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Found 7 results

  1. Sorry for the adobe-esque question but years ago, I was able to go in to a configuration file and make minor tweaks like RGB values of guides, delays, etc to make my experience more enjoyable.(Pure cyan is not easy to see on a screen for me) Is their a similar file in affinity products hidden deep in the weeds? (I understand this can result in playing with fire.)
  2. How can I change the default value of my device? I have an 11 "ipad but the default device when I create a new document is iPad 9.7", so I have to change the option every time. Thanks, Vittorio
  3. Is there a way, or could there be a way to disable the splash screen on startup? Or maybe let us pick from a set of splash images? Can one of the images please exclude the snake? Thanks!
  4. We have a user that is using Affinity 2.01.0132 and they deleted their Internet Explorer cache; which deleted their configuration. (This configuration allowed Affinity to choose a default folder location within the Laserfiche ECM application) Now under "GENERAL OPTIONS" their Configuration Location is set to "Local- For my profile only"; and the "Global" option is grayed out. I am wanting to switch the user to the "Global" configuration option so that I can use another known good users Affinity Profile. Also, how do I copy another users Affinity profile into this users configuration. Do I export and then import an XML file? If I can import another users Affinity configuration profile I think this will allow the user have the same settings as they did before they deleted their IE cache, along with their Affinity profile. Thanks,
  5. hello, i just downloaded from the app store the new 1.4.1 version of AP and the 1.4.1 beta 4 versione does not start anymore (as expected). in the last few weeks i spent some time to change the configuration of the toolbar, but the new app does have the default configuration again. is there a fast way to port the beta configuration to the released app (i.e.: copying or renaming or overwriting some preference file, or something like this)? thanks in advance stefano
  6. Hi all, I have two concerns regarding the grid and the "Grid and Axis Manager". On what kind of measurement logic is the automatic grid based on? It seams that it never fits the scene. A grid is from my point of view a tool to get objects alined on the canvas in regards to proportion, distance, margins, etc. But if a grid, like the automatic one, seams to behave arbitrary it brakes with its own right to exist. For example: I want to design some icons for a device like the Mac and I create a canvas of 1024x1024 pixel and turn the grid on, it will never ever divide the canvas into main lines in powers of two. If I use the metric system, it will never ever give me a grid that is in decimal power. This makes no sense and it forces me to open the Grid and Axis Manager on every new Design. Changing the values inside the Grid and Axis Manager are directly reflected to the canvas if set via a slider. But sliders are sometimes tedious when a specific value is needed (especially for Trackpad users). Entering a value manually is often faster and much more reliable. But a value entered directly is not reflected to the canvas. Even worse: Entering a value and not hitting enter or focusing on another input field does not apply the value. I found myself often in that situation that I have configured the horizontal subdivision value, then switched to the vertical subdivision field, entered a value there and hit the "close" button. The last value was ignored and I had to reopen the Manager to enter the value again. Very unintuitive. Best wishes, Martin
  7. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/561-gui-issue-effects-pane-open-many-v17832/?p=4574 : >> Ah, where is a useful place to write system information into a forum user profile? – Is it @ "Profile Feed" / "what's on your mind?" ? > We've not really thought about this. :( Would you tell/show us at least where/how users feed into "What's on your mind?" will occure?
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