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Found 65 results

  1. 1) As you can see in the attached video file (BrushProblems.mov), there is a white halo around the first patch drawn with a brush. Lifting up the pen/mouse and then laying down the same color results in the second patch appearing to be behind the first as though it's on a separate layer, with a white outline or halo around the original patch. This will also occasionally result in horizontal line artifacts (zoom in on the blue patch on the left in HorizontalLineArtifacts.png to see this). 2) Selecting the brush tool and then holding down Alt/Opt (on Mac) and clicking on a color will usually select that color using the eyedropper / color picker. But when I go to paint with that color immediately after making the selection, it appears that the color selector overrides the brush and remains active (see BrushProblems.mov). BrushProblems.mov
  2. Is there a 1-click way to restore the foreground and background colors to B/W like in Photoshop? If not, it would be really nice if this were added. I've figure out a works around but it's 3-step and doesn't work reliably. Shift+click on the most extended slider and move all the sliders to 0 or 255. Shift background color to forground, repeat. There is room on the color panel to add a button to do this just to the right of the color picker and the color space dropdown. Please do this.
  3. I'm trying to fix a patch of sky that I retouched badly after inpainting out some stray branches and saved over the original. I could use healing tools, but since the sky is uniform I wanted to sample some unretouched sky and paint over the bad area. I have sampled the good sky (blue shows as foreground color), and the toolbar indicates my brush is at 100% opacity, but brushing over the bad area changes nothing. Same behavior for Paint Brush or Colour Replacement Brush. This is a file of the problem corner made as New from Clipboard and doesn't look much in detail like what's on my screen but will give an idea of what I am trying to fix. Bad sky.afphoto
  4. Hey Guys, i was looking through google and the forums for a decent while now and couldn't find anything that relates to what i experienced: I'm having trouble with the colour picker and swatches. For example i have this business card with a green background. The CMYK reads something like 48 0 92 0, but when i use the picker on the shape it seem way brighter and more saturated and if i say it should add it to the swatches it is shown as LAB and the color is way off. I found that it also has to do with wether i set the doc to be RGB or CMYK based? I dunno its probably me, being used to PS and AI and the way things work there, but it seems to be different in AF no? Also quick sidequestion: I tried the "Add Document Palette" Thing and it just creates an empty palette although i have multiple artboards with vector shapes and illustrations on it. Any idea as to what i'm doing wrong here? Thanks for your help in advance! Cheers Tim
  5. There must be some kind of tool because there´s no question about this in the forum: But how do I make a color selection in AD? (I know MacOSX has one aboard :D ) Cheers P.
  6. Would be great if it would be possible to use the color picker (alt-key) during using the fill tool.
  7. Hi! I'm sorry if this is super-obvious and I am missing it, but in AI, I used to use a little dropper like thing to choose color from one part of the image/document and then be able to work with it elsewhere. I can't seem to locate any droppers that actually do anything. I can see one next to a circle of color in my palette, but when i click on it nothing happens. Can you post a screen shot of where the picker is and perhaps a link to how to use/activate it? THank you! Colette
  8. maxsteenbergen

    Lost colour range

    Since 1.4 my colour pickers (wheel & sliders) look like they have lost a lot of range (see attached screenshot). Latest beta has the same issue. This can't be by design, could it?
  9. Currently to get a color value with color picker tool, you have to drag it from the color palette and move it over the color you want. Only after that you can copy the color values from color palette, which is very unintuitive and complicated. Please allow to select color picker with keyboard shortcut, like I in Photoshop and allow to get color value by clicking on it - this way it's possible to copy color exactly from specific pixel. Also, Photoshop allows you to copy Hex color value directly to clipboard when color picker is selected and you right click on an area in image. This allows to easily get color values for web design.
  10. will1960

    Color picker go away...

    Bug in AD 1.3.2 This bug is in previous versions as well I thought it would be fixed.. When selecting color picker from Layer effects "all with this option" then selecting "click" the color on the canvas "image" the color picker select window continues to stay active on the image and should have disappeared. Layer effects window pane Color picker select window: The only way to remove this is clicking on the image, window or layer but this is annoying when you have a few hundred vectors and getting lost is easy... Cheers, BILL
  11. Newstone

    Color Picker with Pencil

    Hello, I think, i found a bug in Affinity Designer. When I paint with the vector brushes and with the Color Picker receiving a new paint over Alt key (⎇) is taken over this while painting. But if I do the same with the pencil, the changed color is indeed changed in the color-view with the color picker, but I paint with the old paint on. Please change that the vector brush and pencil with respect to the color picker behaves the same. Many Thanks! Newstone (translated from German with Google Translator)
  12. I've picked a color from my image to utilize in my swatches, but the big selector bubbles do not go away. Is there a trick to making this happen?
  13. ronnyb

    Colro picker woes

    It seems the latest AD beta color picker is having some issues displaying sampled colors correctly. Please see attached screenshot for explanation. EDIT: It looks like the HUE is not being updated properly in the color picker and the gradient swatch...
  14. I click on the "Stroke" window to bring up the color options. When I pick a color on the wheel, the stroke color changes as expected. However, when I drag the color picker around, the image in the picker changes to reflect what's underneath, but the actual color values (both displayed under the circle and in the stroke) are always only black or white. That is, the Color picker isn't actually picking the color that it shows---it always coverts to either black or white. On the attached screen shot, notice that the color picker shows blue, but the displayed RGB value is (0,0,0). This only happens on parts of the screen. Things seem to work better when the picker tool is physically closer to the eyedropper icon. This behavior looks like a bug. If it isn't, what am I doing wrong? If it is, is there a workaround, and can I do anything to help you track down the problem? Thanks.
  15. Hi, Currently, there is multiple frictions in the App while trying to change colors to shape or text. - Right now the UI never remember what you did before. Everytime I click shape by shape, it's like the UI is showing a random tab instead of the last used one. - Not sure why you can't pick the text color directly with the text tool. You always have to go to selection mode to see the color option. - Not sure why the color picker doesn't change the current color after picking one. You have to click on the picked color to apply it. - Swatches are very tedious to use, esp with effect. Like the color overlay FX. The color drop down is very basic and doesn't let you pick any swatches. So everytime, I am showing the swatches in the App UI in the background and use the color drop on it to apply it to the effect. I think it will be a huge benefit if the swatches where available from any color pickup like the native OSX one. Thanks :)