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Found 186 results

  1. I have been doing car designs on Affinity Designer for a while now, but have never seemed to have been able to colour them in using the fill tool. Any help?Porsche GT3 RS.afdesign
  2. I have to make JPGs for use in the web. I do the following steps: create the layout in InDesign. Export it in cmyk as jpg. Open it in affinity photo. Change size. Change from cmyk to rgb. Save as jpg. Now the Problem: in the past I opend the exported jpg in photoshop an made the changes. Now, in affinity photo, the colours in the end-file aren't the same as in photoshop. But this are defined colours and must be the same all time. The colour profiles in photoshop and affinity photo are the same (selected the same). How can I fix that?
  3. I'm having trouble maintaining consistent color between Affinity Designer and other apps, like Hype. What I have done is I create a system palette (Apple OS) in AD, which I then access in Hype. In theory these should be the same, but there is a difference. I get completely different HEX values for system palettes created in AD, but viewed in Hype. I am wondering if I could make a setting change in the "Colour Profiles" preferences. Would this fix my problem? I'm attaching a screenshot showing my settings. (I believe they are all defaults.) [NOTE: I cannot upload the screenshot. When I try to attach a file here it says "Upload Skipped (Error IO). This happens even after a refresh.]
  4. Hi, For some reason, when I export a file to an SVG format, some of the colours seem to warp (please see attachments – the PNG is how it should be and notice the purplish tinge to SVG version). Also, it doesn't happen with every colour. What can I do to fix this? shieldcornertest.svg
  5. Hello, Just started vectoring my first big piece of artwork with Affinity and hit upon a snag... I cant find the eye drop tool? Within my work process I create a shape, add outline colour, point thickness, apply internal colours and style - then when creating a new shape that requires the same treatment click cmd + i, bringing up the eye drop tool which clones styles onto the new object. Is this possible in Affinity? its a bit of a pain to manually do each shape and item.
  6. lukehagreeen

    Colour discrepancies

    Hi I have been using Affinity photo a while now but with all my design work I use a hex colour scheme #990000 but when Using it in affinity It shows much brighter and drastically different which you can see in the image. Any suggestions would be great
  7. When in split views mode the RGB reading form the right hand side 'before' shot are incorrect. Values displayed appear to be from what would be in that area if the screen was in after only (not split) mode. Also would it not be more natural to have the before shot on the left? or allow swapping of positions.
  8. I have over 20 colors in a palette and need to analyze them. To do so in Illustrator, I would just select each object and view the subtle changes in the color values in the HSL viewer. Unfortunately I am using global colors and want to keep them linked. But it appears impossible to simply select an object and view its values in the colour palette. It only shows the global color name. Yes, I can manually override it, but when I click another object, then go back, it shows the same thing.
  9. I'm wanting to merge color swatches between palettes. There doesn't appear to be a way. I can export > import, but that doesn't allow me to merge them. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!
  10. I somehow managed to create a new color palette and rename it. Now I want to place my recent colors into it. IDEALLY I wanted to be able to select color swatches I was using and create a palette from those selections. There may be a way to do that. I don't know. However now I'm looking at a screen where my recent colors are there and I am going to assume there's a way to easily place those colors into my new, empty, palette. How is that done? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hello! When I try to delete the fill from palette - nothing happens. So I can't delete colours that I added a moment ago. That's important. Please mark this problem in your backlog. I made a screen recording for better understanding - http://quick.as/kOBOFOoOy Hope you fix it in near future. Thanks in advance! Affinity rules! P.s. version 1.4, not beta
  12. I've been able to import my chosen Pantone books into Designer but there doesn't seem to be an option for working with a tint of a spot colour as in Illustrator e.g., 50% tint of Reflex Blue. Is there an option to do this?
  13. Hi Guys, In this weeks episode we use two examples to take a look at how to select and change colour of just about anything within your photos. Click the link, sit back and relax... Enjoy. Allan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L7rNc-F5O0
  14. Hey guys, I ran into this Photo beta bug, where the Gradient Adjustment Layer just won't accept my desired colour and changes it to something similar but still different. I also tried different approaches like setting the colour as a swatch in the swatches panel first and use it, but it’s the same. Copied the layer into a new document resulted the same – but the values of the changed colour where completely different again. I hope this short clip demonstrates the problem … https://youtu.be/DH1jj_Nv_Y8 Cheers and have a nice weekend Dennis ;)
  15. Nye Vyas

