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Found 6 results

  1. Proposal: Implement the HWB colour model Why: It's easier to understand than HSL or HSV It is simple and intuitive in use (see CSS4 page below) It has less problems, such as 'extrema' issues (see Alvy paper below, and black issue here) It is easy to calculate It is a standard in CSS4 How: Preferred: as parallel to other colour models, HSL, CMYK, etc Alternative: just as extra option in HSL control, similar to HSV (probably easier to implement) Perhaps: Start with alternative and assess reaction Do not remove HSL or HSV as these are familiar to many References: Alvy's original paper on the subject W3 CSS4 standard
  2. When I convert a grayscale image to RGB then I get more available colours for working with this file. Is it useful to convert an 8-bit RGB image into 16 or 24-bit to increase its colour range when working on it? – Or do I work with an RGB image always in max. colours, and limit them only on Save or Export?
  3. I have some stock AI files that I purchased from a stock library and when I open them in Affinity Designer, all the colour shift from what I'm wanting them to be. I can't figure out how to shift them back! When the files are opened, I get a message popping up saying a profile has been applied to the unprofiled document. It applies US Web Coated SWOP v2. Is there a way to change what profile is applied by default? What am I supposed to be doing? I have been to the document setup panel and tried both assigning a profile, and also converting to a profile, but the colours always remain the same and don't match the colours of the same file when opened in any other applications. Here is the same file opened in Designer and Photoshop. This is a drastic colour shift that I can't understand.
  4. I have a trial copy of Affinity, which I am learning to use. I have edited several images (raw and Jpeg) which have the correct saturation. However, if I save these in Jpeg and open them with another program, such as Windows 10 Photo, they appear far too saturated. I have tired to use "Export" with several different ICC profiles, but all with the same result. Any ideas how to fix this?
  5. Hello! The possibility to change the color space/format at export without needs to change documents setup. Every time I'm working for impression(CMYK) when I need to send a preview to my clients, I have to change the document setup to RGB and then export to jpg or png and then go back to document setup and re-set the color format to CMYK......... Regards!
  6. I was noticing today that in Affinity Designer I can't tell what colour space a file is using unless I go to Document Settings. I thought it would be nice if the colour space was shown next to or below the file name: For example the title bar would read: "Affinity Designer - Untitled - (CMYK)" for a new document that hasn't been saved yet. This isn't something that is necessary mind you but a nice touch nevertheless. For people who work with images and logos for the web and images and logos for print, this is very helpful.
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