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  1. Affinity photo crashes immediately on clicking “new layer” , “new layer with mask” or any of its sub categories from selections. eg: Selecting sky and adding a new layer with mask from selection crashes the software. It has to be reopened. And the entire work till then is lost.
  2. I updated to 2.1.1 today. It launched upon completion, and I created a file and then closed the program. Everything was working fine. Then an hour later, I tried opening it again, and it immediately closes and disappears after opening. I dont click, it just, closes instantly. I tried clearing user data doing the hold Ctrl trick. I reinstalled, I reverted to 2.0.0 and even 2.0.0 will not open. Immediately closes upon opening in the exact same way. This program is an important piece of my job, I need a patch asap or I will have to reinstall v1 Edit: Turns out now Publisher and Photo will also now not open. Updating to 2.1.1 completely broke the entire suite.
  3. I place an image in a file (new or in-progress) and one of 2 things happens: 1. The file crashes and designer closes 2. I close the file to save it in small increments, and designer closes. Either way, when I open designer again, the placed photo appears in the files gallery. BUT when I open the file, the placed .jpg isn’t there.
  4. Hello. I hope you are enjoying your day so far. I am having an issue that I hope you can help me with. I have Affinity Designer on my new laptop. I can open Affinity Designer but when I go to a new document and hit create, the program closes. I can not use the program at all. It is very frustrating to say the least. I am using Windows 10 Pro. The Hardware Acceleration is not enabled and it still crashes. Attached is one of the most recent crash reports. Please assist in resolving this issue. Thank you 92e413f8-2fa5-4803-96b1-df8fc4f5b5f4.dmp
  5. Hello. I bought and installed the "Affinity v2" suite, and I'm almost satisfied with it, except for a problem with the software crashing when I try to open a file. I'm on macOS 10.15.7 and, when I do: "Right click" > "Open with..." > "Affinity Designer 2" / "Affinity Publisher 2" / "Affinity Photo 2" on a file (PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, etc.), the software open before crashing immediately. Now when I open "Affinity Designer 2", "Affinity Publisher 2" or "Affinity Photo 2" directly, sometimes it works fine and I can open my file, sometimes it crashes immediately (regardless of the file type I tries to open). I was therefore forced to reinstall versions 1 of "Affinity" (which work without any problems) in order to be able to launch my software. Do you have a solution to solve this problem? Do you need the crash reports generated by macOS? Awaiting your reply. Best regards.
  6. Hi, My first time creating a topic on this forum, please excuse any errors / oversights. Today I encountered this error on Affinity Designer on Windows 10. I had 6 artboards in a file. I created slices and exported jpegs and closed the file. Later on when modifications were done to some of the artboards and ready for exporting slices again, the file kept on crashing when the slices panel was opened. On searching the forums for similar issues reported by others, I came across this (and other similar) thread(s):- I think this issue was addressed earlier, but has resurfaced in this version. I updated Affinity Designer to last Saturday (19th Sept 2020) from the earlier version 1.8.4.x. Since my workflow (almost always) involves creating multiple artboards and exporting slices I can say with confidence that I have never encountered this issue earlier, i.e. since Nov 2019 when I began using Affinity Designer. In the meanwhile, I copied the artwork to a new file and refrained from creating slices. The new file has been behaving OK. Please let me know if you require additional inputs from me.
  7. Several problems have come in the last few days. I'll mention all in case this helps diagnose: 1. I have been going back and forth between Publisher and Photo, so this may have something to do with it/them crashing several times in the last 3 days (or so). Anyone else have this happening? 2. I was trying to export from Publisher to a .jpg and it messaged me that that file format is not supported! 3. May not be related, but also today found when I used the pen to create a text box, the outline of the confining line was printing! I can't make it disappear! 4. This may well be unrelated, but I created an image including an area with a fully transparent background, and when it was exported to .jpg, the background showed up as very light yellow. When I printed it letting the printer manage the color, the problem went away. Edition Windows 10 Home Version 21H2 Installed on ‎9/‎17/‎2020 OS build 19044.2130 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0 Device name DESKTOP-1S4QFTT Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz Installed RAM 16.0 GB Manufacturer: DELL Product ID 00325-96097-23713-AAOEM System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display The attached images demonstrate the message about not exporting to .jpg and the yellowish background in the picture which is set into a publisher file.
  8. Hello, I recently purchased your software as all the videos showed how well it works for astrophotography. I was particularly impressed with how fast your stacking process was in your videos. However, each time I use your Astrophotography Stacking process, once I hit stack the whole programme just crashes. I left the programme alone for over an hour. Not even Deep Sky Stacker takes that long. This is deeply disappointing and contrasting to what your videos demonstrate. My laptop has a i7 quad core processor too so it's not exactly slow or lacking power. Please can you provide me with support on this issue? I have attached a screenshot here (using my phone as I can't grab a screenshot due to your programme crashing every time).
