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Found 65 results

  1. I need to make small changes to color appearance in pictures. When selecting a patch (in this case ColorChecker), i have to keep the mouse pointer over the color to see the numerical values. If i want to adjust, i must first click in the curve, then go back with the mouse to the area, and adjust the point in curves with the numerical keys. I would like a sampler (or more) that stays at my desired point, when adjusting with some of the possible tools, layers ... (have so far not found a solution)
  2. Brett Stebbins

    Color Picker Gets Stuck On

    I can't seem to figure out the exact reason for this, but when I have my palm resting on the ipad pro screen and I am making a gesture or using a tool somehow the color picker is activated and then it freezes on screen and stays there. Even if I close the document and go back in it is still there in that exact spot. I can still activate the color picker again but that frozen "circle image" of the color picker remains. Also, if I go out of the document and go into another document the "circle image" of the color picker is there too in the same spot. The only way to get rid of it is to quit out of the app and reopen. See attached screen capture.
  3. Please show the color numeric values as you move the Color Picker over the image. Paint Shop Pro has this feature and it is very useful. Perhaps the value shown (RGB, CMYK, etc) could be set in Preferences. Love Affinity Photo on my PC. Thank you for your consideration.
  4. My company specifies colors based on L a* b* numbers. Under the color picker I can only find sliders for RGB, HSL, and CMYK. I created a new document with the 16 bit LAB color format with the CIELAB D50 color profile. I need to be able to input very specific Lab numbers to construct my images. How can this be done? Thanks!
  5. I am sure this is mostly user error but it would be appreciated if someone can point out if I am doing something wrong. So I use the Color picker alot. The problem is, every time i sample a color, it moves to the background circle on the color panel. This means when I goto my pixel or paintbrush, I have to switch the foreground and background colors every time to get the color I picked. Am I just missing something when I am trying to sample colors? I apologize if this is something simple that I am just messing up on You can see I sampled the color gray/blue on the color picker. It shows it on the front most color circle. But then when i select another tool, it moves it to the background color forcing me to switch it every time. Is there just an option I keep missing? I appreciate the assistance.
  6. It would be great to be able differentiate between the fill and stroke selector while using the Color Picker. Quite often I find myself applying a stroke color when I want a fill. Maybe a small cursor overlay or something would do the job.
  7. Not sure if this counts as a bug or a feature request, but currently the Colour Picker Tool does not recognise transparency. (This makes it pretty hard to do icon design for non-retina screens in Affinity.)
  8. I am trying to recolor a building. I created Recolor Adjustment layers where I can apply a color, however, I am having a very difficult time trying to match new color to what is required. I don't see the Color Pick option for use on the Color Adjustment window. I was going to use the Colour Replacement Brush. But, i did something where it is being applied like spray gun. I have the opacity at 100 and my brush selection is a solid stroke. So, this is out. I then thought to add the color values, but the Color Replacement adjustment seem to only work with the sliders. I appreciate any help on this matter.
  9. Hello! I do digital painting, and am trying to transition to Affinity. I do a lot of color picking as I paint, and I switch back and forth from the color picker and the paint brush a lot, sampling colors and painting with the newly sampled color. The problem is, when I sample a color and switch back to the brush tool, the newly sampled color becomes the non-active/background color. Any way I can get the color picker to set the active/foreground color? I know that I can drag+option to select a color, but I need a way to re-bind the color picker to fit my workflow. Thanks!
  10. Could we have a few options added to the color picker? I'd love to see: A few different magnification options or let the user set the zoom level An option to turn off the shading on the zoomed in area (I find it very distracting when trying to select the color I am looking for) An option to show other color descriptions besides RGB. ie: HSL or HEX
  11. After setting the color picker source to "Current Layer", it still picks using the "Global" setting when using the option-click shortcut for picking a color. Can there be a way to set the source and have it stay that way when using the option-click shortcut?
  12. In Photoshop, you can set a simple preference for the eyedropper, to pick the color from the currently selected layer, or the resulting color from the displayed (flattened) set of all layers, or some other options: I regularly paint on a layer underneath other layers, and in PS I can select colors from the layer I'm painting on while I work. In Affinity, when I use the color picker while I'm painting, it picks the resulting color from all layers, which means that new color is dramatically wrong when I apply it to the "underpainting" layer. Is this an existing feature I haven't been able to find? Or is this simply not an option in Affinity?
  13. I don't know if this has been asked before, but I'd like to be able to use the color picker to construct gradients. Maybe some kind of Option click, where you click on one color, and move and click another, and the result is a gradient between the two.
  14. I bought Affinity Photo last night and noticed one strange bug while using the pen of my Surface Pro 4 i5 128gb. Picking color with the Surface Pen is buggy: When selecting the color brush, holding [ALT] and dragging the pen, the lens of the color picker is constantly jumping back and forth between the mouse and the pen cursor position and the color does not get picked. When using the color picker right from the toolbar with the pen (without shortcut), it is working most of the time (picking color with touchpad or finger is fine, though). This happens with and without Microsofts WinTab drivers installed. My AP version installed is and my windows version is Windows 10 Pro 64bit.
  15. Hello, I've just started using Affinity Designer for Windows but I've run into a few issues that are quite puzzling (Note I'm coming from Photoshop / Illustrator). I've discovered that the eyedropper icon that appears in the fill area needs to be clicked and dragged to pick a color but is there not an easier way? I've made a gradient and I'd like to sample a color from another object but right now I need to select the handle for the color I want to change, use the eye dropper to select the color and then click the color to apply it. Is there not simpler way to do this? (i.e. not having to click+drag AND confirm my selection).
  16. Suggested features for Affinity Photo: Color Picker sampling white, grays, or black directly from a Mask while you're working on it. Masks allowing certain blending modes like Screen, Multiply, Lighten and Darken. Undo Brush allowing painting from the History in a Mask. One of the great things about masks is how much control they can give you over opacity when you want something to be partially visible, using grays you sample from the Mask can be a huge time saver, especially when paired with brush blending modes like Lighten and Darken. Unfortunately, some of that control is currently missing in Affinity Photo. When you use the Color Picker to sample while you're working on a Mask, whether you have Global or Current Layer as your source, it uses the whole image to sample a color. It would be far more useful to have it sample the tones directly from the Mask, and even better if it allowed you to use brush blending modes as well. Lastly, the Undo Brush currently behaves like a normal brush when you use it on a Mask, with some very strange distortion in the strokes (a bug?), and would be extremely useful if you could paint from the Mask's History like a regular layer.
  17. will1960

