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Found 18 results

  1. In Publisher 2.0.x, it was possible to copy or cut an inline image together with a paragraph and then paste them elsewhere. Unfortunately, this stopped working in version 2.1. If you try doing the same now, the application only copies the text to the clipboard, not the inline image. It doesn’t matter if you use paragraph styles or not. Workaround Cut or copy the image without the text. Paste the image elsewhere. Go back and do the same, but now with the text. Steps to reproduce: Create a new document in Publisher 2.1 Add a text frame. Place the cursor in this frame to import an inline image. Import the image (File > Place…). I used a vector graphic from Designer 2.0.x. Type some text under the image. Select both the image and the text. Press cmd-c to copy (or cmd-x to cut) both items. You can’t paste both because the image is not on the clipboard. I’m using macOS 12.6.5 and the latest Affinity Publisher (2.1).
  2. I make a vector graphic in Designer and want to use it in my Publisher layout. I copy it. No paste option in Publisher. Can I not paste it in Publisher? Is there a decent workflow here? Do I have to export as PDF or SVG and re-import into Publisher? 🥵
  3. Is there a way to directly copy an object or objects from Affinity Designer Ipad to Affinity Photo Ipad? I can open exported documents but would like to know if there is a direct method? Thank you, Jack
  4. I am working on a scanned pdf document, which is much easier to add in Publisher than in Acrobat Pro (which I used to recognise text from the scan), but if I want to get rid of certain pieces of text from a text frame (e.g. the titles on a text page) I cannot easily copy and paste it back in its original position. 2022-12-03 20-22-40.mp4
  5. Hello all let me just start with stating I am not a pro, but a 20 year long user of photoshop. Now using aff photo on my new iPad Pro, I LOVE IT !!!! sure it is not as powerful and maybe complete as ps on the Mac, and yes I find the menu structure “different” 😄 but I love it big time had no problems getting the hang of the program at all !, keep up the good work I do have a few request 1 could the copy / paste and duplicate layer menu be moved to the menu bar on the right side, that is the place where you do all your layer stuff like adding etc. Feel more intuitive there than on the left 2 could “snapping” get an quick off/ on switch On screen (or the possibility to place one if you so want to) in stead of this constant (for me I switch off and on a lot) going in to the settings menu that Is provided and back 3 I would love if the symmetry tool could get more axis like up to to 24 or 36. And while we are on the subject of the symmetry tool : the way you all implemented this ,,,,,,,, just brilliant !!!!!!!!!! Eat your heart out adobe again keep up the good work cheers mitchell 44y NL
  6. I am having difficulty with copy and paste in Publisher. Sometimes I want to copy something to somewhere several pages away, but no matter what I do, when I paste, the object is pasted in the same position I am copying it from, which means that I have to spend a long time dragging the new object to where I want it to be. Is there a way to paste instantly near the target location?
  7. 1. make symbol 2. make symbol float with text 3. copy text with symbol 4. create new document 5. try to paste it to new document 6. publisher will crush
  8. Hello guys, So happy with my Affinity photo experience for drawing my comics, except while working - and since it's new to me - I mistakenly start to draw on the wrong layer*, and when I try to cut that part and paste it into the correct layer I do the following: in the current layer I select the part I wish to transfer ctrl + x I choose the layer I'm wishing to have this part on instead ctrl + v and what I get is a new layer with this part and the same name as the layer I cut the part from, and then I have to merge and it's really quite frustrating is there any parameter I can adjust to solve that? am I doing anything wrong? *side note: I don't know how I suddenly move from one layer to another without realizing! I'm in my desired layer and all of the sudden I'm on another layer with already half of what I've done in there! I must be doing something stupid somehow 😅 any ideas
  9. Select the rectangles group Copy (ctrl+v) Select the circles group paste-style (from the edit menu Ctl+shft+V) Nothing happens. I think the style is transferred but it is not refreshing or something. The dash info is there and the color is there but doesn't update on the screen. BrokenPasteStyleOnGroups.afdesign
  10. Hi there, My question is simple: How to import my written content into Publisher? I write my content in Paper by Dropbox (similar to Google Docs). So in order to import that content into Publisher, can I: 1) Copy / paste content directly into a New Page? In this case, if the content needs more than 1 page (usually), the pages are multiplied automatically, as in Word? Also, when you copy/paste, the original format is honored, including URL links and images? 2) Exporting original content to PDF - then importing that PDF in Publisher? In this case, the original format, URL links and images are imported as appeared in the PDF? I just want to know what is the preferred way to import our content inside Publisher. Thanks in advance ...
