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Found 9 results

  1. I create text and a text contour with the contour tool. Since I have to move them together, I create a group for those 2 text layers. When I move the group, I see glitches in the contour. Ungroup the 2 layers, create a compound with the 2 layers and you see more glitches.
  2. Just trying out Contour Tool and the things you can do with it. Fill from StuartRc Camouflages and Dinosaur Styles https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/497645654/ Around 3.30 in the video they explain how to do it.
  3. In addition to the existing bugs in the contour tool and expand stroke, visual artefacts also appear! S_curve_example_BUG_contour_tool.afdesign S_curve_example_BUG_expand_stroke.afdesign S_curve_example.afdesign S_curve_example_BUG_contour_tool.mp4 S_curve_example_BUG_expand_stroke.mp4
  4. I use the Pen Tool to draw a curve. I duplicate the curve and adjust it using the Contour Tool. I duplicate the edited curve, and use the Layer\Convert to Curves menu to convert it back to a curve. These are completely different shapes/curves, and yet in the Layers Panel they all name exactly the same. Would it not be possible to name a curve that is modified with the Contour Tool, for example, "Contour"? This would greatly improve and clarify the orientation in the Layer Panel, because otherwise it is difficult to determine how the curve/shape actually was created and with what (which Tool) it can be modified. Thank you
  5. Has anyone ever experienced something like this? I can't find the fill and stroke in the contour tool, I've gone to affinity.help but can't find the answer. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thank you.
  6. See video attached. When I apply the contour tool it creates a weird broken contour that I am not sure is supposed to be like that. Is there maybe a way I can avoid this? Also, I hardly can work with it as it freezes the app and I have to restart it. Thanks. Contourartifact.mp4
  7. Grouping items where a contour has been applied breaks when dragging the group....... Create artistic text. Duplicate. Contour top item to be smaller. Add stroke to top item Group. If one then selects the two items within the group and drags, they move correctly [lower part of image]. If one selects the group as a whole, [upper part of image] and drags, the drawing parts move differently, as if the scaling of the contour is affecting the movement? Windows 10 Ryzen5/Radeon Designer 1.9 regards Gareth
  8. Hello there, the picture says it all, I guess, but just for clarity: there seems to be a hard coded Mitre limit in the Contour tool and there are situations where it needs to be adjusted. These are plain vertices, no funky extra ones underneath, yet the obtuse corner is behaving as expected but the acute angle leaves no choice but to either alter the geometry or switch to Illustrator’s Offset tool, where it can be adjusted. Please make AD even greater, thanks! Best regards, Matt
  9. Hi Do you know what the lead time is for something like the contour tool to be taken from beta to final product? Thanks
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