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Found 186 results

  1. Hi, When I export a picture, the colour is changed. This happens whatever the export file format. How can I please preserve my colour choice? Thanks
  2. simonartist

    Colourful singing lady

    I love to keep my drawing very simple but use colours as a way to communicate. Firstly I always used coloured pencils to start of with.
  3. Hi Everyone, I am not entirely sure if this has anything to do with my colour settings but each time I try dragging or pasting images into designer, the colour changes. Sometimes becomes faded like luminosity was applied. Sometimes colour just appear off/diff. Secondly, filling with colour white (C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0) the page or filled objects looks like it has 8% Gray. I'll be glad to get help on this. Thanks Everyone.
  4. Hello I was just wondering if there is a way for me to set spot colors on my swatches panel?
  5. Hi there, on mouseover the cmyk colour readouts in the swatches palette are displayed at a range of 0 to 255 instead of 0 to 100. Sometimes the readouts don’t show up at all unless you rename the swatches. I think a readable list view of swatches would be a nice improvement. But hey – kudos for bringing the good old “Paste Inside”-command back into business ;-) Keep up the good work! Dirk
  6. Not sure if I've included this before? When you click on a fill in the swatch panel. Right click > Rename-fill/Delete-fill 100% guaranteed to crash the app every time.
  7. So started playing with paint brushes today.....I vectored up a sketch I did a while back and played with some things - this is what happened
  8. Just another colour request. More often than not I want to use the same colour for strokes and fills. This means 2 trips to the palette. Currently the default is to open the 'colour' window - the swatches window would be more useful for the majority of users as we'll already have a defined palette in place. This would cut out yet another mouse click. Here's how Freehand did it (and other apps do similar). The 3 small squares at the top of the palette refer to "Fill", "Stroke" and Stroke + Fill". For fill only - highlight "Fill"(as shown - left option) and select the colour. Stroke (centre option) works the same. "Fill + Stroke" (right option) selects both fill and stroke. The swatch palette remains in view at all times. It does away with 2 separate pop-up windows, cuts down number of mouse clicks - saves lots of time on detailed work. Also Freehand let you "show" and "hide" names of colours - really nice feature.
  9. Not sure if this is a bug or a question yet? I'm working in the "smart" pen tool. I've selected the Stroke + Fill option before I start to draw - I want all objects the same. For example: All fills set to 50% black All strokes 1.5pt All strokes red When I click my first point on the page - the colours still remain at those settings. When I add the 2nd point - the Fill/Sroke options go blank - meaning a trip to the palette each time. Bug or simple solution? S
  10. Good Morning, I'm just finishing my first piece of artwork produced with Affinity, and really enjoyed the process so far. However I would like to experiment with some different colours schemes, Is there a way to select and edit colours rather than replacing individually? or can I set up colour pallets with global settings?
  11. It would be great if users had the ability to select PANTONE colours from the Colour Chooser dialog or from the Swatches tab.