  9. My Affinity Publisher continually crashes when trying to export my files to PDF for print ready artwork. I have cleared data, reset my program, deleted and downloaded again, but am still having issues with exporting to PDF. All my fonts are transformed into curves and my fonts are preset fonts found in the program. This issue is making it impossible to work with Affinity and I was hoping to Make Affinity my go to program but not with these crashes. I added screen shots of the crash report as well as the most current file have been working on. JOHANSON 12x10x4_INSIDE_CC.afpub
  10. So.. since the last days Affinity is crashing more and more and today I couldnt do a single thing with it. Stuff where it already crashed: - Trying to drag something from the intern assets onto the canvas - Trying to redownload/relink the library because of that - Random crasheds when working in the program - Browsing and opening the settings - crashing while trying to acces the file browser - crashing after reopening a file - crashing when in the file browser edit: now the whole assets library is gone even the stuff I added myself....... Absolutely unuasble
  11. Affinity Photo version (Windows, from Affinity Store) Windows Version Windows 10 (Pro) version 20H2 Issue Forgive me if this bug already has been reported. As a new user coming from GIMP I wanted to bind the "Select Sampled Color" tool to "Shift+O". When using the shortcut, in a document with colored pixels, Affinity Photo just shuts down immediately. I tried changing the shortcut to other combinations as well, eg. "Shift+I", "Ctrl+Q" and "Ctrl+W", with the same result. I didn't try that many shortcut combinations, but I believe the bug affects enough keybinds to be relevant. If you have any further questions feel free to reply.
  12. I really like Affinity Photo (AP) most of the time; HOWEVER, the super slow loading/processing of RAW files is a real bummer. Maybe this doesn't apply to Canon and Nikon RAW format BUT loading Sony RX10 III/IV and A7R II RAW files is a show-stopper. In fact it is so slow I've gone back to preprocessing RAW files to TIF format in Lightroom then loading the TIF files to AP. The result is a saving of 15-30 minutes for 10+/- RAW files!! Lightroom, Photoshop and OnOne load RAW files almost instantaneously. What is Affinity Photo doing that causes it to essentially stall!? Crashes: The above process (RAW processing) is also one of most common causes of crashes in Affinity Photo, i.e.: no error messages, AP simply goes away! Environment: Lenovo YOGA 910 Windows 10 Pro i7 CPU 16GB RAM 1TB SSD
  13. Affinity Photo crashes when stock photos tab are being used. Using Unsplash images cause the program to close.
  14. The further I get into the is project the more issues appear. My book is in three sections. All text, no graphics. The first is about 20 pages and is all single column type. I opted to control the type using paragraphs to save the grid manager for the second section. The second section will be about 350 pages, has 3 (unequal) text columns on the left hand page that mirrors 3 text columns on the right, using gridlines so entries line up across the 6 columns. Of course, turning on the gridlines screwed up the first section. I can turn off the grid in each text box, no big deal, but then if I make any changes to the text the program crashes, if not when I am editing then when I go to File - save. So I am not able to save the changes. The third section will have primarily two columns per page and I was not going to use the grid manger for it. Looking ahead, and seeing these problems developing, I was wondering if I should be doing three different books and then merge them to produce one pdf file (for Ingram) when they are all done. Have seen that is an option but do not know how practical it would be. Any suggestions? I am also going to roll back the latest update to see if that brought on the crashing.. Thank you.
  15. Hey there, I just registered myself to share my problem. I have red similar cases in which the app crashes after seconds, without a particular reason. I live in Germany/Berlin and currently study architecture. I use affinity both on my MacBook Pro as well as on my Ipad Pro. But for some reason the App continually crashes after using the same document for more than an hour. It only takes seconds for the crash, not giving me the option to save. When I try to exit the document the App crashes. It is quite tiring having to work a long shift even further extended, because it takes at least twenty attempts to save one line. But I now realized through a different post, disconnecting the Apple Pencil is a solution for not having the app crash. So I now can work again, after hours of trying, but only using my fingers. The same occurs using affinity photo. It has occurred to me different times. Sometimes I can use the pencil and than out o nowhere the app continues to crash when I try to work on my document. I really like working with affinity, but this is really annoying and time consuming. For now I will continue using my fingers, but it would be great if someone has a solution for me on how to use my pencil again. Thanks
  16. Hello Fantasy Flight Games has released a template for their Genesys line of Roleplaying Games here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/284422/Genesys-Foundry-Graphic-Design-Templates Included there is a .zip file containing all the fonts required for their template and a .idml version of the template. After installing all the fonts I've tried opening the file on two different computers in two different locations and the same happens, Affinity Publisher immediately crashes with no explanation when opening the file (i.e. Genesys Foundry Template v3.5.idml). This is happening with Affinity Publisher version I've attached the .idml file here but am hesitant about doing the same for the .zip file containing the fonts as I don't know how they're licensed. Best regards Genesys_Foundry_Template_v3.5.idml
