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Found 18 results

  1. I have a Canon EOS R8 and am having a problem. When I try and preview the .cr3 raw files on my Mac which is running iOS Ventura 13.3.1 affinity nor Mac will show me a preview of the the photo. Instead it only shows me the affinity file icon. This makes it near impossible for me to know which photo I want to edit without opening each photo up separately in affinity photo. Affinity photo does open the .cr3 file, however I am opening them blind and do not know which photo I'm opening since I can't preview them. I am using V2.
  2. Dear, I'm a big fan of Affinity Photo. I've just purchased a new camera, the Canon R5. Currently using it with the Canon Mount Adaptor to shoot raw (cr3) files with my EF-S lens 17-55 2.8. The camera is automatically setting it to crop mode (1.6), because of this. Photo's look ok in DPP from Canon. The raw development in Affinity Photo is wrong and not usuable... just can't use affinity photo anymore :-( Easily reproducable, just open a CR3 raw file taken with the R5, mounted with the adapter and the EF-S lens 17-55 2.8. Not sure, but most likely it is true for other EF-S lenses as well (just don't have any other to test). See attachments: - originally produced CR3 file - the same photo, but JPEG straight out of the R5 - screenshot the result in Affinity Phot after opening the CR3 2N5A0060.CR3
  3. I recently got Canon 90D, which produces CR3 files. I've had Affinity Photo for over a year now, but never worked on any raw files. So when I began working on CR3 files I was surprised how slow performance was. When I mean slow, I mean I wouldn't be able to see changes I make for 30-60 seconds. Sometimes longer. Everything takes extremely long. Not only the raw editor is slow, but after I develop the image regular activities in Photo are extremely slow. Sometimes trying to sharpen images I wonder if I made changes or not. Everything is sluggish and slow. So I finally got fed up with it and got a sample DNG file online, about 40 MB. From the moment I opened it everything was fast and changes almost instant. Nothing was as slow as what I've been experiencing with CR3 files. Even after developing image, all Photo activities are fast. I used Adobe's DNG converter app and converted my CR3 files to DNG. And what do you know, everything works fast. Much faster than CR3 files, 20x faster. Here's what I got: - Photo - Windows 10 x64 - Intel core i7-8665U CPU @ 190 GHz, 2112 Mhz, 4 cores, 8 logical processors - 48 GB ram - Intel UHD Graphics 620 - Nvidia Quadro P520 I've tried using both built-in Intel GPU and Nvidia GPU as renderers, no change in performance. Both had slow performance editing CR3. I'm including CR3 file and a converted DNG file for comparison. Would appreciate some feedback. For now, I'll probably start converting CR3s to DNGs. IMG_0871.CR3 IMG_0871.dng
  4. I just started shooting RAW (CR3) with a new camera (Canon 90D) and noticed some artifacts when developing from the Develop persona. The images are large (32 MP), so occasionally it takes half a second for the changes to propagate to the image. For example, I will modify the shadows/highlights and for half a second the image will scan (or pixelate) as the changes are applied. Sometimes when I do this I notice large, slightly discolored squares as if the effect wasn't completely applied. For an image of this size, the squares are probably around 500px to 1000px on each side. I can fix it by modifying the slider again, but when I actually press "Develop", the squares usually return. On one image I was able to remove it, but on another it had 3-4 of these discolored squares so I had to reopen it to make the changes in the Develop persona again. My graphics card is always up-to-date and I'm also using the latest version of Affinity Photo.
  5. I was hoping that the latest version would resolve the issue with processing CR3 files but sadly not. When I attempt to open a CR3 file I get bounced out of Affinity Photo
  6. Hello, My files are located on a QNAP NAS. When I chose „open from cloud“ or „import from cloud“, I get an transparent document (see attached file). Any other files, even the .CR3s form My EOS R, open or import correctly an can be edited. When I first copy the R5 files from the NAS to a folder on my iPad, they open correctly and can be edited. Best regards, BigVood
  7. Hi all, I have the above version of Photo installed on my Windows 10 laptop but I still cannot open the CR3 file. Am I missing anything here? Cheers, Tung
  8. Hi Team, I have recently updated my DSLR Camera to the new Canon M50, this camera uses a new RAW file, CR3 files. Please can you update me and other users as to when Affinity Photo will support this file format? No pressure, but Adobe has now updated PS to include this new files format.
  9. I'm having problems opening Canon CR3 files from Canon R5 on MAC, although the files open the RAW picture is displayed in a very insipid contrast and colour. I have the Canon Digital Professional 4 software which has no problems. Luminar 4 has the same issues. Can anyone help? thank you 0K6A0161.CR3
  10. It seems that support for the Canon CR3 format is a long time coming as the first camera with native CR3 images was the EOS M50 and was released on 26 February ... As it is now September is there any likelihood we will see native RAW support for CR3 images soon? This is the new Canon format and will be in all new cameras.
  11. 3Y8A0347.CR3I am running an iPad Mini 5 that I just bought and the latest version of Affinity Photo that I also just bought. iPad has all updates as does photo as I never had and older version. I have also tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Crashes occur randomly and often to the point the software is completely unusable. It doesn’t seem to matter what tools I am using crashes occur using tools, changing tools, pinching and zooming, scrolling, saving, adjusting exposure. I think the only thing I haven’t seen crash is using “Smart Selection Brush Tool” It has crashed on every CR3 file I have thrown at it.
  12. I need to download an update that will allow me to edit these CR3 raw files. I have read the notes that are here but no direction as to what to click to obtain the extension update.
  13. Hi - I'm in the process of switching from Windows to Mac and shoot on an EOS R, which I don't think is yet supported in the stable release. Mac's have raw conversion built in, and I know Affinity can use that feature. How is the conversion with the OS converters compared to the ones that are released with Affinity? Thanks!
  14. When I try to import a .CR3 file from my Canon 90D to Affinity Photo for iPad, I get the following error ... "Failed to open file .... The file type is not supported". Any ideas on the solution and/or work around until this is supported?? Cheers
  15. Hi do you have an update on when affinity photo on windows will be able to open cr3 files seen as more and more cameras are starting to use this format
  16. Currently I've got to convert my CR3 files to DNG before I can edit them in Affinity Photo. This is really inconvenient, I'd love to edit CR3 directly in Affinity Photo!
  17. When will Affinity Photo be able to read the new Canon CR3 raw format?
  18. When have you a release to support CR3 and CCR3 from Canon with geotags informations. Here is picture with geotag. My Best reds IMG_1413.CR3
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