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Found 19 results

  1. Contour Clone with ALT not working Is there something wrong with THE CONTOUR TOOL? It says holding down ALT will clone it , it doesn't? Thank you Gary
  2. Hey guy, I have a shape with no fill and I want the stroke to be shape. So I use "Expand Stroke". The issue is that when I do this AD doesn't directly convert the stroke as it is but cuts off a corner. Look at the screenshots. Maybe you can give me hint why this is happening. EDIT: Maybe I should say, that the strokes are aligned to the inside of the shape
  3. I would love to see a contour / offset option. On some shapes you can make a smaller version of the same (see rectangle) for an offset outline, but for the letter R, and other shapes, making a scaled down version would not work. (let me know if I am missing this option)
  4. I’ve had a bit of an experiment with it on curves and shapes but can’t seem to get it to make a difference whether it is on or off? (I did a bit of searching in the forums but started to get frustrated with how the search works.)
  5. Bonjour à tous lorsqu'on applique des contraintes sur des objets d'un groupe, cela provoque le rognage des contours des objets (voir capture). Cordialement. ***** Hello to all when constraints are applied to objects in a group, this causes the object contours to be trimmed (see capture). Cordially.
  6. Hi ... first of all --- i love using AD! But now i am stucked :( i want to use a contour - which shall look like a stitched seam - and substrate it from the main curve - which is a heart. So the background will "go through" - for example, if I want to use a transparent png Are the any hint to substrate contours from curves ? Cause if i use the normal way it looks like this ... i didn`t found any option to convert the contour/curve into a normal curve. Like i do with the "W" and cut it “of“ ... #thx
  7. Is the expand stroke supposed to be used to get an offset, or contour? Maybe I am doing something wrong....
  8. Hi guys, Can Affinity create wave like borders, or other styles of borders automatically? I attached an example, the bottom border is what I'm talking about. Thanks
  9. I would like a bitmap tracing feature in Designer. The feature would create a vector path based on the contrast of an image.
  10. I've been trying to recreate some older work in AD but I'm deeply missing the Contour setting for shadows and glows. I couldn't find anything similar reading the Help topics. This would be analog to the Photoshop feature where you can specify a graph for how the intensity of the effect changes over its spread. This is a picture from an old PS version just to illustrate the setting.
  11. Hi all, what you think about the following: when I click on "Kontur" (see image: A) I wanna change the stroke width in nearly nine times out of ten. That's why I would love to have the input field already selected (marked value - see B in the attached picture). So that it would be possible to immediately start to manipulate the value with e.g. cursor up/down or typing in your desired value. Suppose that it would have been implemented that way ... users who wanna work like I described would be happy. Users who are not interested in using cursor up/down to immediately manipulate
  12. Hello, I'm wandering how I can hide the contour lines on vectors, shown while working, but not after export. The red lines are not strokes, they also disappear when zooming in/out or moving the entire canvas? They are not showing on exported images, but are very annoying and they seem to show up randomly on different vectors and text, but not on all. Thanks in advance, Dimao
  13. It would be a very useful feature to copy the features of a text , color type, size and color contour like Corel Draw funcion.
  14. Hi to everyone from this new user! I'm an old Photoshop user hoping to do all that I did there and more in AP. I am making masked TIFFs out of some contoured white objects that were photographed on a white background. I want to maintain the original shadow but make it blend to whatever paper it will be printed on. I have traced one contour of just the object and another one that includes the shadow and used each as masks on duplicates of the image. I gave the layer with the shadow a 70% opacity but I want the outer pixels to fade outwards to 0%. I thought using Feather and deleting the sel
  15. Hi everybody, (sorry for my english I'm french in Reunion Island) I have to work on a Roland SP-540 and I'm trying to print&cut with CutContour without success... Do you someone have a solution ? Thousands thanks...
  16. Hello, I stumbled upon a very strange problem today. When using the Layer FX Contour with a Fill Opacity different than 100%, the Layer FX cease to function properly. Have a look: When Fill Opacity is at 100%, the Layer FX works properly: When Fill Opacity is different than 100%, the Layer FX doesn't works: Can you please fix this? Thank you very much, Philippe Côté
  17. Hey guys, I ran into this »bug« – if it is one. I’m currently working on icons on a 128 px² base. When I set an object – say a rectangle with rounded corners – with a white filling and a greenish stroke I get what appears to be artifacts of some kind. Seems like the white is shining through the contour. Though I'm not sure it’s a bug or this is just how it’s working. Anyone has any ideas how to fix this? Cheers Dennis :)
  18. Would like to see contour in bevel/emboss part of layer effects.
  19. I might have overlooked it somewhere else, but a feature I am really missing is the ability to create contours of an object like with the outline function, but with multiple outlines, and with a positive or negative radius, so the contours can be outside or inside the object. Along with this should go the ability to break the contours apart from the original object so that each can be handled individually. This is a feature that I used constantly in Corel Draw, which I am hoping to be able to ditch completely.
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