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Found 17 results

  1. Please respect the context in the context menu for nodes. If the node type is Sharp, then the command "Convert to Sharp" should not be enabled, because it does not make sense and choosing the command will do nothing - therefore the item should be disabled. If the node type is Smooth, then the command "Convert to Smooth" should not be enabled, because it does not make sense and choosing the command will do nothing - therefore the item should be disabled. Likewise for Smart. Commands for manipulating individual Nodes (Convert to ...) could be separated by a delimiter from commands for manipulating with the Curve. Although it is enough to press Delete to delete the selected Node, the Delete Node item in the context menu would also be useful.
  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t like the new context menu I get when swiping from right to left on objects in the layer panel. Again this might be a problem only I have because of my workflow but in the past it was way more convenient to select objects within the layer panel. The context menu really slows me down.
  3. Moving tabs/windows using a mouse cursor can become a bit, " too much" and can become a bit difficult to do since the space, in height, is quite small, therefore, it's quite inefficient. Part 1: Moving tabs/windows left or right. If, this does get implemented, it would make my life a quadrillion times easier, as I'm a right handed person and I follow the Left to right system, so I organise my tabs from (current) -> (last). Part 2: Moving tabs/windows to the very left or to the very right. This, however, is gonna save more time, and makes things more efficient for people like me who organises their tabs from (current) -> (last), its gonna make our lives easier ... I have no clues on what to expand upon this. (I may change this post a little bit)
  4. When you right-click on the Toolbar, a menu appears, where you can edit its items. Please add this function (edit items as in the menu View\Customize Tools...) to the Tools Panel. Thank you
  5. Is it possible to access swatches from the context menu as shown below? Of course I mean document palettes should be listed here shouldn’t they, logically? If not, why not? Thanks
  6. Hey community and devs! Problem is the following: I am not able to use the right click on the buttons of the stylus of my HUION display tablet in the complete Affinity Suite (latest release as well as beta). The right click doesn't get recognized. I have already tried experimenting with the preferences, but have not come to a sufficient result, but to the realization that it could be related to Windows Ink. I have already written in more detail about this here, a topic about a similar problem. I'm using the latest release of OS and drivers as well as both latest release and betas of the Affinity Suite. Display tablet I'm using: HUION Kamvas Pro 13 Now in the beta, the option to set Windows Ink has now been removed - but the problem still exists for me. Any thoughts/idead/workarounds/solutions about this? Greetings MrDoodlezz
  7. I've been using Photoshop in Windows for 20 years (I've never used an Apple machine). I'm used to chosing a tool then making a right click to show the context menu and various appropriate options for that tool. It's instinctive & simple - one hand, one finger usually gives me what I need. I've installed Affinity Photo and find the right button does nothing. There is no setting to enable/empower the right button; there is no Help for the right mouse button. But right mouse button actions is a fundamental part of the Windows GUI - it works everywhere (except in Affinity for me). What am I doing wrong?
  8. Just answered a post and considered a few additions to the swatches panel. When right-clicking on a colour fill swatch you have the option to Make Global effectively changing a fill colour to a global colour, but, once a colour has been converted to a global colour, that global colour should have its own context menu that would include... Make Global Spot Make Global Overprint Revert Global (this would revert the colour swatch back to a global fill that can be used to change colours within a document en masse)
  9. RMB=Right Mouse button I see that one of the underlying principles in Affinity apps is what is called Context Toolbars (under the Menu bar). This probably works well for many users – but I have to admit that I prefer moving my mouse or pen even less, whenever it makes sense. Obviously I'm a heavy user of keyboard shortcuts – but there's a lot of options which don't really lend themselves for shortcuts. From Photoshop I'm super used to /spoiled from a wealth of context sensitive RMB menus: For every tool there's a matching RMB menu, which offers a drilldown of exactly the options required in this very second by that very tool. Affinity apps have context sensitive RMB menus in their dockable editors, but on the canvas there's only one generic RMB context menu – but (looking at Photo right now) most of your tools don't even offer an RMB option at all. When trying out Affinity I can not tell how many times I already right-clicked without any effect... Am I the only one who finds this painful? Please let me know – are there plans to add context sensitive RMB menus everywhere? Some samples of Photoshop's RMB menus: Context Menu of Photoshop CS 6 Crop tool That's what you get inside the text tool... Extremely useful in Photoshop's Brush tool. No equivalent in APhoto. Also sorely missed: Further options in Free Transform via RMB
  10. more specific context menu entries for each tools and an option to customize the context menu in settings.
  11. Add "Selection From Layer" command to context menu, and maybe to top panel.
  12. Just a small request: now that the horizontal/vertical distribution options are no longer available in the toolbar and must be accessed via the top-level alignment drop-down menu, I was wondering if they could also be added to the right-click context-menu under the "alignment" heading? Currently, all the contents of the top-level alignment menu are available in the right-click alignment menu, except the distribution options. Thank you.
  13. I am keyboard phobic and have great difficulty with shortcuts, so pop up right click context menus are a very useful shortcut device indeed. for me. Now that is a very personal problem but I am sure there are plenty of others who find well implemented context clicking a very focused way of getting to just what you need in a given context. I find that this is rather inconsistently applied in the Layers Palette. There are things one does very rarely included there and things one does frequently that are missing. I think the following need adding to this menu when the appropriate layer(s) are selected. Merge Down for mask and adjustment layers. You have to go to the main layers menu to find it. Merge Selected for multiple layers. Once again you have to go to the main mayer menu to find it. Invert layer (very useful for mask layers). Only available from main menu. Lock Children. It shouldn’t really be necessary to have to select the Pick tool and then select this in it’s property bar. To my mind it properly belongs here in the Layers Palette context menu as well.
  14. Working through this video from 1.30ish and using Affinity 1.4.1 For some reason, with a pixel layer selected, and when interacting with the channel panel and doing a control-click on a channel to load it to a pixel selection, the context menu will not appear, which puts a stop to things. Tried on two machines and with a couple of sample files.
  15. Okay so after much googling I cannot for the life of me locate the context menu. I want to convert a path to a selection. This is a little frustrating. I've attached a screen cap of my workspace. I think its the menu that comes up in the top giving contextual information about the tool I currently have selected. Bu I cannot find a convert to selection option in it for the pen tool. Is it somewhere else, or do I need to covert the path to curves? UPDATE: Okay so I found it, if you have the node selection tool active it doesn't so up. But if you have the pen tool it is visible.
  16. We, or at least I, need more contrast in the clickable"option" boxes in the context menu. There is too little difference between the darkness of the logenze and the darkness of the menu bar. On some of the ones that toggle between Off/On, I simply cannot tell by looking which state they are in.
  17. Hello, could anyone tell me how this shortcut works on a german keyboard? It's the shortcut for the "context menu". I attached a screenshot what im talking about? Thanks in front. Marco
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