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Found 23 results

  1. Way back in the good old 30s, 40s & 50s, before real science had begun to catch up with pulp fiction, there was a penchant among sci-fi magazines for mad scientists to experiment on scantily-clad ladies in glass vessels. I've seen quite a few on FaceBook pages lately, so I thought I'd have a go at making a realistic-looking one of my own, mostly in Affinity Photo.As far as possible I've used my own photos, but the unfortunate female is from Pixabay, the Mad Scientist is Doc Brown from Back to the Future with William Herschel's head (photo: Julia Margaret Cameron), the glass thingy is from
  2. As I said in my introduction, I am new and I am lost. Completely. How does one make a collage? Be gentle.
  3. When trying to make a 4 photo collage, I wanted to find an easy way to feather the edges of the photos together, without having to start drawing shapes and be precise (to speed up workflow). I did find a work-around for it, though not very practical or speedy. But, in searching, I stumbled upon something that could be improved. When using the Live filter: vignette, the effect still applies to the whole document, even when the filter is linked to only one of the layers, as you can see in the screenshot. What are your thoughts? Have I maybe skipped a step somewhere? Also, does anyo
  4. some recent images that travelled through Affinity Photo -- old fashion dodge and burn would the most used tool used in these images Lumix Fz300 Just like a big kid : throw -- throw it ----- ------ ----- ----- not so far next time Lonely pelican three photos of the one tree >background is bark from a nearby tree + a little texture brushing as above plus : black and white adjustment layer with a multiply blending layer + the orton effect I saw something in this long dead tree root beside the river ; however what I saw was not quite like how it ended up V
  5. Hello, I am looking for a way to automate creating of a collage for product photography for several product items. I would have a set of images for each product and I would like to place and resize them into predefined slots of the final collage then export it as a single tiff/jpeg (a rough example is attached). Ideally, there would be a macro that would allow me to select the 5 files in specific order, resize, place in predefined slots on the canvas, apply some border effects and export. I played with the macro functionality, but there does not seem to be a way to open new files
  6. All the best for 2019mostly done in Affinity -- +Lr5. Not going to add too much here as I'm just putting a few thoughts to the test for better Panoramas and Manual hrd/blending as done in the top images. Hoping to share a few ideas sometime this year lol the panorama is west to east ; around 160 degrees. Around 6 -8 Pana Fz300 raw files . Handheld btw Starting to get the old head around Ap; yet there is so much I still need to get up to speed on Questions are welcome
  7. So I walked down to the city to sign a bit of paper and although I knew I shouldn't; I took the bloody camera! . 30-40 minute walk there was no drama -- saw subjects but left the camera in old canvas backpack -- signed the paper and bolted for home until idiot left some leaves on the footpath . The photos eyes were open, so that was the end of the "bolting" home . Took around 90 minutes and about 30 subjects LOL!! However; most subjects do follow themes of my urban photos -- light and shadows >abstracts >minimal >contrasts >seldom people - but I caught the lady having a cuppa
  8. Honest comments, suggestions and questions welcome Do you prefer one picture per thread or multiple collages/pictures like this thread two hours of changing clouds guess who forget to rotate the polarising filter from vertical to horizontal pretty in the front yard actually -- more versions to come He's MINE!!
  9. I often walk past this tree and always thought at the right time there was a photo there . Cloudy day worked well . The background was made from the top of the right hand side image What was going to be one of my quick edits but turned into a bit more ; again original files masked out with the Selection brush mostly >> top of tree was blurred several time while being rotated this way and that Copy/paste the tree images with layers onto the blurred background >some more masking >> lot of moving images around to get something that looks balanced Should have put it away for a d
  10. amazing how much a couple of sunlit leaves can be used to waste (LOTS) of time I'm not going to explain it all-- that's nearly book , but as always I am very open to sensible questions and honest comments the leaves were recorded with Panasonic Fz300 raw file >file edited in Lr5 and Ap> file mirrored with Affinity (Filters >distort>mirror) 'til something looked Ok > tiff files added the a base layer via "place" >takes a while for things to fall in place Bottom right hand corner pic is made from two mirrored files Cheers folks
  11. Questions welcome MUM! Tv is not working --- only blackNwhite!! MUM!! Shakin' the dust off Make that three now
  12. Hello friends, I leave this recent composition that I made for a client. It was made entirely in Affinity Designer 1.6.1. I used the Affinity Photo perfection brush to define pair of images. I love the freedom, power, speed, versatility and significant time saving of this wonderful software, I love it haha. I hope you can enjoy and let your imagination go, that the software can stand anything you can imagine. Long live Affinity.
  13. Hi guys, Illustration from a summer screenprint serie. Half Affinity Designer, half Photo. The capture was made afterward, rolling the saved history backward (neat function!). Best, P. > Video Making-of Final
  14. Custom design edit for the Washington DC based band, NAG CHAMPA. This will be for their main homepage when their site drops later this summer. IG - @nagchampadc My Art - IG - @chaos3rdeye Thanks everyone!
  15. "Ray-Gun-Omics Poster" Affinity Photo Digital Illustration Instagram - @chaos3rdeye Website- www.chaosabzu.com Stay tuned for more!
  16. I've used the YouTube video on creating a collage which was very useful. I can see how you can adjust the gap between photos to be the same by selecting one image and then by moving left/right it adjusts the gap in between and provides the gap distance in red numbers. What I don't see is a way to adjust the vertical gaps to be the same. I was thinking I'd see a similar gap marker but I don't see one. Any ideas? I also have place my pictures in the collage but am struggling to get thee to fit the available space in the document. If I enlarge one to fit the opening, others need to shrin
  17. I'm curious to know if I can use this app for creating collages of several of my photographs? I've searched the index but couldn't find a reference. Appreciate any help. Many thanks.
  18. Hello, I am building a panorama collage out of 88 panoramic photos. Is there a way to automatically resize and arrange all the photos so they fit into one canvas? I would much prefer not to have to resize each photo individually (they are all different sizes). BTW, I have placed each photo on a separate layer. Thank you! Matias
  19. A small clip (video) about the development of a book cover design. Of course, all works were made with Affinity Photo / Designer. Best greetings to Nottingham :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLoYqZOZ3bw
  20. I have several photos where I wish to cut our a selection from each and then bring those selections together as a single image. Is this possible within AP? Many thanks Sorry....... should have searched the forum first. Have found some info on this now :-)
  21. hi, how can i crop a single image in a collage of multiple images? If i choose the crop tool i can only crop the hole "image" and not the chosen layer. greetings
  22. Greetings All. I am asking for a little advice in creating a simple (for someone, not me just yet) photo collage consisting of 4 images. Two on top and two below - that type of thing. I am using images that are currently in RAW format. Any advice & help is much appreciated. Gordy.
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