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Found 57 results

  1. Hello, I encountered this issue when I had multiple documents open in the Develop Persona in Affinity Photo. When I show Shadow/Highlight/Tone clipping and switch to a different document, the behavior of the buttons becomes inverted so that it shows clipping on the other documents when the buttons are "off" rather than "on". Thanks, - Tony
  2. Hi there, I'm currently using the Affinity Designer 1.3.5 Trial. Not sure if this is an issue specific to the trial or if it has been noticed before. 1. Create an object (ie: red circle) 2. Stroke 100pt, Outside. 3. Change the size of the object, large and small. 4. The stroke doesn't "stick" to the object, parts of the stroke clip and at small size the stroke starts to get square/octagnal shapes on the inside which change based on the shape of the object.
  3. Hello everyone; Please forgive me if this has been already discussed; I didn't found any information in the forums. I'm currently getting used to AD in order to slowly make it my default vector design app. There are of course some features I need that are not implemented yet, but also there's a couple of things I've not figured how to perform and don't know if it possible at this point. This is one: I've noticed that there's a clipping tool in AD, so I can select an object, click on the tool, and then adjust its borders to the desired size. However, this tool always acts as a rectangle. ¿Is there any functionality similar to the 'make clipping mask' in the other-software-I-don't-want-to-mention? Let's say, to make a circular cut, or whatever path you can imagine. Many thanks. And congratulations for your work! Val
  4. I purchased AD few days ago, but still cannot figure how to release all clipping masks in imported PDF and select all objects with same fill, stroke, weight, opacity etc. like in Illustrator. And is there any tool similar to Live Paint Bucket? Thanks!
  5. Hi- I am new to affinity and loving it so far, I just have a super basic question. So I have a psd file which is a mockup of an iphone. I am trying to put my own image into the mockup, but I do not know how to drag the corners of my image to make it fit perfectly. Is there anyway to do this? Thanks!
  6. I thought I had a grasp on the differences, turns out I was completely wrong. I can't get any of them to behave in anyways that make any sense to me. Can someone articulate a 10,000 foot up view of these things, their benefits and their purposes, and their differences and talents?
  7. I keep having a problem once I clip a layer to another. It's not 100% of the time, but probably 50%. Once I clip a layer to another then I can no longer grab layers with my mouse. It ignores that I have clicked on any layer. I can expand and contract layers. I can hide and unhide layers. But I can not grab and drag any layer. See the attached video. The video shows when I have clicked by placing a circle around the cursor. Once this happens I can add new layers, but can not grab those either. If I create a new document I also can not grab any layer in that document. I have to exit AD and reopen it again. Then I can grab and drag a layer, but again if I clip a layer once or twice it again starts ignoring my mouse clicks. I can still use the order buttons in the toolbar to move layers. I can move layers as much as I want until I do a clip then the problem usually occurs. I am using AD Beta 1.0.20213 on a 27" iMac late 2009 running Yosemite. I have NOT been able to reproduce this problem in AD 1.1.2
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