    Color Picker in Layer Effects

    Affinity Designer 1.5.4 When using eyedropper to select a layer color does not work the color circle is responsively but as soon as you release the left mouse button is goes back to previous color , hasn't worked after 1.1.0 :angry: Best Regards, William Mabey 
  18. I can use the color picker to select a color. I cannot get Designer to use that color to fill an object. Nothing seems to work. I've tried every possible drag-and-drop sequence I can think of. There is nothing in the help fils about this. Nothing in the forums about this. Used to Adobe, where this is trivial: there, selecting a color with the eyedropper tool loads that color into the palette and a drag-and-drop of that color to an object fills that object with the selected color. Help!
  19. I got really used to a similar feature in Sketch – when the color picker is activated, all the guides and gridlines are automatically hidden. When you click and pick a color, they reappear. That's a little touch, but it makes picking colors quicker and error-proof. I'd love to see a similar feature implemented in AD. :)
  20. I've read there's a "new color picker" (eyedropper) in AD 1.5 (source). That's really great news. ...but i don't see any improvements to that thing. And i can't find more information about it. How to use the new one? What's the hot key? Why there are no details about it?
  21. I am using Affinity Designer 1.5 and I've been having a bug recently where when using my Magic Mouse on some of the sliders, the sliders will start to jump around. For example I was using the Angle tool in the Effects tab and all of a sudden it jumped to the offset slider and started to mess that up. There is also another bug where the document/ art boards starts scrolling in a direction until I click the mouse again. I've tried to see that if it's just the mouse or my system, but this is only happening in Affinity. Another bug was that when choosing a font, it automatically chooses the font (with the check mark) whereas before the checkmark wouldn't show up until clicked.
  22. Hi, have a look at the video, I wanted to used the color picker in: layer fx / gradient overlay - to pick one of the color between start and end, but the color picker stays below the ui element of the gradient AD_colorPicker2.mov
  23. I click on the "Stroke" window to bring up the color options. When I pick a color on the wheel, the stroke color changes as expected. However, when I drag the color picker around, the image in the picker changes to reflect what's underneath, but the actual color values (both displayed under the circle and in the stroke) are always only black or white. That is, the Color picker isn't actually picking the color that it shows---it always coverts to either black or white. On the attached screen shot, notice that the color picker shows blue, but the displayed RGB value is (0,0,0). This only happens on parts of the screen. Things seem to work better when the picker tool is physically closer to the eyedropper icon. This behavior looks like a bug. If it isn't, what am I doing wrong? If it is, is there a workaround, and can I do anything to help you track down the problem? Thanks.
  24. When trying to retrieve a color from an imported pixel file, their seems to be a shift between the pointer and the place where the value is really taken.
  25. Hello, I'm using using a few different custom color pickers in Affinity Photo (view > Apple Colour Picker). I've noticed that when entering hex values in a color picker, the values are translated incorrectly into Affinity Photo. For instance, when using Skala Color, if I enter in a hex value of #24A7DF, it immediately gets displayed as #1994DA in Affinity Photo's color picker. I've tried using Apple's default RGB sliders, Skala Color, and Antetype Color Picker, all with similar results. I've also tried using 8 and 16 bit color RGB documents with the same results. Any idea what might be causing these issues?