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  1. Dear Affinity Team, As the title reads: Affinity Designer keeps crashing randomly with only Discord running in the background and nothing else. I create a document, insert a sketch and then begin to outline using shapes and the Pen tool; as I progress throughout building the sketch into vector outlines the application crashes without warning. The file has two images of the sketches and few vector outlines plus any guidelines I've placed. The Artboard size is 2560 x 720 and I've reset all settings by opening the app using CNTRL click and selecting all and resetting. This has been happen
  2. All the affinity applications are crashing it does not open, I click on an affinity application, it loads the square screen that always comes out and then closes without doing anything, I thought it was my computer and it wasn't, I thought it was my AMD Driver they were not, restart the applications, nothing, uninstall it and install it again and nothing, I read in the affinity forums that it said to change the name of the application folder "1.0" that's the name of the folder, but it doesn't work, another one is created folder with the same name. I have bought it in the Microsoft store and I
  3. Hi, I'm trying to edit some .ARW but whenever I zoom in or out on the image (before developing it), the AP crashes. I don't remeber having this problem with the previous version of the software. I tryed closing every other software but it doesn't seems to be a lack of RAM. UPDATE: it happens also with .CR2 and even after developing the image.
  4. MacOS 10.10.5 Affinity Publisher 1.9.3 Lots of people learned to put two spaces after the period of a sentence. My boss takes this to an extreme and sometimes puts 3, 4, even as many as 6 spaces between his sentences. (Must be a visual thing for him or something.) He doesn't care because he knows everything goes through me first to have it edited, corrected, and typeset for finished documents. First thing I do with my boss' documents is search and replace all double spaces to single spaces (and I run the search several times until no more double spaces are found.) So I'm trying to
  5. It is these brushes in particular. https://gumroad.com/l/yFKMw There doesn't appear to be anything different about them from normal photoshop brushes that can work just fine with Affinity. Normally when I install anything of substance it might cause Affinity to freeze for a second before starting to work again. When I go to install these it just freezes permanently. I've given it up to four hours to start working again, but it always results in crashing instead. And I do say Affinity because I have tried installing the brushes on all three platforms with the same results. I have tried dra
  6. The pinned FAQ was recently updated to say: I'm sorry to have to say "Oh no it isn't!" And since I'm briefly in unseasonable panto mode, let's add: (Bugs?) "They're behind you!" #ahem Photo, Designer (both Mac App Store) and Publisher (Affinity Store) - each the latest v1.9.2 production releases - are still crashing when searching for a keyword in Unsplash stock. This is on my Mac mini M1 running the current version of Big Sur. Searches in Pexels and Pixabay are functioning as expected. Repeatable steps in all three apps: launch app create new blank docu
  7. Hello, I recently purchased your software as all the videos showed how well it works for astrophotography. I was particularly impressed with how fast your stacking process was in your videos. However, each time I use your Astrophotography Stacking process, once I hit stack the whole programme just crashes. I left the programme alone for over an hour. Not even Deep Sky Stacker takes that long. This is deeply disappointing and contrasting to what your videos demonstrate. My laptop has a i7 quad core processor too so it's not exactly slow or lacking power. Please can you provi
  8. Hi, this happens on 1.9.1 and also 1.9.2. I have 13 JPGs (Created by Capture One) each from 6-10MB. I open Photo and create a new stack with auto alignment. No matter whether I have live alignment set or not, the program crashes before showing anything. It creates crash dump files. This is on a Quad I7 Lenovo x1 Yoga with 16GB of RAM, 620GPU and the March Windows updates applied. This happens when OpenCL acceleration is activated. It does not happen when OpenCL acceleration is deactivated. cheers afx
  9. Affinity publisher consistently crashes when opening specific IDML files created from InDesign. (Both exported directly from InDesign and using IDMarkz app. Crash report attached Affinity Publisher Crash Report.pdf
  10. When trying to save my file on Windows 10 (last affinity version 1.9.2), the program says that saving has failed because it has no access to the file any more. Really strange, since I am in the opened file while trying to save it. I have to close Affinity Publisher, open it again, write 1 word, save, close the program, open it again, write another word, etc. - everything that goes beyond 1 word will simply crash the program. What can I do to fix this? Everything worked quite well for 1 month, but since 1 week it keeps crashing on all kinds of different activities. Occasionally it says that it
  11. Hi everyone, When i activate Hardwre Acceleration, when i create a new empty canevas everytime Affinity crash. retouching a photo randomly affinity crash. my version My video card : Nvidia Geforce GTX1660 TI 9.73 Go free on C:\ executing the following report made it crash. attachment_Log.txt 80a96e18-5c2a-491a-aa02-d9c9facf3dcf.dmp
  12. Immediately after updating to Aff. Publisher 1.9 it refuses to open the export dialogue and crashes (program shuts down completely) when I choose File -> Export. All very time wasting and such a headache! I need to send PDFs to printer!! iMac 21.5" (late 2015) quad-core intel i5, 16gb ram, Iris pro 6200 graphics. Things I've tried: I have updated to latest Big Sur (11.2) and any other updates. This problem began BEFORE updating to Big Sur, and the system update is part of my attempts to solve the issue with Publisher. If I create a new document from a template it opens
  13. Windows 10 All updates installed Affinity photo version 1.9.2 Zenbook UX482 with latest drivers Affinity crashes while drawing with pencil tool. Happens often like three times in hour. Just simple sketching nothing more. If affinity dumps logs during crash please inform me where I will add them to post.
