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Found 39 results

  1. I created some assets for my designs which they have different constraints, when I add them to artboard and convert them to symbols, it removes their constrains and breaks my designs. Is it by design or a bug?
  2. Affinity Designer Mac Beta 1.5.3 If I set constraints to prevent object A from scaling, why does "Lock Children" option on parent object B stop working for object A's position when resizing the object B? In this case I disabled the inner arrows for object A like so:
  3. A mixed question and suggestion. For UI work, since we have 1x, 2x, 3x asset export (but no .5x export), why are UI presets, such as the iPhone 6 for example, offered by default set up at retina resolution? This switches from 72 ppi to 144ppi, meaning all assets are exported at @2x by default, correct? It seems the suggested workflow from the Export Persona (which is my standard workflow) is always to work at 1x and export up from there. So I typically switch to 72 dpi from one of these templates. However, the bundled UI assets are all set up @2x to fit the retina-sized presets. It takes quite a bit of grouping and fiddling to proportionally size down these constraint-setup UI elements to work at 1x. I would suggest having all vector UI assets set up at 1x by default based on the Export Persona, but for sake of resizing, I put together a quick video for how I set up an iOS status bar so that it's both using constraints and is resizable with a couple of clicks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d0ua2oyt5t19c59/affinity-asset-constraints-suggestion.mp4?dl=0
  4. When I create curves with Pen tool I notice following strange behavior: If the curve is completely straight, and the nodes are horizontally or vertically aligned, locking the aspect ratio will cause the nodes and the line to disappear. If the curve had a stroke, it will remain visible until refreshed, for example upon zooming, transforming a parent object or reloading the document. After that the curve is gone and cannot be restored even from the document history. Only an empty layer object remains. This bug is reliably reproducable on Affinity Designer 1.5.1 Mac with following steps: Create a straight, horizontally or vertically aligned curve with Pen tool. Add stroke for testing the disappearance on refresh. In constraints select either one of the locked aspect ratios. The nodes and the curve should now be gone. Zoom in or out and the stroke should disappear.
  5. You can try these steps from my file 1. On 'TEST_THIS' layer(the purple one), release some constraint. The NavBar will be extended and the purple will be lost from screen. 2. Try to undo it (Cmd+Z). You will see that it cannot. Cheers. test_constraint.afdesign
  6. Whenever I perform a few constraint operations within a certain time period the application crashes. Right now, if i do 2 or three constraint operations within a minute - crash. If I try to select multiple layers and run a single constraint operation - crash. I can upload a video if it helps. Any ideas?
  7. Hello, I have created a few symbols that do not seem to resize as indicated by their constraints. Intended behaviour: In the icon "UML provided interface", the circle should not get stretched/resized, I only want to extend the line. I think my constraints are correct. Am I missing something? I attach my document. System_Context.afdesign
  8. Hej, when I edit the constraints of an object inside a layer which has an outer border - that border gets clipped. It is a rather minor problem since I can set the borders inside - yet, it was kind of confusing first. It could be helpful that the assistant sets the border inside automatically and informs you about that. Or it doesn't do anything but still informs you about an consequence one might not have anticipated at first. Also it would be nice that the interface reflects that it is impossible or rather effectless to set an outer border to those layers. For example the button could be gray or whatever. What do you think? cheers Steffen edit: oops. Just saw that the border gets set to 0px - but it is still possible to set it outside again‽ Whats going on?
  9. Hi, I am trying (and failing) to setup a symbol that would also have constraints. Is it even possible ? My goal is to be able to work on a design and see simultaneously the impact on desktop, tablet and mobile versions. As long as my layer is not a symbol it works as expected but once transformed into a symbol I loose the constraints. I tried adding the constraints to the symbol itself but doesn’t seem to work. Anyone could help me figure this out ?
  10. sorin.jurcut

    Constraints breaks resizing

    Constraints doesn't work properly yet, as it sometimes breaks the ability of the object to resize properly when done manually. Even after removing the constraints on the item in question, this makes the object behave as if it had a mask on top of it, and regardless of how much you stretch it, it will still retain the original size.
  11. If I try to add some constraints nothing really happens. Affinity adds the interaction to my history, but the constraints window isn't displaying anything at all, and the object resizes as if there are no constraints set. I tried the constraints on several projects but I run into the same error every time. :( Thanks for your response!
  12. hi, i dont know if you have seen sketching in fusion 360, but might worth taking a look - i would love to see a system like this in affinity designer Fusion 360: Sketch Constraints anyways keep up your great work best regards Reinhard
  13. The description in the constraints panel seems to be fixed in height to two lines – or the German translation is erroneous. It reads “Legen sie fest, wie die Objekte auf Änderungen an ihrem Container”; I suppose the word “reagieren” is missing in the end and it feels like that is because it’s not fitting inside the “constraints” for that text (i. e. it’s wrapping to an invisible third line).
  14. Don’t know if that has been asked before but I would like to request a context menu option “convert to constraint group” in the layers panel to convert a layer or group to a constraint group. For me, that seems like a plausible thing to do, sometimes. Also, I’d like some tooltip help in the constraints panel when I mouse over the arrows/dashed lines to explain what’s gonna happen there.

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