    Colour Issues

    So I got onto Affinity Designer today and started doing my drawings as per usual and thought it needed a bit of colour to it. But after minutes of trying to get a colour other than black, grey or white I came to the conclusion that something wasn't right, so I tried changing from RGB to CMYK and so on but still even though on the slider/wheel it shows Ive selected a bright colour, it comes out black, grey or white. I'm very confused at what has happened so may someone help me?
  16. Comparing my AD document (on the right) to the exported PSD (on the left)... is this amount of colour-shift normal?
  17. Hi - I've noticed that when I export from Affinity Designer the colours are quite different. Pure white becomes light yellow for example. I'm using a 2012 retina macbook pro that's running El Capitan. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks I've attached a couple of images for comparison PreExport.tiff
  18. When matching a colour selected from a colour swatch book, the odds are that I want simple, rounded off numbers like 50% cyan, rather than its lesser-spotted cousin, 52% cyan. Could you introduce some way to snap to increments of 5% when dragging a slider? Perhaps holding the shift key while dragging? (this is a personal issue I have with Illustrator… the sliders always seem to hop from 49% to 51% as if it's intentionally trying to avoid the common 50%. I seem to end up having to type 50% after a few frustrating attempts) I don't have this exact problem with AD or AP's sliders, but snapping would be a great option in my life.
  19. Loonaclik

    The Bay at Portballintrae

    Taken a couple of years ago, here's a shot reworked in Affinity Photo. Any thoughts welcome.
  20. Colour lists get invisible when clicking on Stroke / Swatches. In all versions. :( Has anybody else this problem?
  21. I am getting a bizarre colour picker problem. It occurs in the main colour picker panel. It occurs in colour wheel, slider and box mode. I have attached a series of screen shots annotated to show the problem. Behaviour is as follows: 1) On opening a new document the palette looks as in Image 1 attached. 2) On selecting the brush tool the foreground and background colours spontaneously reverse. This isn't a problem - just a bit odd and disconcerting. Image 2 3) This is where the problem starts. On selecting a new colour the Opacity/Noise bar does not update. Image 3 4) This is a real problem when set to noise, as with a solid black bar, noise is not visible. The odd thing is that all the secondary colour pickers (text, fill, outline, edit fill) work exactly as they should with the Opacity/Noise live updating just as they should. They also have the effect of updating the main Colour Panel as it should be. The problem is confined only to the main panel's ability to update itself. 5) However once updated the Opacity/Noise slider in the main panel then stays stuck on the updated colour regardless of what new colour is selected. Image 5 This leads to two other colour questions related to this. The first is that no matter what noise level is selected in the colour palette it doesn't appear in the brush or in fills. Am I missing a newbie something obvious here or is this a problems as well? The second is not a problem it's a puzzle. Why is the Opacity/Noise slider missing entirely from the swatches panel? I use this palette a lot and it is very irritating to have to keep switching to another panel to access the slider. So there we are. Another mystery unfolds. I am devoting quite a lot of time to learning AFP at the moment and have encountered a couple of other oddities but I want to be sure that it is not my inexperience startling false hares before I start reporting things. This is a terrific app. I am so impressed by so much of it. David Mac Affinity Photo 1.2.1 26369 OS X 10.10.4 Mac Pro 8 core 28GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2GB
  22. cheshiredesigner

    Drag colour to swatch

    Great program and I'm still exploring but it would be nice to be able to drag colours onto the swatch to add them rather than having to click to the colours tab, click the menu and choose add colour to swatch (could this not also be a added to the menu in the swatch tab?)
  23. Hello! The possibility to change the color space/format at export without needs to change documents setup. Every time I'm working for impression(CMYK) when I need to send a preview to my clients, I have to change the document setup to RGB and then export to jpg or png and then go back to document setup and re-set the color format to CMYK......... Regards!
  24. - Color libraries like Pantone would be welcome. - Support for Suitcase Fusion for type management. - Multiple Page layouts
  25. I always have the navigator tab visible so that when I'm zoomed in a lot, I can still have an idea of where I am. The only problem that I have is, sometimes the colour of the navigator indicator (the floating box that follows your movement and shows where you are) blends in with the picture I'm working on and I can't always tell where I am. Is there anyway that you can make it so that Designer detects the dominate colour of picture and then chooses another colour for the indicator that is easier to see (possibly an opposite colour)? For example, now I'm working on a picture that is predominately blue, but the navigator indicator is blue or kind of greenish and it is hard to see. If this isn't possible, then how about the ability to change the colour of the indicator square? Just a thought. Does this happen to anyone else?