  11. Is there a way to copy paste nodes from a compound object? I have outlined text that copying the nodes of a letter and using it somewhere else is not working.
  12. Hi all, i'm a photo editing newbie (i just learn as much as need to accomplish the task I want lol) I have a photo that I'd like to use for my youtube channel banner, but youtube auto crops the edges quite severely, and the photo subjects take up a lot of the area of the photo, so they get cropped right out. I was wondering if it would be possible to copy and paste the edges to make the photo larger, basically adding more area around the subjects on all sides. It might not work at all and I'll definitely have to to do some massaging and editing. How would I go about this? I can select and copy/paste a region, but I can't figure out how to increase the size of the photo to drag the copied areas outside of the original photo. I've linked to the photo for reference. https://app.box.com/s/36yd20jo992dul2167q9z6jdmq8c863s Is this a losing endeavor? Even so, how would I try it? Thanks! Geoff
  13. Hello I just noticed that I copy something from document A to B and this something change size when I paste it. Both documents are of the same size. Am I doing something wrong? Some option that I need to change or something? Thanks (affinity windows)
  14. Why is it not possible to make a selection using the marquee tool and copy and paste that area to a new pixel layer with alpha surround that new object? //EDIT: is it only possible on a pixel layer?
  15. Is there a way to copy contents with copy/paste, and in the same location? How about making a duplicate of an artboard?
  16. In Photoshop I would create a blank new white background then open another image and copy that image (Control-C) and put on top of the new white background by using Control-L. I would be able to move the pasted image around inside the white background. Now when I paste an image inside the blank white background using (Control-Alt-V) the image is pasted inside but does not show up. Yes, I see the pasted image inside my layers tab but I can not view it. I also want to be able to move that pasted image around in the white background. Any help is appreciated. Yes I'm am reading the help file as well. Thanks
  17. Hello! I really love how Affinity Designer is dealing with stuff that Illustrator couldn't resolve in so many time... but I have to confess that I still missing some features: Is there a way to activate a "Preview" at the Pen tool while you are working with it? Besides it helps to "predict" how the curve will become before you click on the next node, it gives a response for the user who knows that something is actually happening at the next click he/she's going to do. The other one is the "Shape builder Tool" that basically does dinamically "Add/Substract/Intersect/Divide/Combine" within the same tool. This is so handy when you are illustrating that something you make with 5 clicks for example you can abbreviate on 2. And the last but not least thing I really miss: "Paste in back" o "Paste in front" as a simple shortcut. What I do now is copy/cut something, click on the icon "Insert at the top of the layer" and Ctrl/V but this is a task that can be abbreviated on one simple Ctrol+F, for example. One thing I love is the "Paste inside" and how it works with the shapes, this is a really powerful tool that I like the most. I know the idea is not to copy every tool/way that Illustrator has but I think this tools I have mentioned do magic with the productivity. Thanks and this is an amazing software! Looking fordward to switch definitely from Illustrator.
  18. Consider to change the actual behaviour of pasting object in a way that when someone copies an object and hit paste it will paste the object under the cursor unlike now when the new object is mostly pasted over the copied one. First it helps on larger/large projects, basically anytime where you wanna simply copy and paste object from one place to the other, plus it helps in selection. I do not see any reason why the pasted object should lay over the original one.. nobody wants it there, the original one is there already.. plus there is a function for copying and object over the original one (something like "copy in place") anyway Super+J (Duplicate)
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