example, pictures of people. Anybody else have these problems?
  20. 1. When i press ctrl+c to copy with a lasso selection active, no matter what you do it copies the entire layer. It should copy just the contents within the selection lasso. (Photo) Is there a way to do a lasso selection and then do > copy select to layer? This is one of the most common actions used in Photoshop. 2. When I attempt to fill a layer it doesn't do anything? (Photo) video link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ay10mllt0tfw77a/BrokenFill.mp4?dl=0 3. It appears i can not set the brush color without it automatically adjusting the color of my entire image....why is this? It appears broken and rather serious in my opinion. (Photo) 4. If i open multiple files by dragging and dropping them into Photo and then try to eye-drop a color it crashes the program. video link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sulm3lc7qr7vwig/eyedropper_crash.mp4?dl=0 DOWNLOAD the videos from my dropbox for high quality.
  21. Hello, Just installed AP on my PC, Windows 10, 64bit, 16GB memory. Tried to load a bunch of images and it crushed. BTW is there a way to move between images in AP or you can work only on image at the time? How do you do batch processing then? I didn't get free macros either. Thank you!
  22. Why I am in the affinity designer to view or scroll to select the font will be particularly slow. Prior to this, my computer installed 7000 + fonts, has removed the 1000 +, but the situation still did not improve, why not do a search font function? Just type the name of the font in the font display. In addition, the Chinese font can not display the Chinese name, only show the English name, this point when you can improve it? Translated from Google.
  23. Can I get the last version of affinity photo that worked on mac 10.8.5 please !!! 1.5 versions period does not work I can't open raw files with out it constantly crashing it's totally unsuable for me now ! I only have 10.8.5 still because of other apps that no longer support the newer OS and I can't move forward yet can I please just get that last version again please! Nothing was wrong with the last version either I just updated because it said it was compatible and every update has been awesome but this last update is not for me and I cannot edit .cr2 files or .dng files anymore. Give me the last working 1.4 version please and thank you.
  24. I am using Affinity photo version 1.4.3. I can see Particleshop plugin in the filters toolbar. Unfortunately, Affinity photo crashes every time I tried to click Filters/plugins/painter/Particleshop. I have attached a screenshot of my setup. Can someone tell me if my setup is correct? Does anyone have any luck with Particleshop plugins?
  25. Hi - I am using Affinity Photo on a MacMini 2012 with El Capitan. Every time I hit the yellow minimize button my Mac crashes and logs me out. This makes the program virtually unusable. I have to constantly close it.

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