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Found 6 results

  1. I have drawn some black lines, on a separate layer, but have now decided the lines need to be a different color. They took me quite awhile to get exactly how I wanted them, so I really don't want to try to redraw them; especially since I would like to have two versions of the lines, and that would require redrawing them absolutely perfectly(not possible for me) twice. I need to retain the feathering, so the flood fill won't work, since it makes them look thicker and chunky. I followed the instructions for the Color Replacement brush, but the only color that is changing is the very lightest of the feathered pixels along the edge of the line, but even they are not changing to the correct color, but a somewhat grayish hue of the replacement color I chose. I did see another discussion, when I searched the Color Replacement brush, about the color not changing correctly. That person finally resolved his problem by using "Protect Alpha", but I can't find "Protect Alpha" in my program. I did try changing the color using an adjustment layer and recoloring it, but I can't get the color I want.
  2. The replacement color brush tool is difficult and not intuitive to use. Implementing a Replace color feature like the one in PS would give better control and ease of use. I think the color replacement brush tool could be litterally removed in change of a filter/adjustment.
  3. I've noticed that the Color Picker Tool does not seem to impact other tools as i would expect, for example the Color Replacement Brush. Am i doing something wrong?
  4. I am trying to deal with a purple spot which sometimes turns up in my photos, usually when I am zooming and the sun is in a particular angle in front of me. I'm new to Affinity. Does it have the ability not only to select a color but then to remove, fade or replace it? Or - ?
  5. As I mentioned in this question, the Color Replacement Brush does not seem to be working either as described by Darren in that topic or as described in the AP Help topics. A video tutorial (official or otherwise) showing that brush in use would help me understand how it should work, & if it is working on my iMac (running OS X 10.11.3 & AP 1.4.1) as expected. It does not need to be specifically about how to use that brush; as long as it shows the results of using it, it probably would be all I need.
  6. I may be missing an easy action, but Ive scanned through the forums and still cant figure out how to do what I am trying to. Please if you respond- I am a novice, just bought Affinity, have used PhotoShop in the past but just a little- please DUMB down any responses. I edit my drawings in Affinity to later produce screenprints and stickers. I have black and white images, but would like to select all the black or all the white and change the color. For example in the attached image- how can I change the black fish/white back ground into a red fish/ white background? Or, slightly different but related question- how could I keep the fish black and change the white background to blue? I suppose I might be better off working in Affinity Designer (working with drawings and logos) but I could only afford one editing program and figured I would be able to understand Affin Photo better because of a little familiarity with photoshop, also I do a bit of photo editing. thanks so muchFishart5-2.afphoto
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