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Found 8 results

  1. Hey! I am really happy with the new 1.8 versions! Thank you so much, guys! Till now I have only found this odd thing (in all three apps the same). I guess the color format should update accordingly to the preset (print with CMYK and the rest with RGB) - at least at the start up until I change it manually: Just wanted to tell you - nothing bad I think. All the best Chris
  2. Hopefully some one can help. I am trying to get a much better all round understanding of 'Colour Profile & Colour Format'. When I open a new RAW Image, I see, along with all the other sliders and adjustments at the bottom is a icon for Profiles ~ When I check this box, it shows ~ Output Profile - sRGB 1EC61966-21 and, if I open up the box, there are a hole host of other profiles with names and numbers (including one, which I have calibrated for my iMac using an i1Studio calibrator). I have seen or read that a much better profile to use is one with a Larger Gamut such as ~ ProPhoto RGB or
  3. I have created a design in AD saved it and exported it as a png, so far so good. I then need to open the exported file in Acrorip to print direct to a garment. This is where my problem starts because red colours are turned purple and browns yellowish. Does anyone know why this could be? Any advice will be welcomed.
  4. Summary: The image is 4988 x 2814px, 14.04 MB, 7 layers: 1 background pixel layer, 5 masked curve adjustment layers, 1 B&W layer in RGBA/32 (HDR), ProPhoto RGB (Linear). Using Document, Color Format to convert this image in 32-bits to 16-bits RGBA/16 - ProPhotoRGB takes over 8 minutes of processing time on a relatively well-spec'ed machine. Adobe Photoshop CS6 using the same image in 32-bits, similar number of layers and same color space to 16-bits in same color space takes about 5 seconds. Affinity Photo takes an inordinately long time that is not acceptable for the workflow. Details
  5. Start with an image in RGB colour format. Blend Ranges. Red. Change Source Layer Ranges graph. Switch to LAB with Document/Colour Format/Lab. Blend Ranges dialog is still showing Red. Hmm. Turn off dialog. Open it back up again. Now it allows for LAB changes. Click on Master dropdown. Go to Lightness. Oh look! The adjustment for RGB Red now seems to be applied to Lightness. (Hmm - what about CMYK, which is a four-item list? Changing Black then switching to RGB seems to do no harm though the blend ranges effect is lost. Switching back to CMYK restores it.) Presumably, the Blend
  6. Hello, I should know this, but I don't. When designing web graphics, what is the best colour format to use: rgb/8, /16, or /32 (see attached screen cap)? I want to design a site mock-up which will include photographs, vector graphics, and possibly gradients. Much appreciated! Best, DS.
  7. Hi, This is the feature I miss: B&W mode. This file format is very convenient in preparation for printing. Could that be possible? Thanks! Ps: By the way, I really like this program and Im very happy that finally I have it for PC.
  8. Why is the default colour format for a new document with Print as the type, RGB? Shouldn't it default as CMYK? The Press-Ready Preset is, but not the general Print. I think this is just leading more to the conclusion that this app is being aimed at digital designers and really not thinking of print design.
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