  14. Hi folks, I found a bug that's consistent and 100% repeatable at my end: any time I attempt to rearrange swatches within a custom swatch set (palette? mix? not sure the term, but a custom swatch collection similar to the default Greys, Gradients, Crayons etc.) the program immediately crashes. This was a glitch in the previous build, and after updating today to 1.9.3 the issue remains. For the record, I am using the Designer.app interface within Publisher.app, but I can confirm the issue arises in the standalone Designer.app too. I'm running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7. I have to say, I'v
  15. Hi. My entire Affinity Suite (Photo, Designer, Publisher) stopped working: Every time I try to create a new document, open one or try to import/open a picture, ... , it does nothing. And if you try to do anything else while importing/opening, it shows "not responding" and then crashes. And even if you don't do anything, after a few minutes it shows "not responding" and then crashes. Tried reinstalling, deactivating Hardware-Acceleration, etc. Maybe someone can help me with my problem. Thanks in advance! My Setup: Win 10 Pro (20H2) i7-4790k RTX 3060 ti 16 gb ddr3 ram (bo
  16. Hello! I had this problem at least twice now, and want to report it. When using the brush repeatedly, while having pen pressure on, affinity designer freezes and crashes, after a few quick brush strokes. I tried it without the pen pressure and it works fine without it, i think. Only setting I have changes i that I disabled Windows Ink inside of Affinity Designer and on my tablet. I don't have any issues with pen pressure on Affinity Photo, so I personally think the vector brush tool in Affinity Designer with pressure sensitivity ON is just bugged. Hope you can reproduce
  17. Photo crashes when selecting a layer before showing the layer selection dialog with Japanese UI. (Seems to be ok with English UI) Step to reproduce: 1. start recording a macro. 2. create a pixel layer. 3. duplicate it multiple times with Cmd+J 4. select a layer.
  18. Affinity photo crashes when I make a artboard or import an image. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if it was one of my file but that didn't help. The only thing I was doing rezently was installing a lot of photo mangers which might be the reason for the crashing.
  19. Bonjour, Blocage total d'Affinity Photo. Affinity : PC : DELL Inspiron 3671 / Core i3-9100 / 3.60 GHz / RAM 16 Go Système : Windows 10 Famille, version 19041.867 Après un fonctionnement normal, j'ai voulu faire une Fusion HDR. Affinity c'est bloqué, obligé de l'arrêter par une "fin de tâche". Depuis après avoir désinstallé, nettoyé le registre, arrêté le PC, redémarré le PC et réinstallé Affinity; le problème est toujours présent. Impossible d'ouvrir un fichier. Quand on veux ouvrir un fichier, il reste bloqué avec le message en haut à
  20. Affinity Photo 1.9.2 is crashing worse than 1.9 for me. On Windows 10, newer laptop with 16gb ram It either crashes before I can open a tif, NEF, even jpeg. Or it will crash within a few minutes. I hope there are repairs coming. Maybe it would be easier to go back to 1.8 which worked perfectly for several years for me Windows is up to date graphics driver is up to date "Enable OpenCL compute acceleration" box is not checked
  21. Hi! When using the dodging tool with a JPG of about 100 kb size, Affinity Photo (Lates final as well as Beta) crashes when trying to dodge a wide area, if dodging only a small area step by step the programm did not crash. Its a windows 10 laptop with all updates, having 16 GB RAM, a NVidia 350MX grafic card inside. As said the image itself is a very small one with only 100 kb.
  22. Are you using the latest release version? Yes: 1.9.2 Can you reproduce it? Yes: File -> New Astrophotography stack -> Click on "Bad Pixel Tool " -> Select "Reset" from Top toolbar Does it happen for a new document? If not do you have a document you can share that shows the problem? Yes, happens for new document. If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include most of the following: What is your operating system and version (Windows 10, OSX Mojave, iOS 12 etc)? MacOS Big S
  23. I updated to 1.9.2 today. I have frozen 3 times and then there is this... Any idea what's going on?
  24. Hi folks, Photo keeps crashing when I load 16bit Tiff images into the new astro staple function of v1.9 (the app just closes itself). 8bit Tiffs seem to work fine. System is a MPBr 13 2014 running macOS 10.13. Anyone else experiencing this? Best, Johannes
  25. I got problem with Affinity - all software (Photo / Designer / Publisher) won't open. Windows 10 / Surface Pro 7 I tryed disable CL, but can't find that XML (I'm newbie on Windows).
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