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  1. Recently used colors has one problem. When selecting a previously used color, adjusting that selection (from the color wheel) completely removes the previous color in Recents. Breaking exploration of ideas. This compounds the Eye Dropper color well queue doubling travel time to ui, as well. So, if I select an object, click a previous used color in Recents, then adjust the color for variance, or testing, the old Recent color swatch completely gets replaced. If I want to adjust another part of a design with the original Recent swatch, I then have to select the Eye Dropper, select the color, go back to the color well, and click on it (/cry). A workaround is to deselect the object after color selection from Recents, then reselect [the object] to create a new Recent color item. Ideally, Recents would record a new square, versus replacing the selected Recent color swatch without having to deselect the object.
  2. Hi, I talked about it during beta. I would like affinity photo to have a image / "apply image" similar to photoshop. Being able to apply a channel to a layer while changing it's blending mode. I use this to : color correct getting much better color (natural look), its different than vibrance. much better. better black and white My whole portfolio have extensive use of this feature : No other feature can create such colors : http://anstellos.deviantart.com/gallery/ ps: I try hard to get the similar result in affinity. It yet cannot do it. I find myself to go back to photoshop for this feature only. That's a shame, your soft almost tick all the boxes but this is a big one.
  3. Hi, we have a problem to get 100 % cmyk black. Color profile: ECI iso coated The color of the square on the attached document is 100 % black cmyk but the view on the screen and the export pdf is only 87% ? Any help? Thank you TEST Black CMYK.afdesign
  4. Currently to get a color value with color picker tool, you have to drag it from the color palette and move it over the color you want. Only after that you can copy the color values from color palette, which is very unintuitive and complicated. Please allow to select color picker with keyboard shortcut, like I in Photoshop and allow to get color value by clicking on it - this way it's possible to copy color exactly from specific pixel. Also, Photoshop allows you to copy Hex color value directly to clipboard when color picker is selected and you right click on an area in image. This allows to easily get color values for web design.
  5. When matching a colour selected from a colour swatch book, the odds are that I want simple, rounded off numbers like 50% cyan, rather than its lesser-spotted cousin, 52% cyan. Could you introduce some way to snap to increments of 5% when dragging a slider? Perhaps holding the shift key while dragging? (this is a personal issue I have with Illustrator… the sliders always seem to hop from 49% to 51% as if it's intentionally trying to avoid the common 50%. I seem to end up having to type 50% after a few frustrating attempts) I don't have this exact problem with AD or AP's sliders, but snapping would be a great option in my life.
  6. See the image attached. I think it would be awesome if there was a color preview to show how dragging the curves handles will affect your photo. For example I would know that dragging the highs in the red channel down would tint the photo cyan, or dragging the lows in green to the right will tint the photo magenta. This could work for RGB and CMYK as well. Thanks!
  7. Note: Please excusemy poor english. There might be some errors but I hope you do understand me :ph34r: Colors: Please provide the hexcode in every (!) color-dialog and all color-spaces to simplify copy of a special color Please offer a hover-info for exact color value in the "last used" color-fields Stroke: Please let the mouse focus on the width-slider of the stroke and let arrow-keys change the values (left/right = -/+1, up/down = +/-5). At this point a direct input of a value could lead to focus the cursor into the value-input field Guides: I´m not sure how to do it the best way but the guides-dialog is not smart. It is not possible to select a guide neither by clicking it in the layout nor to identify it in the dialog by selecting it with the selection-tool. So the user has to guess or estimate which guide-value could be the right one. GUI: I´m not sure if it is useful to separate dialogs into (studio-) dialogs and windows (like guides, typografy etc.). I am working with 2 monitors and like to dock all possible and useful dialogs on my 2. screen to have a proper working-bench on my prime-screen (which shows only tools and documents). To be continued… B)
  8. Not sure if this is a bug, or if I'm misunderstanding something here, but I'm having an issue with blend modes and I was hoping someone could help me out. I have a gradient map nested in a photo (basically turning it black and white). The photo has a Multiply blend mode. Underneath, there is a blue solid layer. For some reason, this is turning out much darker than doing the same thing, just rasterizing the image and gradient map together (see attached images). The lighter version is how I expected it to turn out, but I'd rather not destruct my layers if I don't have to. Any idea why I'd be getting different outcomes here? Shouldn't the gradient map only be affecting the image since it's nested? Thanks!
  9. Hi, Has anyone noticed a difference in color of the raw file in AP and that same file in PS? How can i be sure i'm getting the correct color from the adjustments I'm making? Just curious because when i try to process in AP the images don't come out as great as i believe they are in PS. Thanks!
  10. If I open a scanned image in Photoshop, it opens as a single "Background" layer. And whenever you use the Eraser tool on such a "Background" layer, it Erases to White because White is the default chosen background color. Of course, if I click the little Lock icon to unlock the Background layer in Photoshop, it changes to "Layer 0" and any use of the Eraser tool in that case will erase to transparent. In Affinity Designer, everything erases to transparent from what I see, even the Background layer. In Affinity, how do I ERASE TO WHITE? Thanks.
