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Found 4 results

  1. Affinity Designer crashes when I open my recent documents or create new ones, and fails to open with saved preferences. Crash log attached. macOS 10.14 (Mojave) on MacBook Pro 9,1 Core i7 nVidia 650M. Additionally, running it causes fans to go bonkers. Affinity Designer 1.9 is OK. Problem Report for Affinity Designer - crash.txt
  2. My apologies, I think posted this issue in another area by mistake... but my issue still continues and hope you can help me resolve it. I'm on a mac desktop using macOS Catalina 10.15.6, I'm able to open Publisher but when I try to open my file it crashes and closes the program after it asks me to link the missing images. The last task I did before this issue started happening was to copy paste the grouped layers from another file into the master pages of this file that now won't open. It was a printing guide that was mostly made of images from Lulu. The crash report says: Crashed Thread: 3 Dispatch queue: com.apple.root.utility-qos Is there anything that can be done to sort this out? 😕
  3. Seems others have been having this issue. I have also experienced this in the past. Update to newest version (today) did not fix it. Brand new build computer, installed 2 weeks ago as part of build and worked fine. Then suddenly it started again. Have followed all previous fixes suggested and have updated all significant drivers (mainly video) and it still happens. Being that this is a very new PC, there is minimal content installed and there has been zero file installs in the last week - ie Publisher and Designer functioned properly since last install of any other applications for at least 1 week. This seems to be a recurring issue and leads to question the stability of the applications.
  4. Hello Jon At the request of pmwjournals I am moving this to a new thread. Publisher is still crashing when I try to open existing files. Did the crash reports provide helpful information? I have tried opening other existing files, some of them quite small, and Publisher still crashes immediately. (For photos I have CS6 to fall back on, so I downloaded and installed v 1.8 of Affinity Photo. I have opened a couple of very large images in it and have had no problems at all, so that is good!) Trevor Jon I downloaded the resaved file and clicked on the Windows notification to open it, which launched Publisher and opened the document, with all pages now being blank. From within Publisher I then tried to open the resaved file (without closing the blank page version), which resulted in an immediate crash. I relaunched Publisher and with no other file open tried to open the resaved file, which again resulted in an immediate crash. Thank you for your assistance. I have to go out shortly, but will be back later. Trevor e1bb67ba-bd73-4161-a1f1-d4138a0db689.dmp 32f66fb7-f2e0-4b45-9e52-c0e223b727c3.dmp 051177cd-0c6c-4d01-a0ac-12c9496d6dd7.dmp de8b5d3f-acb5-4e18-903a-5765210b8941.dmp
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