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Found 5 results

  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, I'm a user of the Affinity V2 Suite and, as you might have guessed by the title of this topic, I suffer from photophobia. I'll attach a link to the National Library of Medicine for you to have a look at and understand a bit more of the problem: Shedding Light on Photophobia - PMC (nih.gov) Due to my condition, to which, there's no clear and practical cure, I have to use some workaround to do what I love. I need to keep my lighting settings down as much as possible and screen in shades of grey for most of the work I do, especially because I have problems with bright white light. I use all the tools I have at my disposal to gain as much time as possible in front of the screen before headaches and other not-so-pleasant goodies start happening. I bought the Affinity Suite to work on my projects and it's been doing everything I needed, but I sense it misses a basic feature: That is giving the user the possibility to change the standard background in the three programs. I mostly use Publisher and Designer, since I'm not that much into photoediting, but I guess that in this case the problem is trasversal. I usually work around it putting a rectangle layer on the background, but on large scale documents (75+ pages) is something that makes me loose a considerable amount of time, both in production and in post-production, as much as it risks to disrupt my workflow. I'm writing this post in order to understand if I'm the only user having this kind of problem or if there's more people like me out there needing some kind of support like this. I attached two images in order to briefly give you an idea about the workaround I do and what I meant by this message. Keep up the good work Affinity Team, you're doing great and I wish you the best for the upcoming future. If you need a more clear and effective feedback, don't esitate on e-mailing me, I'll provide the team with the best evidence and suggestions I have grown in my experience. Have a nice day, 'noon or nite ya'all.
  2. Hello I have a suggestion. It seems that the majority of content in the vector stores is .EPS and boy do I leave my reservations for .EPS. sure some are pdf and .ai and other various extensions. however as a community I would gladly support a subscription to a website that provides .af files only. I would gladly embark on these quest, however i have many project on my plate at this time. or someone in the community would like to see a website dedicated to only .af files and you would support a $100 a year subscription to such pages? thank you,
  3. I'm a newbie to the AD forum and am enjoying the positive and helpful community. I was wondering why I get this message when trying to like someone's post on a forum, "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today."? I think it's important for the community, but most importantly the AD developers to know whose opinions people support the most... kind of like a democratic process to understand what the majority of users want. Customer feedback is very valuable because it helps developers to know what features to change and improve upon. Vectornator, another vector software program, has an interesting feedback system for customers that the AD developers might want to look at. https://feedback.vectornator.io/ Thanks for your help.
  4. Hello everyone, I'd like to ask, how can I help you with Czech translation. I know many guys who would switch to Affinity Photo if it would be in Czech. I can offer my helping hand with translation. I'm native Czech speaker with some experiences in translating applications in the past. Best Regards, Kamil
  5. From the day i heard about Affinity designer in 2015 i instantly became a huge fan of Affinity, A young company trying to break the shackles created by monopolistic Adobe. With Affinity Suite released on windows i finally gave up on adobe suite which i'm using for 6 Years and moved to Affinity as my daily pipeline & i'm proud of it. I wish & hope many just like me will follow the same path. With that in mind all i hope team at Affinity can create a official portfolio website (Just like behance for adobe) for its users to showcase their work. Its just a thought & I hope it will be a reality one day. I know there is a long way to go. Good luck. A very proud fan. :D
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