  11. Why does the gradient change the color? see screenie. the color of the sphere should have the same color as the bg.
  12. Is there a way to accomplish a similar workflow or at least the same result? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeEt7IQ_tYI#t=13m50s Thanks!
  13. Hi, I'm laying out a website in Affinity Designer. I'm using a lot of black and so would like to lighten up the dark gray canvas around my layout to a lighter gray. I've looked around and can't figure out how to do this. Can I change the canvas color and how? Thanks
  14. Hi, I begin in affinity designer, i use it like photoshop and like Illusatrator, very very usefull app, thanks ! :) I start a drawing in vector mode, and i like to pick up color in my image with alt + clic but the color goes near the pickup tool and i need to double clic on the color to make it active... It is possible when i pick up a color to make it active without double clicking ? Thank you :) Have a good day
  15. Hello! The possibility to change the color space/format at export without needs to change documents setup. Every time I'm working for impression(CMYK) when I need to send a preview to my clients, I have to change the document setup to RGB and then export to jpg or png and then go back to document setup and re-set the color format to CMYK......... Regards!
  16. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/why-computers-have-trouble-with-blending-colors I read this article, and think Affinity (all of them) need a more accurate blur, square brightness, average (or whatever else), then square root brightness. Simple compared to the other things, like photo's inpainting tool. (If you are really curious, the other layer in the screenshot is a picture of a pine marten)
  17. Hey Affinity Team, I just started trying this program after 15-20 years with Illustrator. And the first thing that I noticed is wow - pretty awesome! 2nd was that when hitting i to select the eye dropper - to give a shape some color - nothing happened. I think this is an important feature - as when I went to click on the eye dropper my shape just turned black. (not the intended result) Hope that makes sense. Also scaling while holding alt - would be nice if it scaled on the spot (where it was in relation to that position) In kindness, nenuphar :)
  18. I know of the shortcut to "Fill" and then chose a color from there, I think there should be one for filling with foreground and background to work faster with masking
  19. I miss a Color Info Window like its in Photoshop:
  20. I've read that you have list mode in the pipeline, which is great, but i'm missing the option to make my own arrangements of colors inside the palette. Actually adding new swatches uses a photoshop like approach: to fill the available space in the grid color after color, fixed way. In illustrator you can change the order of swatches at any moment and arrange color in folders, making rows of color sets inside the swatch palette, which is very useful for interface design or comic design. I noted that in Affinity designer you can easily create multiple custom sets and change them fast from the drop down list, but is not as practical and fast as organizing them in one palette. Also, option to make swatches bigger will be very welcome. I've attached a comparison of one custom color set as I use on illustrator and how i get it on Affinity. It is clear that actually in illustrator is much more useful and practical at this moment.
  21. I can't manage to rearrange, reorder my swatches in a palette. I mean if I add a color to a palette, it comes in the first position and I can't move it from there (to have brown together, yellow together …) Is there something I missed or is it not possible ?
  22. I recently downloaded a new font which has a great outline but the middle is all white how do I color the white part without painting the border? I've tried using the the selection brush and then adding color that way but it seems for some reason my selection brush stopped working so how should I go about getting color in there.
  23. A lot of apps have a custom way of dealing with colors, just like Affinity Designer. But most of those app also support the native OS X color picker, c.f. by giving a simple shortcut in the menu like "Show Colors" to open it. The color picker is an app that's been around for years. Many of us have vast collections of palettes for our projects in this app. With apps like Hues and Colors Pro plus the huge amount of plugins which is available for it, it's still happen to be one of the best ways to manage colors and get in them in our designs. In short: In my eyes this is a mandatory addition.
  24. Hi, nice offer for - 20% but without a Demo its a Risk of 80% ... ((-; So here are a few Questions, that are very important for me: Color: - can AD save and load individuel Color-Sets and save them with the Project-File? - is there support for HKS/Pantone Colors? - handle different Spot/CMYK colors in one Document? - any support of Preview ICC-Profiles? Export: - support for Adobe Acrobat Profiles or Distiller? - otherwise: can AD handle different Output-Profiles for EPS/PDF with export-Details like Cropmarks etc.? - export Selection only? Fonts: - Fonts on Paths or Objects over more than one Line? - Fonts convert to Paths? Paste: - Paste Vector-Objects inside another Object? Trace: - is a Trace-Tool included? (That was a very helpful Function at FreeHand, where you can do a selection on several Objects and they will be traced as a new Objects. You might remember? Know what i mean?) Ok, thats it. Looking forword for your answers and sorry for my unperfect english .. ((-; Cheers from Hamburg/Germany! Jan
  25. Good Morning, I'm just finishing my first piece of artwork produced with Affinity, and really enjoyed the process so far. However I would like to experiment with some different colours schemes, Is there a way to select and edit colours rather than replacing individually? or can I set up colour pallets with global settings?
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