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  1. Hi, I've had to uninstall and reinstall Affinity Publisher, Designer and Photo a few times now. Earlier this year, to change operating systems from WIN to MAC. (I saw temp files that said Affinity "mount" <--------- is that a thing??? Recently, due to ongoing intermittent User Interface Issues, like User Preferences changing, Tools not working consistently. I looked around Finder Dirs and saw a "Sparkle.org" file within the contents of Affinity's folders and deleted. But still having issues. Was working fine until I accessed the Internet this evening, then my Publisher document / template started "running Amok". I had to meet with my partner to discuss future business and unfortunately, my presentation was no where near where it could have been if the program would function properly. Quite honestly, it was embarrassing. I had to work hours to finish one page of the document on Friday and snailed through a meager 5 or so that still aren't up to par or showcase my abilities due to the tug of war I am having with the programs. I have used Photoshop CS for many years, so am familiar with that interface which is similar, albeit different than Affinity. The main problem is the User Interface preferences changing. Color Picker can be tricky to pick up on, but I am telling you that I could open one document and have ongooooooiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng drama with it, then open a new document and it would work perfectly. I knew I had done it the same way! There is an Apple Colour Picker in the system and I have noticed it on the User Interface panel for Affinity too. Why use theirs? I have validated my installations, etc. Uninstalled and reinstalled directly through your website; Not Apple Store. That should be ok since Affinity is a verified developer anyway. Mac Monterrey 12.6.2; Google Chrome. If someone at Affinity needs to contact me by phone, please let me know and I will provide further information. As it is right now, I cannot resize a layer that I actually did resize earlier. Working from an INDD template. I believe there was a layers option to unattach in edit mode that seems to work, as the layers in that template are "connected". I don't know what the digital designer did when creating it but very specific areas for text, images, image placements etc. So the template is not a simple .PSD doc with groups that I am used to. Like I said, OFF THE INTERNET, it was FUNCTIONING. ON THE INTERNET, it started MISBEHAVING! ??????????????!!!!!!!!!! :) For me, the eye dropper tool, colour picker are not consistent - I literally began looking for a script in Apple Finder!!!! Ha! Then, writing down exactly my steps for changing a simple .PNG logo from black to white which took an HOUR! This is leading me to think that the Affinity programs are "locked" (or hacked). I have been a member of Affinity for a while now. If you all need to "vet my account" please give me a call .
  2. Far too often am I trying to draw on a pixel layer with my hand resting on the screen does the color picker pop up and select my background color. Therefore most of the time I have to hover my hand above the screen which reduces drawing control and is quite uncomfortable. If there was an option to disable the color picker (or any other individual gesture control) it would be a huge improvement to the overall drawing experience.
  3. I'm a new user. I'm trying to use Affiniti Photo for ipad on iPad Pro 10.5". I'm just using it as a sketching tool for the moment. I am struggling to prevent my Apple pencil switching into the color picker mode with the magnifying glass as I'm drawing (happens on every 4th stroke or so, making the app unusable for me until I sort this out). I think the problem in palm rejection (I have enabled "touch for gestures only"). As a right handed user, even when I have cleared the screen so that only the context tool is showing the heel of my hand is pressed against that tool. So how do I disable the color picker feature, or can the context tool be moved to the top of the screen when its the only tool displayed so that it is out of the way of my hand
  4. In Affinity Photo, Color Picker is extremely slow. It's terrible. When you use Brush tool and press alt/option to pick color, Color picker work so slow that it causes a lot of anger. please make your Color picker tool quick. Better fast and uptime than beauty.
  5. Just discovered this little issue with Color Picker UI being showed with approx. 1s delay after click. Be it called from Context Toolbar or Character Panel or somewhere in Layer Effects – Color Picker always shows up with that delay now. Seems to be introduced in 1.10.4 (Designer, Photo and Publisher are affected) as I never noticed this before. It was always just as instant as any other UI controls. The only barely noticeable and subtle delay that I ever experienced, was switching between Personas in Affinity Publisher. But I can completely understand this as the whole UI needs to be rearranged. But Color Picker alone...
  6. When sampling a color with the paint brush tool by pressing the ALT key, always the global color as it can be seen on the screen is sampled. If there are brightening or darkening layers above the current layer, the sampled color is brightened or darkened once more, which ends up in a completely wrong color. The actual color picker tool has a source setting "Current layer" which samples the correct color. So either the paint brush tool should consider the color picker tool's source setting when sampling a color or it needs an own setting for sampling colors.  There is a dark blue circle on the middle layer used as sampling source. The top layer has a brightening effect. The color for the lower dot on the right was sampled with the actual color picker tool with source set to "Current layer", the color is correct. The color for the upper dot was sampled with the paint brush tool's inbuilt color picker by pressing ALT: the color chosen is already brighter than it actually is and is then brightened once more. 
