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Found 68 results

  1. -Survivor ​Another composite created in Affinity Photo for iPad, made up of about 7 images, went really dark on this one for some reason! *Edit: I've updated the image, this is version 3, I've made a few edits to the original Allan
  2. Here's another, created using Affinity Photo for iPad... made up of 5 images. Seriously, why is this so addictive! Allan Thompson
  3. Still experimenting with existing light composites. Enjoy!
  4. I just recently purchased Affinity Photo for Windows, and I'm loving it! I decided to try my hand at a composite photo, so here it is. I wanted to put my subject in the least likely geographic location I could imagine, and I thought an Edinburgh Castle guard on Bourbon Street would work. I call it, "Castle Guard on Leave." Your thoughts?
  5. I am compositing multiple layers, using masking to control the visibility of lower layers. I have a really simple example, but I see that there is a transparent or white fringe around the main shapes where the colours of the lower layer do not 'meet' the higher layer. I attach a snapshot of the image issue and also of the layers tab. the main shapes (flowers) have themselves been created by selection or eraser to separate them from a background, and they sit on a transparent background. I figure that I am doing something simple wrong, although I have watched the relevant videos (I think!). So would welcome tips to rectify.
  6. hi all, Interested in seeing any good double exposure tutorials you've come across out there - obviously created in Affinity Photo. Perhaps you have your own project you'd like to publish to the Share Your Work sub-forum? Have a good day.. :-) Andy Capstick
  7. So, as I've previously mentioned, I've been on a quest to replace Adobe products in my workflow. I've been a proud owner of Affinity Photo and Designer since last year, but was still using Photoshop, Lightroom, etc... Well, with my subscription finally ending, and choosing not to renew, I wanted to really push A-Photo into my workflow permanently. I chose a specific YouTube tutorial where the artist used Photoshop (uses Photoshop for all tutorials), and recreated the image using A-Photo. For the most part, A-Photo and Photoshop went tik for tak on tools and layer properties. Where there were differences, I was able to find suitable workarounds in A-Photo to achieve the action/look needed. In the end, it's a no brainer for me. Adobe products are no longer on my Mac, and I've never been happier. I'm waiting for the next update like a child waiting for Christmas, and I'm really excited to see this great app evolve and improve. Keep up the great work boys! Oh, and please bring Luminosity Masks! Image Specs: The sky, ocean surface, ocean floor, fish, bear, children were all stock images. The bubbles and water splashes were airbrushed. Final color grading and vintage film effects were added using Nik Analog Efex Pro. Cheers!
  8. Was up, unable to sleep last night and I decided to try some compositing. This is an early concept. I may work on it some more, or change direction entirely, I'm not sure yet. This was made with all stock images. Composited in A.Photo, then color graded and texture added in Nik Analog Efex Pro.
  9. Okay so this is a test frame for a web comic I'm working on - the backgrounds are Cinema 4D, the character is Affinity Designer and the whole thing has been comped and adjusted in Affinity Photo. There will be a lot more of this, once I've got the environment nailed down.
  10. I saw the video on Layer Blend Options and wanted to try something with that, along with masks. I got a little carried away. The full project is 182 MB. The eyes make it look a little like Fozzy Bear from the Muppet TV show.
  11. Hi all, This as a 1080p wallpaper, using images I downloaded from free wallpaper sites. I've attached my AP file, as well as exported to .png: I hope you like my attempt. Paul.
  12. Hi, another attempt at a composite photo, this time using a series of four photos. Not a difficult one this, the splash photo was the background and the boy diving simply cut and pasted from the other shots in the sequence. Once again, any comments, good or bad are welcome. Thanks horslip
  13. Hi, I would like to share one of my first composition and color correction with Affinity Photo. It's my vision of a modern Mermaid. Watch it on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/gp/134512556@N02/Sg96dm Modern Mermaid.tiff
  14. Spent a little time this morning trying to composite some images in AP. I'm still learning the tools and features of this app, but more and more I'm starting to see how I can replace PS for good. The beach and the photo of the tree were shot by me. The vultures were found searching google. Any thoughts, suggestions, tips, or feedback? Thanks!
  15. Here is a cropped version of the new header graphic for the band's website. The full header is part of the new "responsive" site design, which will go live in a few days. All the work on the site is being created in AD and AP. I'll post a link to the site once it's live. Cheers!
  16. What I love about compositing is the ability to make it look as natural as possible, of course there are times where its obvious and that's the look your going for. Love how easy Affinity photo made this for me. This is made up of 4 pictures, love the black and white look I was able to achieve. Allan
  17. Hi, I've been spending some time with Affinity Photo and loving the results i'm getting. Here is something that I've worked on today, enjoy. #TheSpaceman. Allan
  18. Here are a couple of quick composites created in Affinity Photo, changed the blend modes, added a lighting filter etc. 1. Elephant in a jar 2. leopard waiting to board Allan
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