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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, Is there a way to import and use a NCS colour palette (.ase file) to Designer and Publisher? I managed to import a RAL palette to both Designer and Publisher (as a Document Palette), but with NCS.ase file, no luck. (The NCS.ase palette works in InDesign CS4) I'm using a MAC, if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm in Aff Photo (via AffPub) on an iMac Pro using OS 13+. The layer object I am editing is unlocked (as well as all of the layers "above" it), my all CYMK sliders in my Colour palette are all at zero (thus not reflecting the colour of the object) and moving them does nothing on my tif. Then I just noticed a "lock" icon beside my CYMK option in the palette. Is this the problem, and if so, how do I unlock it. I've tried the usual unlock option. What is this "lock" used for? I would imagine that it locks the sliders. See the snap below.
  3. Hi! As a feature request, it would be so helpful to be able to break down colour groupings within a single Application Palette or Document Palette. For example, I'd like to group my primary colours on their own at the top, and then create secondary and tertiary groups/rows for tints and shades of the same colours, or secondary colours, etc. Being able to create an organized hierarchy within a palette rather than having a mass grouping of all saved swatches would be immensely helpful! Thanks.
  4. Jey, Finally! I was able to sucessfully add the used colours from an existing document to my document palette using "Add To Swatches From Fill". And the numbers stayed the same! But if I select "Create Palette From Document" it's still converted colours (I suspect cmyk-to-rgb-to-cmyk) which makes wrong and tinted colours. Also: "Add To Swatches... As Global" works kind of, but not really links the objects to the colours: Bildschirmvideo 2020-01-10 designer1802.mov
  5. Good morning everyone Would anyone in here know where I may aquire the Affinity photo Frankentoon jungle palette. I have done a search but I have had no luck so far. Many thanks for your direction and guidance. Gaynor
  6. Why does the Command "create document palette from document" recreate a new palette over and over again? Instead of updating the existing one? Also these colours should be GLOBAL colours by default - at least please give us a preference for this or an option.
  7. I am using AP for painting (or trying :-) ) with a tablet. It would be very useful to be able to map a keyboard shortcut for the function of increasing/decreasing the saturation of the current colour and the function of increasing/decreasing its brightness. It would be nice to give the possibility of determining percentage step for which change is to be made after pressing this key combination. Another important thing is the possibility of enlarging the colour wheel (and other colour pickers) or adding a tool palette with a larger colour wheel. Currently, it is impossible to enlarge it. Choosing colours is inconvenient and not very precise.
  8. This may be a very silly question. Is there a way to automatically convert a vector image created with rgb colours into CMYK without having to select each individual colour and changing it manually? No I don't want to convert it when saving it but to action it on the page.
  9. Hi Is it possible to move a custom palette from Designer to Designer Beta? If so, how is it done? Thanks
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