  7. Hi all, Often I have to get the hex code from sampled color, for this we can use the Color Picker or by double clicking on the Color Chooser, the problem with any of this methods is that to show the hex info the color is applied to the layer and I just want to get the hex code without being applied the color to the layer/image. Is there a way to do it? Cheers, Juan
  8. Hi everyone, I've been experiencing a weird behavior on the color picker of affinity designer's pixel persona, every time I use it the result color sampled is a slightly different hue and lightness value, this doesn't allow me to paint effectively. Please look at the video to see exactly what is happening. Affinity Designer 2021-10-21 11-14-47.mp4
  9. 3 questions: 1) AP - When I open a Raw, in Develop Persona, I can set a "preset" singularly for Basic, Lns, Tns...this is good but is it possible set one "preset" that automatically includes all three these values? It’s really uncomfortable having to save and select 3 separate presets each time. 2) AP - Color Picker Tool: is it possible to see the picker radius on the cursor, like a brush? 3) AD - Is it possibile to hide the outline selection of the selected objects? I ask this because I need the color changes of the stroke when I pick some color. The Outline Selection hides the object stroke, so I can't see the changes. Thanks
  10. I am trying to use the color picker when I use the gradient tool. It deos not work. 1) I click on the gradient and I select my first color 2) When I click on the color picker on the top right (nothing happen :-( ) > I should be able to pick a color on my design where I want. It should be the main idea of color picker no? 3) So I decide to open the color selector : again the color picker does not work. Nothing happens Its soooooo frustated Did I do something wrong ?
  11. Is there a 1-click way to restore the foreground and background colors to B/W like in Photoshop? If not, it would be really nice if this were added. I've figure out a works around but it's 3-step and doesn't work reliably. Shift+click on the most extended slider and move all the sliders to 0 or 255. Shift background color to forground, repeat. There is room on the color panel to add a button to do this just to the right of the color picker and the color space dropdown. Please do this.
  12. I'd love to be able to set my color picker to something other than Point (1x1) and have it stay there without my having to set it again to Average (3x3), which is what I prefer to use, EVERY TIME I start the program.
  13. Hello! So in affinity publisher, I have a photo of an illustration with a solid color background and I wanted the background to fill a larger space while keeping the illustration the same size. So I used the shape tool (behind the photo layer) around the photo, and used the color picker tool to make the shape the same color. the issue I’m having is once I try to export the page, the color of the shape changes slightly while the color of the photo stays the same. does anyone know what might be happening? thank you so much in advanced!
  14. I’m having trouble with the color picker’s ability to keep the same color value of the previously selected pixel. It seems to switch the color to a darker value with each pick. I’m working on Affinity Designer on an iPad Pro and I know the retinas aren’t malfunctioning. Is anyone else having this issue? In the photo below you’ll notice that there are more than 3 gray values even though I was only trying to work with 3. Thank you for your help, SlaveMaster9000
  15. The bottom ~third of the Fill and Stroke color-picking buttons is a dead-zone. In order to open the color-picker for Fill (e.g.), you must click in the top two-thirds of the colored region. Sometimes it seems like less. The entire colored button should be clickable. This happens in new documents and old ones, 100% of the time. It used to work correctly until recently, maybe Fall 2020 is when it started misbehaving. I'm using the latest version (just updated before submitting this, in case it had been fixed). Running MacOS BigSur v11.2.3
  16. Hi, How can I apply Colors on a Gradient Map with the Color picker and preset Color fields? Every time time I drag the Color picker onto my preset Color fields, I only get the background Color of my work space (dark grey) 🤔 I am thankful for any hint. Thanks in advance Patric
  17. Hey everyone, I am creating some stylised pixel art based on some photos I have taken. My current process is I create a grid of squares (each an individual shape) and then overlap my photo. I then select each square from the layers tab and use the colour picker to select from the underlying image. This is very time consuming as you can imagine! I'm wondering if there is a faster/smarter way to do this? I'm currently doing 25 x 25 square images, but want to go bigger. However, bigger means much more time and probably a repetitive strain injury, so looking for alternative solutions. Thanks
  18. I just have two questions (and probably more later) 1. how do you temporarily hide selections? in Photoshop, you can do this by pressing Ctrl+H. I often use this feature when i'm painting and prefer not to constantly ticking boxes or selecting something. its much faster if I can just assign a key to it so I can use it on my drawing tablet's express key. 2. when using the color picker, a big sphere/circle will appear in order for me to get a good view of what the color i'm selecting. is there a way to disable this sphere/circle? or atleast maybe reduce it size? cause unfortunately its too distracting as it blocks a large portion of whatever drawing/image is behind it.