  17. Until this morning Affinity Photo has worked just fine for over a year,however today, it crashes whenever I try to save a file. It seems to be so corrupted I can no longer work with it. It is also running more slowly than normal. I am running it on a Mac Pro OS 10.7.5 as I am unable to upgrade to more recent OS systems due to the age of my computer which is no longer supported by Apple. I have already run Disc Repair, the disc is OK and I also repaired the permissions but to no avail. It still crashes. I think the problem might be solved if I trash a preferences file but there are four of them. Question….Can I trash them all or is there one in particular I should trash ? I don't want to make the situation worse by trashing a wrong one. Or as a secondary solution…..should I just do a reinstall which means having to go through the App Store again and that is always a pain ? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks Limey
  18. Hi all, New user here... running Windows 10 on desktop PC. Affinity Publisher v I've been using Publisher for about a week, first on the free trial version, then purchased it a couple of days ago. Having been frustrated trying to get Word to jump through hoops on a book project, I though it was time to invest in a decent DTP and liked the look of Publisher. I imported the file from a PDF (couldn't figure out how to import a Word doc directly), so images were imported along with the text. Everything imported pretty well, although there are some odd line breaks, which are easy to fix, and some lines with only two or three words exhibiting extreme justification - I've found it easier to replace the entire paragraph in those cases. (I'm not convinced that this is a Publisher issue, it probably results from the PDF conversion.) Everything was going pretty well until last evening. I'd been working on the project all day with no trouble, then came back to it after a Zoom conference all (I only mention this in case it has relevance), whereupon the program started crashing to desktop (CTD) frequently. The first time, I had been trying to figure out how to caption an image and place that within a text block (I'm still struggling with this). Then, I changed the font size in my page headers and numbers and tried to save - again, CTD. I can reproduce this regularly with my working file, but things seem OK on a new file. There were a few other seemingly random CTD incidents when I was working on the document, where it would CTD without warning.
  19. It seems that dragging a symbol into a clone of itself is possible when it's a nested symbol (a symbol inside a symbol). This leads to a crash Drag the child symbol of one of the symbols to be the sibling (drop it underneath) of the parent's clone's child (the clone of itself in the other parent). Crash Bug 2.afdesign
  20. Thie mornig I opened my Suite to continue a job due monday morning. After a couple of minutes editing in Publisher, on "save" the app turns off, leaving (fortunately) the file unaltered. I tried several times, with and without admin privileges, But no way. Every time I try to save, the App crashes fatally. I changed to my backup machine, with a previous version installed. Same drama. So it must be the file. Special page format? This happens to be a pesky failure under production conditions, probably will be busting my deadline. (still got 16 hours to get this done.) Any ideas? (file attached). I LOVE the suite, this is my first ever FATAL accident. Regards, Mathias Flowpack_Grundseite_1_Kg.afpub
  21. A group containing 2 objects with erase blend mode, changing/hovering over some of the blend mode options for only one of them will cause designer to crash Select one of the circles in the group. Try to change the blend mode to "normal". It does work to change them both to something like "normal", and then change one of them back to erase. But changing one of them when both of them are erase will crash. Crash Bug.afdesign
  22. Sorry Serif, but you have a problem. I originally switched to Affinity because the software I was using (not Adobe) kept crashing. I was therefore delighted to have a programme that just did it's job. Of late however, Affinity is a pain to use. It started when I noticed that refreshing the display was slow and obvious then becoming blocky (grey squares). It has now degenerated to dark images in Develop and then closing in Develop or after progressing to Photo. I've read all the posts on this Blog and tried all the suggestions, pressing Ctrl when opening Affinity, uninstalling graphics card driver, changing driver from Studio to Game Ready, re-installing latest Affinity update, etc., etc. I've turned Tones and Exposure on and off in Develop Asst, and ensured I'm running RGB and it's 'managed. What I've noticed of late is that, since doing the Ctrl-open app, the opening splash screen appears every time that I open Affinity, even if I uncheck the box. I've also noticed that selecting the 'Tones' & 'Exposure Bias' in the Develop Assistant do not appear to make any difference. And, if I do get as far as 'Photo' the image from 'Develop' darkens after a few seconds and then Affinity closes down. Set up is W10, Intel i58600, NVidia 1050Ti, 32GBDDR4 running latest Affinity. All other photo processing software are running perfectly.
  23. I have installed the latest release - 1.8.3 on windows and everything seems OK until I click on the space bar when adding text which completely closes publisher. There is a solution under the "resolved published bugs" folder saying to navigate to %appdata%\Affinity\Publisher\ and rename the 1.0 folder to 1.0 backup, then relaunch the app, but it did not allow me to rename the folder. It says this will be fixed on the next release, but this was published in October 2019, so it doesn't seem to be fixed. Has anyone got a solution to this? I will work on an older software until this is resolved.
  24. I’m on a relatively recent ipad and latest OS. What gives? Is there a fix in the works or can I get my $$ back?
  25. just fired this up for the first time and it won’t display a photo from photos. Crashes,
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