  19. I have a PNG file that is a monochrome skyline silhouette (see attached). I want to fill the grey buildings with another color. How do I do this? I have watched the tutorials but the Color Picker and Fill tools don't seem to do the job. I can do this easily in Irfanview, surely we should be able to do it in Designer. What am I missing?
  20. Dear Serif Team and Affinity Photo users, I'm a VFX Compositor & Matte Painter and I'd like to move from PS to AP. I hope you can help me with some questions regarding the Implementation and proper use of ACES and 32-bit. My background plate is exported from Nuke as an ACES - ACES2065-1 16-bit EXR file. The import into AP ( works fine - the file get's recognized as an ACES file and I get the same result using OCIO. But there are a few things I can't get my head around yet: How do I pick and paint high color values? Using the exposure slider in the 32-bit Preview I see that there are high values. If I pick and paint them back in, the result is way darker. (Changing the exposure doesn't effect the false picked color) picked in Nuke for comparison I moved from PS because there is a 16Bit limitation and I had to work with ACEScc files (log encoded) and use an ICC profile to check my work. I hoped to get around this using AP. Those threads are dealing with the same issue but the information is contradictory and I can't reproduce the method quoted first. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/49815-hdr-raw-pixel-values/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/19787--/ What is the proper workflow of importing and edit JPGs in an ACES setup in AP? Unfortunately there's no way of assigning an IDT during import (as in Nuke) but I can reproduce Nukes behavior with OCIO Adjustment Layers, which seams pretty inconvenient. (Windows Photo Viewer as comparison) Bottom left: Two OCIO nodes in sequence [ACES2056-1 to Utility - Curve - sRGB] followed by [Output - sRGB to ACEScg]. Bottom right: Two OCIO nodes in sequence [ACES2056-1 to Utility - Curve - sRGB] followed by [Utility - sRGB - Texture to ACEScg]. This post deals with the question of the right IDT for JPGs in general. I guess going the Utility - sRGB - Texture way is better, isn't it? My color settings: If you need further information or I haven't made my questions clear enough please don't hesitate to ask. I'm glad about any help or further learning resources! Thanks a lot
  21. Hi guys, It would be great if when using gradient colors, we could use the COLOR PICKER tool. For example, I have an object that has a gradient color. When I click on one of the handlers, to change one of the colors, if I use the color picker tool, the shape loses its gradient color and turns into the color chosen by the color picker, regardless of the fact that I first clicked on one of the gradient handlers. It would be great if when clicking on a gradient handler, and afterwards selecting the color picker tool and selecting a color, only the color of the gradient linked to the handler I clicked on, will be changed. I was actually surprised it doesn't work like this by default Thank you, Chris
  22. Hello, This suggestion is related to this one but also kinda different. I noticed the color picker tool, when configured as "Average (*x*)", will only return the average color when the cursor is inside the document/canvas. When outside, it will return the color of the pixel the mouse pointer is above, and not the actual average color of the zone. It would be nice if the tool could return the average color of the zone, no matter its location (inside/outside the document/canvas, inside/outside the program, whatever the monitor # the cursor is in, etc.). For example, when selecting the color picker tool in average mode and pointing to a 2nd monitor / another window / outside Affinity Designer/Photo, it should return the actual color average.
  23. I’m using the Pencil tool in Vector persona, and trying to specify a Fill color with noise, I noticed there is no Noise slider. That’s only available in the color picker on the right side of the screen with the other studio panels. Also, why use up UI space to add a lesser functioning color picker? Might as well get rid of the color picker options for the tool and use the main color picker with access to Quick Colors, Swatches etc. This might help with getting more options on the tool’s pop up menu along the bottom and having less scrolling thru all the tool options... Thanks for all you do!
  24. I want to paint the lighting fixture shown in the attached Affinity Photo file. I want to use the color shown in the "Color Picker Color.png" file. I followed a tutorial on the webs to learn how to select the brushed nickel frame of the light fixture (and saw the marching ants). To get the color I want into Affinity Photo I pasted the square into the picture (it is very small in the picture) am moved it up to the corner then clicked the color picker (eyedropper) icon and clicked on the square of color. The color does appear in the upper right at the top of the "Color" tab but I can't get that color to color in the selection. I CAN get all sorts of strange colors in the selection if I choose Hue or Recolor or HSL but I cannot seem to get the color of my sample to color in the selection. Please help, Don Change_color_of_lighting_fixture.afphoto
  25. I'm new to Affinity Photo|Designer and also new into the community, so Hiiii everyone! nice to meet you all! ahahahah My little problem is this: my color picker (in both designer and photo) only give-me Blue-ish colors to pick, the images attached shows how it look like. What I did so far: around 2 hours of google search, changed options, uninstalled both Designer and Photo and reinstalled them. Any photo I open stay in this blueish, my color palette only show tons of blue/pick. Guys, please help, I dunno what more I can do to fix this...
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